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  • Drawing and Editing Tools: These tools create geometry (Line, Arc, Rectangle, etc.), construction objects (Measure and Protractor), and enable object manipulation (Move, Rotate, Push/Pull, etc.) They are all described in this chapter. Drawing Axes: When you open a file, the model contains a set of red, green, and blue axes (you can see the blue axis once you orbit the model out of the red-green plane). These are equivalent to the X, Y, Z axes used in traditional CAD software.

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  • Yawat1 is a tool for the visualization and manipulation of word- and phrase-level alignments of parallel text. Unlike most other tools for manual word alignment, it relies on dynamic markup to visualize alignment relations, that is, markup is shown and hidden depending on the current mouse position. This reduces the visual complexity of the visualization and allows the annotator to focus on one item at a time. For a bird’s-eye view of alignment patterns within a sentence, the tool is also able to display alignments as alignment matrices. ...

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  • NS-2 is an object oriented simulator, written in C++, with an OTcl (Object Tool Command Language) interpreter as a front-end. Back-end C++ Defining new agents, protocols and framework. Manipulations at the byte/bit levels. if you have to change the behaviour of an existing C++ class in ways that weren't anticipated.

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  • Beginning jQuery is your step-by-step guide to learning the jQuery library. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in the web developer’s toolkit. Jack Franklin takes you from the basics of getting you started with jQuery, right through to extending jQuery by writing your own plug-ins. You'll discover best practices you can follow, how you can avoid common mistakes, and you'll learn about so many of the things that jQuery has to offer, including how you can: Use jQuery’s powerful tools to dynamically update content on your site, including DOM manipulation.

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  • Some basic concepts of analogue signals are introduced in this section. You will learn the basic functions of an analogue electronic system, viz. transformation and generation of signals of continuous nature. Here, signal transformation refers to all kinds of manipulation such as filtering (selecting signals of a certain range of frequencies) and amplification (enlarging the magnitude of a signal). Signal generation in the context of analogue electronics can be taken to mean the construction of a signal with a specified waveform, as in the case of a sinusoidal wave generator.

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  • Contents at a Glance Part I Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 1 Overview of Microsoft SQL Server 2 Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2008 3 Using the Tools in SQL Server 2008 Part II Designing Databases 4 Creating Databases 5 Designing Tables 6 Indexes 7 Partitioning Part III Retrieving and Manipulating Data 8 Data Retrieval 9 Advanced Data Retrieval 10 Data Manipulation Part

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  • Photoshop is one of the most commonly used tools in the web designer’ s arsenal. From the prepar ation of initial design comps to generating optimized graphics for a web page, most web designers rely heavily on this powerful program. In this introductory chapter , I’ll cover some of the basic tools and tasks that we’ll draw on in later chapters. I’ll also share some of the shortcuts and time-savers that I frequently use.

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  • Chapter 10. RDF, RDF Tools, and the Content Model-P1 Chapter 9 introduced the Resource Description Framework (RDF) as the basis for building display data in the interface, where XUL templates take RDF-based data and transform it into regular widgets. But RDF is used in many other more subtle ways in Mozilla. In fact, it is the technology Mozilla uses for much of its own internal data handling and manipulation.

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  • In recent years, parallel kinematics mechanisms have attracted a lot of attention from the academic and industrial communities due to potential applications not only as robot manipulators but also as machine tools. Generally, the criteria used to compare the performance of traditional serial robots and parallel robots are the workspace, the ratio between the payload and the robot mass, accuracy, and dynamic behaviour.

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  • This diverse collection of research articles is united by the enormous power of modern molecular genetics. Every author accomplished two objectives: (1) making the field and the research described accessible to a large audience and (2) explaining fully the genetic tools and approaches that were used in the research. One fact stands out - the importance of a genetic approach to addressing a problem. I encourage you to read several chapters.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article HIFSuite: Tools for HDL Code Conversion and Manipulation

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  • A machining manipulator is subject to mechanical interaction with the object being processed. The robot performs the task in constrained work space. In constrained tasks, one is concerned with not only the position of the robot end-point, but also the contact forces, which are desired to be accommodated rather than resisted. Therefore, interaction force needs to be considered in designing and controlling deburring tools.

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  • He discovered that the firm’s fundamental factors exercise the most significant impact on stock prices. The EPS was found to be the most influencing factor over the market. Studying the effects of the Iraq war on US financial markets, Rigobon and Sack (2004) discovered that increases in war risk caused declines in Treasury yields and equity prices, a widening of lower-grade corporate spreads, a fall in the dollar, and a rise in oil prices. A positive correlation exists between the price of oil and war. They argue that war has a significant impact on the oil price.

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  • Programming tools: Input/output (assign/graph-&-display) Repetition (for) Decision (if) Arrays List of numbers in brackets A comma or space separates numbers (columns) A semicolon separates row Zeros and ones Matrices: zeros() ones() Indexing (row,column) Colon Operator: Range of Data first:last or first:increment:last Manipulating Arrays & Matrices Transpose

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  • This paper contributes to the literature in several ways. Our study is the first to document that firms are more likely to split their stocks before acquisition announcements and the first to attempt to explain why they might do so. This paper also contributes to the literature on managerial opportunistic behaviors. Prior studies identify possible manipulation tools such as earnings management (Erickson and Wang, 1999; Louis, 2004) and share repurchase (Chan, Ikenberry, Lee, and Wang, 2005).

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  • Flowering plants now dominate the terrestrial ecosystems of the planet, and there are good reasons for supposing that the flower itself has been a major contributing factor to the spread of the Angiosperms. Although the Angiosperm flower is based on four whorls of organs – petals, sepal, stamens and carpels – the 300 000 odd species exhibit a huge array of different floral morphologies. Consider, e.g., the humble periwinkle flower and contrast it with the complex passion flower.

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  • “The problem isn’t the number of jobs in America; it’s the quality of jobs. Look closely at the economy today and you find two growing categories of work – but only the first is commanding better pay and benefits. This category involves identifying and solving new prob- lems. Here, workers do R&D, design and engineering. Or they’re responsible for high-level sales, marketing and advertising. They’re composers, writers and producers. They’re lawyers, bankers, fi- nanciers, journalists, doctors and management consultants.

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  • Research in diatom biology has entered the postgenomic era since the recent completion of the Thalassiosira pseudonanagenome project. How-ever, the molecular tools available for genetic manipulation of diatoms are still sparse, impeding the functional analysis of diatom genes in vivo. Here we describe the first method for inducible gene expression in transgenic diatoms.

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  • Just as the camera is no longer relegated to the elite or industry professionals, Photoshop is no longer considered the tool of graphic designers alone. Whether it is used to scan photographs, paint a landscape, apply effects to text, create Web pages, or alter images, the application enables all users to accomplish one common feat: to produce professional-quality images in virtually any digital format. You may be surprised at how many people outside of the design industry are aware of and have even used Adobe Photoshop.

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  • Our previous tutorial discussed the basics of XML and demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the Web. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to use an XML parser to: • Process an XML document • Create an XML document • Manipulate an XML document We’ll also talk about some useful, lesser-known features of XML parsers. Best of all, every tool discussed here is freely available at IBM’s alphaWorks site ( and other places on the Web.

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