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  • This book provides a short introduction to the management concepts that have most infl uenced companies over the past century or so, and to some of the more infl uential people behind them. These people and their ideas are no longer confi ned to the pages of learned management journals or to the lecture halls of prestigious business schools. Many are mentioned nowadays in the pages of the everyday business press and in general-management training material. Yet few of them are familiar to the average person in an offi ce....

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  • Every management guru seems to have a new philosophy and a new set of initials he or she swears will revolutionize your company. The management fads of the last 20 years or so seem to have about a three-year half life before they start to fade away, but before their last spark, another one pops up with an accompanying new guru. There is no shortage of gurus or new acronyms, and for $1000 per day (and sometimes much more), they are happy to share their fervor with you. You spend your money and your employees' time, and a week later, you would never know you had been host to the guru-du-jour.

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  • Chapter 9 - Management of quality. In this chapter you should be able to: Discuss the philosophies of quality gurus, define the term quality as it relates to products and as it relates to services, identify the determinants of quality,...

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  • Chapter 9 entitled 'Management of quality' covers evolution of quality management, the dimensions of product and service quality, philosophies of several quality "gurus", quality awards and quality certification, total quality management, and quality tools. Successful management of quality requires that managers have insights on various aspects of quality.

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  • Chapter 6 "Quality management", after studying this chapter you will be able to: Introduce those individuals, often referred to as quality gurus, who have played a significant role in the evolution of quality management, and describe their specific contributions; identify the different dimensions of quality as they relate to both good and services; define the various elements that comprise the cost of quality;....

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  • I feel it's my job to tell you this. I believe any good service provider should look after their clients by being their "advocate". What I mean is protecting you from things that could harm your wallet and your chances of success. It's a philosophy I've adapted in my business that turned me from a broke $12 an hour painter who lived with my dad to someone who makes sometimes over $40,000 in a month - without being close to any of the "big gurus" or having a hundred thousand joint venture partners. And one of the things that I...

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  • Microsoft Access is a large, intimidating program. Unlike Word or Excel, where you can perform basic tasks without much in the way of training, Access presents challenges from the outset. Most users never progress beyond creating simple tables and using wizards to create basic forms and reports. At the same time, all users—from managers to researchers to administrative assistants—need information and know that what they seek is embedded somewhere in their Access tables.

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