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  • S RECENTLY AS a few years ago, many nuclear medicine physicians would have taken the position that Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine is now a static field. Similar perhaps in many ways to bone imaging, they would have suggested that all that is left to do is to make some detailed refinements of the techniques, but the big discoveries had been made. This issue and the second part of this issue of Seminars in Nuclear Medicine will certainly discredit that point of view. There are many, many new developments in this field.

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  • In today’s litigious society Records Management is more important than ever but unfortunately is still overlooked and under-funded at all levels of government. In court an astute attorney can discredit an agency in the eyes of a judge or jury by attacking the way the agency handles its records. The fact that the records may refute or support a particular position is obscured by the attack on how the agency accounts for and handles those records.

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  • This book is for the lover of Dickens and of London, alike. The former without the memory of the latter would indeed be wanting, and likewise the reverse would be the case. London, its life and its stones, has ever been immortalized by authors and artists, but more than all else, the city has been a part of the very life and inspiration of those who have limned its virtues, its joys, and its sorrows,--from the days of blithe Dan Chaucer to those of the latest west-end society novelist. London, as has been truly said, is a "mighty mingling," and no one has breathed more...

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