Managing employee retention

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  • This study provides suggestions of retaining talents fo managerial practices. Findings of the research could assist international managers to concentrate on features which strongly affect the employees’ satisfaction and loyalty when they design and implement performance appraisal system in different locations.

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  • The past decade has seen a vast upsurge in the importance attached to customer service from businesses operating in both the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) fields. This increased activity has paid major benefits to early adopters. Differentiation through service is rapidly becoming a vital addi- tion to any business process. Organisations that are at the fore- front are reaping benefits in terms of customer loyalty, customer retention and employee satisfaction. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg....

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  • Creating a team-building culture starts with individual, engaged employees. Engaged employees are happier at work, get more done, and routinely go above and beyond their job descriptions. They also encourage other employees to be more engaged and productive. Most importantly, these employees are proud to be a part of their companies and are likely to stay long-term. There is no one simple set of actions that will create increased engagement levels.

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  • Along with Deakin Graduate School of Business colleague, Professor Stuart Orr and School of Management and Marketing colleague Dr Mona Chung, Jane has researched the kinds of strategies businesses can use to help overcome the large cultural gap between Australia and China. ‘There are so many issues,’ she explains. ‘There is a lack of understanding of the marketplace and evidence that businesses are not doing enough research beforehand.’ Skills shortages and a lack of employee retention are major issues too, Jane adds.

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  • Company culture underpins a person’s acceptability and shared values. Such values have an impact on the work of Human Resource managers involved in the recruitment, selection, and especially the retention of staff. There is a link too to allocating training opportunities to those in favour within an organisation. A key concern must surely be retention of valued staff. Thus an ‘aesthetic’ employee is perceived, perhaps through behaviour, as talented, valued and beautiful, though probably not in a physical sense.

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