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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Ethernet networks" has contents: Bridging and switching methods and performance issues, routers, wireless ethernet, managing the network, the future of ethernet, security.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Management information systems - Managing the digital firm" has contents: Information systems in global business today; global e business and collaboration; information systems, organizations, and strategy; ethical and social issues in information systems,...and other contents.

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  • A valid path detection algorithm was also formulated to determine the most critical and valid paths needed within an Attack Graph for the purpose network security risk assessment. The results showed that the proposed model alleviates redundancy in Attack Graphs. This will assist the security administrator in making reasonable decision on the security risk management of the network systems.

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  • In addition to an explosion of touch points, we are faced with an infinitively complex and rapidly changing web of networks, applications, systems, client software, and service providers. Under these circumstances, absolute security cannot be guaranteed since it’s impossible to test the security implications of every configuration combination of hardware and software under every set of conditions.

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  • Managing Cisco Network Security, offers updated and revised information covering many of Cisco's security products that provide protection from threats, detection of network security incidents, measurement of vulnerability and policy compliance and management of security policy across an extended organization. These are the tools that network administrators have to mount defenses against threats.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Logistics & supply chain management" has contents: Strategic lead-time management, the synchronous supply chain, complexity and the supply chain, managing the global pipeline, managing risk in the supply chain, the era of network competition, overcoming the barriers to supply chain integration,...and other contents.

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  • This module provides students with the information and decision-making processes needed to design a plan for managing network services. At the end of this module, students will be able to:  Define the strategies for managing the network services.  Identify the processes used to execute the management plan.  Select the appropriate methods to generate information on the status of the services.  Select the appropriate methods to analyze collected data.  Select appropriate response strategies. There is no lab in this module....

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  • Upon completing this module, you will be able to: Use the command-line interface to accurately determine network operational status and network performance Manage operating system image files to maintain an accessible operating system file and according to best practices, given a network topology Use Cisco IOS commands to manage device configuration files to reduce device downtime and according to best practices Execute an add, move, or change so that the network functions in accordance with the new requirement, given a new network requirement...

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  • As in the first edition, I’ve tried to make this Encyclopedia a comprehensive source of informa- tion about matters relating to networking. I’ve also tried to present the information in a clear and useful manner. This book contains comprehensive, straightforward summaries of the major concepts, issues, and approaches related to networking. Networking is defined broadly to encompass configurations ranging from a couple of connected computers just a few feet apart to a network of several thousand machines (of all types and sizes) scattered around the world.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Explain syslog operation in a small-to-medium-sized business network, configure syslog to compile messages on a small-to-medium-sized business network management device, explain syslog operation in small-to-medium-sized business network,... Inviting you to refer lecture for more information.

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  • Module 3: Configuring and managing WINS. This module explains how to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) servers. WINS is a NetBIOS Name Server (NBNS) that you can use to resolve NetBIOS names to IP addresses. The main contents in module includes: Installing the windows internet name service, managing the WINS server, configuring WINS replication, migrating from WINS to DNS.

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  • Module 11: Managing and monitoring network access. This module provides you with the knowledge and skills to manage and monitor network access. After completing this module, students will be able to: Manage the network access services, configure logging on the network access server, collect and monitor network access data.

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  • Module 11: Managing and monitoring network access. This module provides you with the knowledge and skills to manage and monitor network access. After completing this module, students will be able to: Manage the network access services, configure logging on the network access server, collect and monitor network access data.

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  • There are three types of NAT: static, dynamic, and overloading (PAT). Static NAT is one-to-one address mapping. Dynamic NAT addresses are picked. NAT overloading (PAT) allows you to map many inside addresses to one outside address. Use the show ip nat translation command to display the translation table and verify that translation has occurred,...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Mobile networks architecture" has contents: The architecture of the network, the radio interface, communication management, network architecture, the EDGE evolution, communication management,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Mobile networks architecture" has contents: The NGN, the EPS Network (Network architecture, the radio interface, communication management), the IMS network (The SIP, the IMS architecture, communication management)

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  • In this research, output has been calculated every time by making the same chance and then, obtained information was investigated statistically for suitable protocols. In total, AODV protocol was recognized that had higher scores than DSR and could be used as an optimum protocol in robotic industries, technically

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  • This paper proposed a framework for modelling mobile network QoE using the big data analytics approach. The proposed framework describes the process of estimating or predicting perceived QoE based on the datasets obtained or gathered from the mobile network to enable the mobile network operators effectively to manage the network performance and provide the users a satisfactory mobile Internet QoE.

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  • I joined the computer industry at a time when a multi-million dollar installation had a massive two and a half megabytes of memory and you needed forearms like Popeye to change a disk pack. Two hundred megs of online storage provided by a drive unit the size of a chest freezer, sitting with so many other similarly enormous, noisy and tastefully coloured boxes all housed in a refrigerator as big as a basketball court. There was no such concept as ‘information technology’ then – what we did was called ‘electronic’ or ‘automated data processing’ (EDP, ADP or just DP).

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  • This module is intended to help the server administrator perform the day-to-day administration of Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001. After completing this module, students will be able to: Locate and manage files and folders in the Microsoft Web Storage System. Manage the computer running SharePoint Portal Server. Monitor SharePoint Portal Server by using System Monitor. Back up SharePoint Portal Server. Restore SharePoint Portal Server.

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