Management of Risks in Banking

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  • “Risk concentrations are arguably the single most important cause of major problems in banks”.1 On the one hand, dealing with concentration risk is important for the survival of individual banks; therefore, banks should be interested in a proper management of risk concentrations on their own. On the other hand, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has found that nine out of the thirteen analyzed banking crises were affected by risk concentrations,2 which shows that this issue is important for the stability of the whole banking system.

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  • In Malaysia, the initial public offering (IPO) market has seen some changes in 2016 due to poor economic conditions. Project risk management practices in IPO projects by investment bank are to be explored in this paper. This will be done to identify their positive impact on an IPO project in Malaysia to understand the significance of the role of project risk management in determining IPO success. The goal of the IPO is to obtain approval for it to be launched in the stock exchange market.

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  • Systematize and contribute to further clarify the theoretical basis of credit risk management for enterprises in business activities of commercial banks Vietnam.

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  • The main causes of bank failures include: poor bank management, too risky to take risks, and a lack of supervision which is conducted on fraud and embezzlement of funds. One way to overcome this is to improve the quality of management accounting information system (KSIAM) and the application of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) principles in banking institutions, one of which is sharia commercial banks.

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  • The present paper aims to present possible solutions for managing the risk of disaster by amending the organizational structure and culture.

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  • Proposing solutions to enhance the management of operational riskin accordance with VietinBank's operations in the conditions of implementing Basel II standards in the coming time.

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  • In January 2001 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued a consultative paper on the New Basel Capital Accord, that, once finalized, will replace the current Basel Accord from 1988 (Basel Committee 2001a). After an intensive consultation period with the banking industry and several modifications, the Basel Committee has outlined the future regulation of credit risks in the socalled third consultative paper that will be the basis for the final Basel II Accord. The proposed regulatory framework is based on three – mutually reinforcing – pillars...

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  • The contents of this book include: Introduction (L. Renneboog) Part 1: Corporate restructuring; mergers and acquisitions in Europe (M. Martynova, L. Renneboog); the performance of acquisitive companies in the US (K. Cools, M. V. D. Laar); The announcement effects and long-run stock market performance of corporate spin-offs: The international evidence (C. veld, Y. Veld-Merkoulova); the competitive challenge in banking (A. Boot, A. Schmeits); Consolidation of the European banking sector: Impact on innovation (H. Degryse, S. Ongena, M.F. Penas)...

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  • The paper reviews a wide range of theoretical, historical and empirical literatures on banking models and detailed case analyses of failing and non-failing banks. A framework for understanding the role and application of knowledge in banking is developed which suggests how banks, despite their pro-cyclical business strategies, are able to institutionalise learning and actively create new knowledge through time to improve bank organisation, intermediation and risk management. Findings.

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  • The prevention of financial losses is crucial for enterprises, especially in periods of market instability and uncertainty. Credit risk refers to the likelihood that a company will not be able to cover its liabilities and become insolvent and defaulted. Credit risk is of utmost importance not only for the enterprises but also for financial institutions (banks), which try to eliminate any possible losses from insolvent clients. Most of the enterprises in Europe are SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Manufacturing sector is one of the most important, especially in Western Europe.

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  • Currently, model risk related to risk models is subject of intense discussions between regulators and the banking industry. With regard to increasing requirements on the one hand and yet no standardized approach by banks to handle model risk on the other hand, this article draws the area of conflict by providing a comprehensive definition and delimitation of model risks and the related regulatory requirements.

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  • This study aims to investigate the effect of risk management on earnings volatility on shares of banks listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. The statistical population includes all 20 listed banks in Tehran Stock Exchange over the period 2009-2015.

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  • This book is is designed for the risk analyst who wishes to better understand the mathematical models and methods used in the management of operational risk in the banking and insurance sectors. Many of the techniques in this book are more generally applicable to a wide range of risks. However, each sector has its unique characteristics, its own data sources, and its own risk migation and management strategies. Other major risk classes in the banking sector include credit risk and market risk.

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  • This book grows out of 20 years’ banking research and training of bankers in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. As deregulation and competition are reducing margins around the world, the need for knowledge on Asset and Liability Management, the control of bank’s profit and risks, becomes an absolute necessity for any banker in charge of a profit centre, central bankers in charge of bank supervision, and banks’ auditors, consultants or lawyers.

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  • In banking, especially in risk management, portfolio management, and structured finance, solid quantitative know-how becomes more and more important. We had a two-fold intention when writing this book: First, this book is designed to help mathematicians and physicists leaving the academic world and starting a profession as risk or portfolio managers to get quick access to the world of credit risk management. Second, our book is aimed at being helpful to risk managers looking for a more quantitative approach to credit risk....

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  • 8 Management of Corporate Payment Systems Risks. This chapter discusses risk management for corporate payment systems risks. Suggestions for treasury operations and internal controls, a review of how risks are allocated in the company’s agreement with its banks

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  • In the last decade rating-based models have become very popular in credit risk management. These systems use the rating of a company as the decisive variable to evaluate the default risk of a bond or loan. The popularity is due to the straightforwardness of the approach, and to the upcoming new capital accord (Basel II), which allows banks to base their capital requirements on internal as well as external rating systems.

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  • Banks operating in the main developed countries have been exposed, since the Seventies, to four significant drivers of change, mutually interconnected and mutually reinforcing. The first one is a stronger integration among national financial markets (such as stock markets and markets for interest rates and FX rates) which made it easier, for economic shocks, to spread across national boundaries.

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  • This book developed from my teaching and consulting experiences going back three decades. Working with Fortune 500 clients, I have been constantly amazed that finance is almost an afterthought in the everyday world of business—except, of course, for such financial services companies as banks and securities firms.

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  • Risk Management and Shareholders’ Value in Bankingis quite simply the best written and most comprehensive modern book that combines all of the major risk areas that impact bank performance. The authors, Andrea Resti and Andrea Sironi of Bocconi University in Milan are well known internationally for their commitment to and knowledge of risk management and its application to financial institutions.

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