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  • The eXperT’s Voice ® in open source Liferay Java -based Portal Applications Development ™ Practical A down-to-earth, practical approach to developing full-featured Java™-based web portals with blogs, wikis, and more Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. ..Practical Liferay Java -based Portal Applications Development ™ Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. .Practical Liferay: Java™-based Portal Applications Development Copyright © 2009 by Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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  • Microsoft cung cấp một số các sản phẩm cho việc cấu hình website và portal, quản lý nội dung, cá nhân hóa và thương mại điện tử. Các sản phẩm này gồm có: - SharePoint Server (tên gọi trước đây là SharePoint Portal Server) cho cấu hình portal công ty, quản lý nội dung web và tìm kiến doanh nghiệp. - Content Management Server (CMS) cho cấu hình website và quản lý nội dung - Commerce Server cho việc phát triển và quản lý website thương mại điện tử.

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  • Trong bài lần trước, tôi đã giới thiệu với các bạn các khái niệm cơ bản về Portal, cách cài đặt và chạy GateIn portal. Trong phần này tôi xin giới thiệu các chức năng cơ bản của GateIn portal và demo một số tính năng cơ bản. 1. Đăng nhập GateIn tạo sẵn 4 tài khoản mặc định là root/gtn, john/gtn, mary/gtn, demo/gtn với các cấp độ quyền hạn khác nhau. Tài khoản có quyền cao nhất là root.

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  • Enterprises have websites constructed in different web frameworks and the need for them to work together cohesively. GateIn will provide the solution to effectively integrate them into a single website. GateIn is an open source website framework that does more than a web framework by letting you use your preferred one. This GateIn Cookbook provides solutions whether you're planning to develop a new GateIn portal, migrate a portal, or only need to answer a specific query. It is filled with bite-sized recipes for quick and easy problem resolution.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'environment & pollution management: npc training program', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Lecture E-commerce and e-business for managers - Chapter 2: E-business models. This chapter includes contents: Storefront model, auction model, portal model, dynamic-pricing model, B2B e-commerce and EDI, click-and-mortar businesses.

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  • The SLATE provides a secure collaboration environment, initially designed to meet the needs of students working together on university courses. SLATE is a secure web-based portal and in order to get started you will need the web address and a user account. When your user account is created you will have been assigned a role, such as maintain (this is the same as instructor) or access (i.e. the user). This role will decide what level of permissions you have.

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  • This module is intended to help the server administrator perform the day-to-day administration of Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001. After completing this module, students will be able to: Locate and manage files and folders in the Microsoft Web Storage System. Manage the computer running SharePoint Portal Server. Monitor SharePoint Portal Server by using System Monitor. Back up SharePoint Portal Server. Restore SharePoint Portal Server.

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  • This module provides students with an understanding of Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server. After completing this module, students will be able to: Describe the common obstacles to implementing an effective document management solution. Describe the major features of SharePoint Portal Server and describe the characteristics of SharePoint Portal Server workspaces and a digital dashboard. Demonstrate how SharePoint Portal Server can be used to improve the document management capabilities of an organization....

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  • This module provides students with the information necessary to add and manage a Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server content source. After completing this module, students will be able to: Describe the components that are used in the searching and indexing features of SharePoint Portal Server. Define content source and describe the types of content that are supported, how a content source is used, and how to add a content source. Manage a content source by setting schedules, scope, and rules, and describe additional functions that apply to content sources....

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  • You will learn to create the professional web presence your company needs. The book takes you through the steps necessary to get an internal web portal running for employee use. If you have some programming experience and creativity, this book will help you expand your business presence in a short amount of time. It features simple explanations and proof-of-concept examples throughout. The book concludes with the creation of a web portlet that you can plug into an external website for a web presence....

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  • The goal of this course is to provide students with the architectural concepts and the skills necessary to deploy Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 as a search, intranet dashboard site, and document management solution. This course will provide an overview of each of the major functions provided by SharePoint Portal Server. It will not discuss how to programmatically extend SharePoint Portal Server or how to use SharePoint Portal Server as a development platform.

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  • Giới thiệu về Dotnetnuke: Là một hệ thống quản trị nội dung (Content Managent System) được sử dụng rộng rãi trong cộng đồng ASP.NET. Khác với Community Server là một hệ thống chuyên về forum, blog, media phải trả tiền để mua bản quyền sử dụng, thì Dotnetnuke lại được cung cấp miễn phí và nguồn mở để có thể xây dựng một website đa chức năng, thuận tiện phát triển những thành phần mới và mang nét đặc trưng riêng cho từng website...

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  • Bổ nhiệm xác nhận xóa Xóa tin nhắn thông báo xác nhận bổ nhiệm chèn Hiển thị tin nhắn Cổng thông tin tài Xóa chủ đề tin nhắn nhắn Bổ nhiệm xác nhận tin nhắn Ngoài ra Xem tin nhắn Chủ đề Portal Content Manager kích chuột DB xác nhận Monitor clickstreams Spider các trang web bên ngoài Xác nhận hoàn thành bò loang

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  • Grid computing combines aspects from parallel computing, distributed computing and data management, and has been playing an important role in pushing forward the state-of-the-art in computer science and information technologies. There is considerable interest in Grid computing at present, with a significant number of Grid projects being launched across the world.

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  • IN 2003 MICROSOFT RELEASED Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003, making their fi rst true move into enterprise content management (ECM). It may not be a stretch to say they also created an entirely new technology space: collaborative document management. Seven years later, Microsoft launched the fourth version of SharePoint Services, now known as SharePoint Foundation (MSF), and the new server product is now called Microsoft SharePoint Server (MSS).

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  • We believe that .NET developers cannot achieve systematically high-performance software solutions without thoroughly understanding all three areas. For example, .NET memory management (facilitated by the CLR garbage collector) is an extremely complex field and the cause of significant performance problems, including memory leaks and long GC pause times. Without understanding how the CLR garbage collector operates, high-performance memory management in .NET is left to nothing but chance. Similarly, choosing the proper collection class from what the .

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  • This is now the third edition of a textbook the first edition of which was conceived and published back in 1992. In this edition, important changes have been introduced to bring the style of the book more up to date under the guidance of Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Their professionalism, management skills and hard work has helped us to produce this new and exciting edition.

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  • Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture is a guide and tool set for planning and documenting the scope, navigational taxonomy, document taxonomy, metadata, page layouts and workflows for a successful SharePoint 2010 project. If you have been tasked with delivering an intranet for collaboration, document management or as a corporate portal, your only chance for success is to get all of these elements right, and then to make sure that you and your stakeholders are all on the same page

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  • A guide for anyone who makes use of the Internet for research, including librarians, teachers, students, business researchers, and writers, this book details what serious users have to know to fully take advantage of Internet search tools and resources. Newsgroups, image resources, and reference resources are covered, as are the major tools-search engines, directories, and portals-and strategies needed to access these resources. For those with little to moderate searching experience, friendly, easy-to-follow guidelines to the world of Internet research are provided.

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