Manipulable disorders

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  • Deferasirox is a promising oral iron-chelating agent. Single daily doses of 20 or 30 mg deferasirox produced reductions in liver iron concentration comparable to desferoxamine in chronically transfused adult and pediatric patients. Deferasirox produces some elevations in liver enzymes and slight but persistent increases in serum creatinine, without apparent clinical consequence. Other toxicities are similar to those of desferoxamine. Its toxicity profile is acceptable, although long-term effects are still being evaluated.

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  • T his book seeks to provide a comprehensive orientation to the fundamental concepts and clinical applications of Muscle Energy Technique (MET) as they have evolved over more than forty years. Fred L. Mitchell, Sr., DO, FAAO, the original developer of Muscle Energy Technique, never wrote a book, or even a paper, about MET specifically. Mitchell, Sr. did, however, write two highly significant papers! (1948, 1958) about manipulative treatment of mechanical dysfunctions of the pelvic joints. He gave credit to T.J. Ruddy, D.O. (1874-1964) and Carl Kettler, D.O.

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  • Nutrition is of interest to everyone. For the impoverished, nutrition is an issue of obtaining enough food to survive. For some, it is a health concern in their fight against obesity and diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and degenerative skeletal disorders that accompany this nutritional problem. For others, it is of interest so that they will not be embarrassed wearing their bathing suits.

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  • DNA testing is performed by mutational analysis or linkage studies in individuals at risk for a genetic disorder known to be present in a family. Mass screening programs require tests of high sensitivity and specificity to be costeffective. Prerequisites for the success of genetic screening programs include the following: that the disorder is potentially serious; that it can be influenced at a presymptomatic stage by changes in behavior, diet, and/or pharmaceutical manipulations; and that the screening does not result in any harm or discrimination.

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