Managing the unexpected

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  • Whenever a desired result is achieved by the cooperation of many independent persons, its existence as a fact is a pure consequence of the precursive faith in one another of those immediately concerned. A government, an army, a commercial system, a ship, a college, an athletic team, all exist on this condition, without which not only is nothing achieved, but nothing is even attempted.

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  • The paper reports on the impact of building an intellectual capital statement for the Chamber of Agriculture in Styria, Austria (Landeskammer Steiermark, “LK Styria”), and with the subsequent issues of organizational development. LK Styria is a knowledge-based organization where intellectual capital accounts for a large share of the entity’s value. Building on the activities of LK Styria and their outcomes, a knowledge-based intellectual capital inventory was set up for the human, structural and relationship resources based on the method “Wissensbilanz made in Germany”.

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  • "The Management of Mergers and Acquisitions is far away from the perfect, polished presentations of the merchant bankers in which value creation is all too often just the result of a well-executed PowerPoint presentation. Philippe Very takes us into the real world where management is the key word - management of the expected and the unexpected, of rationality and emotions, of processes and people. He combines the expertise of the researcher with live business cases.

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  • "The Management of Mergers and Acquisitions is far away from the perfect, polished presentations of the merchant bankers in which value creation is all too often just the result of a well-executed PowerPoint presentation. Philippe Very takes us into the real world where management is the key word - management of the expected and the unexpected, of rationality and emotions, of processes and people. He combines the expertise of the researcher with live business cases.

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  • Delay is one of the biggest problems construction project faces in Nigeria. Delay can lead to many negative effects such as project failure, disputes between stakeholders and also economic instability. Even though various studies have been considered in the causes and effects of delays in Nigeria, these studies seldom discuss how risk management could be integrated to lessen the delay in construction projects in Nigeria. Systematic risk management is expecting the unexpected; it is a tool which helps control risk in construction projects.

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  • Handling neonates with postnatal respiratory failure due to congenital airway malformations implies knowledge about emergency management of unexpected difficult airway. In these stressful situations both technical and communication skills of the caretakers are essential.

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  • Second, it should not be forgot that several neuroprotectant have failed not because they lacked efficacy, but because they revealed unexpected side effects. Many NMDAreceptor antagonists were discarded because in clinical trials they showed psychedelic unwanted effects. Tirilazad, an antioxidant belonging to the “lazaroid” class of antioxidants, unexpectedly worsened outcome of ischemic stroke, a fact very likely explained by some unexpected toxic action(s) that offset its neuroprotective ability.

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  • In the case of unexpected inflation, the interpretation of their results is quite intuitive: news on inflation is correlated with news on future earnings prospects and/or required returns. For example, an unexpected rise in inflation may raise the risk of countercyclical monetary policy, which is likely to reduce expected real earnings growth and/or raise investors’ discount rates.

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  • Triangular international relationships are difficult to manage because every action produces simultaneous reactions from the two partners. It is more difficult to predict simultaneous reactions, and if an unexpected and undesirable result occurs it is more difficult to correct. While each side pursues its own interest, managing triangular uncertainties becomes a major concern. The Vietnam-China-United States triangle is especially complex because of its asymmetries, though it has some basic similarities to the general X>Y>Z asymmetric triangle.

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  • Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved as an integrated management discipline that aims to enable organizations to continuously innovate and improve their operations. BPM experts are exposed to communication processes involving people from various backgrounds (e.g., various business areas, fields of expertise, and cultures). Research in applied linguistics has shown that it is difficult to plan for constellations of such communication processes; thus, agile communication skills are vital for successful business communication.

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  • The topic of business process outsourcing (BPO) has become controversial and the subject of a great deal of media attention over the past year. As an executive who has been using outsourcing as a business strategy for more than a decade, the recent upsurge in interest in the topic was unexpected. Perhaps the fact that 2004 is an election year has something to do with it. Or maybe, as the authors point out, the convergence of a number of social and technological factors has only recently made BPO an option for organizations of nearly any size....

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  • Usually any requirement that the contractor should shoulder all or most risks arises because the employer prefers to have a fixed financial commit- ment, or because he has only a limited allocation of funds which he has no authority to exceed. Some overseas governments will not authorize any expenditure above the tendered sum. This fixing of the price and placing all or most of the risks on the contractor can be expected to lead to generally high prices.

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  • Solution: Lead your team in a different way. Think of your project team differently from how you think of your department. Reduce your role to that of monitor. Watch the budget and the schedule, and ensure that your team comes through; be available to solve problems that your team wants you to solve. For some projects, you may need to work on the same level as your team because of deadline pressures, lack of people on your team, or unexpected problems and delays. But step in only if your team needs you, not because you assume that’s always the best way to proceed. • Problem:...

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  • Historians, scientists, and researchers have been fascinated by the diaphragm for many centuries. Homer first described Trojan War battle wounds with reference to the diaphragm in the 9th century B.C. From 500-430 B.C., Empedocles of Agrigentum was one of the first people to study the physiology of respiration. In this early period of medical knowledge, however, the purpose of the diaphragm bewildered scientists. Hippocrates observed the diaphragm’s inherent fragility and thinness that caused it to throb at any instance of unexpected joy or sorrow.

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  • At KPMG, we encourage businesses to understand this system of forces; we help them assess the implications for their own organizations and to devise strategies for managing the risks and harnessing the opportunities. We can never know the future. But it is good business sense to be prepared for the possibilities: to expect the unexpected. This report cannot provide all the answers, and does not set out to, but it does suggest approaches that we believe will help to build business value in a changing world.

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  • Determine what you need to get the job done correctly, on time, and on budget. It is not a bad idea to build in a safety margin here. This is often referred to as "padding". For instance, one might multiply the estimated time to complete a task/project by say 20% to allow for additional time to deal with unexpected occurrences. The amount of padding usually depends on the certainty one has as to how effectively the resources can be used. One should keep padding to a minimum. Once the requirements have been set, it is important to verify that...

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  • A new, single-use bacterial filter and angle piece ⁄ catheter mount must be used for each patient. It is important that these are checked for patency and flow, both visually and by ensuring gas flow through the whole assembly when connected to the breathing system, as described below. Check that the appropriate laryngoscopes are available and function reliably. Equipment for the management of the anticipated or unexpected difficult airway must be available and checked regularly in accordance with departmental policies [15].

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  • Fire is always unexpected. Preparing for it shouldn’t be. Responding to a fire requires quick decisions and fast actions in a setting that can be loud, smoky, dark, and hot. Lives and property can be saved by being prepared before fire strikes. The Seattle Fire Code and Washington State Law establish fire safety regulations for multi-residential housing. These rules require property owners to develop a fire emergency guide for tenants. They also require that tenants be informed about the fire protection equipment in the building....

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  • This paper investigates the international spillover effect of U.S. monetary policy changes on non-U.S. bank stock returns. Our dataset covers 442 non-U.S. banks in 57 countries for 1994-2007. We find that there exists an inverse relationship between non-U.S. bank stock returns and unexpected changes in the U.S. federal funds rate target. Our study provides strong evidence that the sensitivity of non-U.S. bank stock returns varies with regard to the nature and context of monetary policy changes, bank-level characteristics, and country-level institutional factors.

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  • Skin metastases from pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma (PNEC) are rare and their palliative treatment is challenging. We report our experience in the multimodal management of one of the few reported cases of metastatic PNEC with multiple visceral and subcutaneous secondary lesions, focusing on the effectiveness of palliative radiotherapy for skin metastases.

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