Managerial weakness

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  • After studying Chapter 10, you should be able to: Understand the role of cost, profit, and investment centers in a decentralized organization; compute the return on investment (ROI); show how changes in sales, expenses, and assets affect an organization's ROI; compute residual income and understand the strengths and weaknesses of this method of measuring performance.

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  • Shleifer and Vishny (1997) elaborate on this point and suggest that the benefits from concentrated ownership are relatively larger in countries that are generally less developed, where property rights are not well defined and/or protected by judicial systems.

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  • Some twenty five countries have experimented with environmental accounting over the past twenty years. A few European countries have established physical accounting systems which are routinely compiled and applied to economic and environmental policy-making. Many other countries have undertaken more limited or one-time experiments and case studies with monetary environmental accounts, focused on issues such as forestry, soil erosion, and minerals depletion. A few examples suggest the richness of their experience.

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  • This toolkit is designed for people in the Gascoyne region who currently organise festivals and events. Festivals and events are very important to the Region as they showcase the unique aspects of the Region's culture and promote positive messages to our visitors. They also contribute to local communities by providing opportunities for economic growth and fostering community spirit. Included in this toolkit are practical guides and resources to help plan, promote, and stage a successful festival or event.

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  • The third component of the model was demonstrable results. Capitalizing on PSI’ results-based system, Roberts felt that advertising the concrete results of PSI’ interventions would increase the effectiveness of the marketing effort and len legitimacy to the cause. Results had the power to convince the target audience an stimulate fundraising, which would in turn allow PSI to do even more. In addition to promoting PSI’s work in general, publicizing the results of YouthAIDS specifically would also be important. This could directly dovetail into cause-relate marketing efforts.

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  • The last 30 years have been tough on the image of telemarketing. Even though most companies are reputable, most callers are honest and most products and services offer good value, more often than not prospects have very bad things to say about being contacted by phone. I think this is good news. For those of us willing to use fresh approaches, the road is very clear. It’s pretty easy to set ourselves above “stereotypical telemarketers.

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  • These accounts measure the capacity or potential of ecosystems to deliver ecosystem services in a sustainable way. Typical indicators are Landscape Ecosystem Potential (LEP), Green Accessible Landscape Infrastructure (GALI) and Rivers Ecosystem Potential (REP).

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  • The Study Team will make and define a series of assumptions about future land use, urban development, climate, geomorphic processes, the agricultural drainage system, and watershed management in the MRB. These assumptions will be used as input variables in the model system to simulate future (some specified year, e.g., 2025) conditions. The small watershed, large watershed, and river water quality model systems will be used to simulate future (without projects or change in management) conditions of system hydrology, loading rates, and Minnesota River water quality conditions.

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  • Power is related to a set of concepts which may be represented by images. We have already spoken about noncoercive forms of power, influence and persuasion, and one can imagine various ways of graphically representing those noncoercive activiities. Power that has been institutionalized in the form of institutions is often represented in terms of the buildings housing those institutions or symbols of the institution or the functions it performs.

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  • For the purposes of this report, an FMI is defined as a multilateral system among participating institutions, including the operator of the system, used for the purposes of clearing, settling, or recording payments, securities, derivatives, or other financial transactions. 5 FMIs typically establish a set of common rules and procedures for all participants, a technical infrastructure, and a specialised risk-management framework appropriate to the risks they incur.

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  • By concentrating on one country, the UK, and specifically on one city within that country, London, that together have long experience both in the area of air pollution and public health and in its communications aspects, we hoped to form a rich, clear and concise picture of the thought and communications processes and information needs of our chosen target audience, and of the best practices for meeting those needs. At the same time, we recognized the limitations of conducting research in a single country.

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  • The 1948 and 1960 definitions reflected marketing's experience, history and origins. Until only a little over twenty years ago, journals, magazines and texts reflected marketing's view of itself as a management technology applicable to the commercially oriented business environment. There were some exceptions to this perspective. For example, in 1931 Breyer devoted a chapter in his marketing textbook to studying public utilities as a market commodity. In 1951 Wiebe had presented provocative ideas and examples of merchandising public issues using marketing communications.

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  • IÉ‟s technical information sheet, MW50 „Accommodation level crossings‟ (MW50), does not include any requirement for the erection of black and yellow marker posts at level crossings, which indicate the decision point to the user.

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  • The antler paintings form a small but significant group which was painted directly after the earliest plate paintings. Schnabel was attracted to the antlers because of their thorn and veinlike shape, the beautiful material and the memory of death that hovers around them. These paintings, particularly Exile, 1980, and Prehistory: Glory, Honor, Privilege and Poverty, 1981, use the antlers not to disjoin the surface of the painting as the plates do but to add another distinct element of drawing to the composition.

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  • Th ere are a multitude of corporate structures and terminologies used in capitalist economies. For purposes of this discussion we will focus on publicly listed corporations (or fi rms) typical of those traded on stock markets. Th ese are defi ned as consisting of shareholders, directors representing shareholder inter- ests, executives reporting to the directors, and employees managed by the execu- tives ( Jensen and Mecklin 1976). Execu- tives are employees with power over the corporation’s assets.

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  • In the paper-based General Test, the topics in the analytical writing section will be presented in the test book and you will handwrite your essay responses on the answer sheets provided. Make sure you use the correct answer sheet for each task. It is important to budget your time. Within the 45-minute time limit for the Issue task, you will need to allow sufficient time to choose one of the two topics, think about the issue you’ve chosen, plan a response, and compose your essay.

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  • On the ground, this might mean the chance to share the benefits and profits from a communal district heating system. At the strategic level, every decision must aim to improve quality of life while also reducing the levels of pollution, water and energy use, and waste. Local authorities already have legislative powers to promote the well-being of their citizens, and yet these remain overwhelmingly under-used. Given the nature and timescales of climate change, there is no alternative to making hard decisions.

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  • If you choose to do this monthly backup manually, an easy way is to purchase a form of removable media, such as an external USB hard drive (at least 1000 Gigabytes capacity). On the hard drive, create a separate folder for each of your computers, and create 2 folders in each computer folder – one for each odd numbered month and one for each even numbered month. Bring the external disk into your office on the day that you do your monthly backup. Then, complete the following steps: connect the external disk to your first computer...

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  • The domain name: The initial step in defining a Web presence is the registration of a relevant domain name. While the rules of picking a good domain name are similar to those of picking a good brand name in the physical world, this task has been made much more complicated by cyber squatters. Cyber squatters have realized that there is money to be made by registering marketable domain names. This has led to registrations by individuals who have no intention of using the domain name but rather to resell the same at huge premiums on the...

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  • Localism and decentralisation can only work if central government is prepared to trust local bodies, communities and citizens. We have aimed to design a local audit system which provides the rigour needed for Parliament, but allows local public bodies to take more responsibility in the way they procure audit services. These changes go hand in hand with the Government’s actions to increase transparency in local government and will help enable local people and local organisations to hold their local public bodies to account for the way that their money is spent....

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