Marginalized communities

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  • There is a bustling atmosphere in the headquarters of the globally active Confusio Corporation. Everything seems to be just fine. Yet, there is a bad atmosphere in the precious wood-paneled conference room of the managing director Paul Peppy. Peppy has drummed together his top managers from all important branch offices; a hard and uncompromising crackdown is urgently required! Concerning the topic of the crisis summit, he has intentionally left the participants in the dark.

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  • Slang and Society Slang derives much of its power from the fact that it is clandestine, forbidden or generally disapproved of. So what happens once it is accepted, even in some cases embraced and promoted by ‘mainstream’ society? Not long ago the Oxford English Dictionary characterised slang as ‘low and disreputable’; in the late 1970s the pioneering sociolinguist Michael Halliday used the phrase ‘anti-language’ in his study of the speech of criminals and marginals. For him, theirs was an interestingly ‘pathological’ form of language.

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  • As we step forward into the new millennium with wireless technologies leading the way in which we communicate, it becomes increasingly clear that the dominant consideration in the design of systems employing such technologies will be their ability to perform with adequate margin over a channel perturbed by a host of impairments not the least of which is multipath fading.

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  • Official statistics must be interpreted with care, as changes at the margins of firm size categories may strongly affect size distribution and with that the picture of the role of SMEs in an economy. Wherever possible, data should be collected on a (sub-national) regional basis as the differences in birth rates and growth within an economy, and indeed within a locality or region, may be as substantial as between countries.

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  • Very Good: A book that has been read and does not look new, but is in excellent condition. No obvious damage to the book cover, with the dust jacket (if applicable) included for hard covers. No missing or damaged pages, no creases or tears, no underlining or highlighting of text, and no writing in the margins. Some identifying marks on the inside cover, but this is minimal. Very little wear and tear. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections

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  • Included in the SME interest margin charged by banks is an element of price that reflects the probability, from the banks’ experience and data, that some of its SME customers will not be able to repay the debt. The methodology and calculations used to determine the cost associated with the risk of lending are set out under international rules by the Basel Regulatory Framework4 . Regulators also give guidance to banks with regard to the buffers needed to protect banks in the event of shocks to the financial system.

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  • Anything that increases costs of production will tend to increase marginal cost and thus reduce the supply. For example, as wages rise, the supply of goods and services is reduced, because wages are the input price of labor. Labor accounts for about two- thirds of all input costs, and thus wage increases create supply reductions (a higher price is necessary to provide the same quantity) for most goods and services. Costs of materials of course increase the price of goods using those materials. For example, the most important input into the manufacture of gasoline is crude oil,...

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  • The experimentation led us to observe that, depending on the type of the attack, some of the attributes have a marginal effect, although in the opposite, some other have a dominant effect. We have done a comparative study of the solution proposed and the others in the literature. It appears that our solution is more efficient on certain type of attacks. The NSL-KDD dataset has been used to train, test and evaluate our architecture.

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  • Parametrization – a Technique for SDR Implementation Friedrich Jondral University of Karlsruhe Mobile communications is mainly a service driven business. But there are important marginal conditions from physics and technology that may not be ignored when developing a mobile communications system; the frequency spectrum is a scarce resource. Therefore terminals, mobile as well as base station transceivers, have to work efficiently with respect to spectrum. Mobile radio channels are complicated due to multipath propagation, reflections, scattering, time, or frequency dispersion, etc. ...

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  • The aim of this book is to communicate to mainstream public administration students, practitioners, and academicians the growth of the subfield of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender public administrative theory and practice over the past few years. The era from the Stonewall rights revolution to the present involves a transformation from marginalized activity to mainstream public administrative practice not only in the United States and Canada, but also within Australia and the European Community.

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  • Mobile communications channelstypically exhibit time-variant channel quality fluctuations [ 131 and hence conventional fixed-mode modems suffer from bursts of transmission errors, even if the system was designed to provide a high link margin. As argued throughout this monograph, an efficient approach of mitigating these detrimental effects is to adaptively adjust the transmission format based on the near-instantaneous channel quality information perceived by the receiver, which is fed back to the transmitter with the aid of a feedback channel [ 151....

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  • The introduction of semiconductor lasers has boosted the development of coherent optical communication systems. With the built-in wavelength selection mechanism, distributed feedback semiconductor laser diodes with a higher gain margin are superior to the Fabry– Perot laser in that a single longitudinal mode of lasing can be achieved. In this chapter, results obtained from the threshold analysis of conventional and singlephase-shifted DFB lasers will be investigated. In particular, structural impacts on the threshold characteristic will be discussed in a systematic way. ...

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  • Adaptive Modulation Mode Switching Optimization Mobile communications channelstypically exhibit time-variant channel quality fluctuations [ 131 and hence conventional fixed-mode modems suffer from bursts of transmission errors, even if the system was designed to provide a high link margin.

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  • Available information shows that the nutritional status of Mexican women differs widely within the country, according to geographical regions, urban and rural areas, and income groups. Nutritional deficiencies, anaemia and stunting, for example, are more common in poor women who live in the less-developed regions of the country, in rural and indigenous communities or in marginal urban areas. On the other hand, overweight and obesity currently affect women of all income groups, but rates are higher in the more economically advanced regions and big cities.

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  • We have the power to explore the planets and walk the moon. We have the power to coax green from the deserts. We have the power to map the human genome. Yet in the year 2005, in millions of communities in every corner of the globe, people are suffering because those with political power have failed to meet their most basic responsibilities. That failure is seen in the crisis of local health systems that do not work, that exclude the poor, abuse and marginalize women, sow distrust and feed corruption.

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  • The rise of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) – a whole array of practices, products and approaches to health and illness1 – can certainly no longer be characterised as cultural fad or fashion. Changes in the use of titles (from ‘unscientific’ and ‘marginal’ to ‘complementary’ and ‘integrative’) reflect a more substantive relocation and transformation of many of these medicines from the fringe to the mainstream of both community and professional health-care discourse and practice (Tovey et al. 2004).

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  • The reader will find no examples of «best practice» in this book nor will you find stepby- step examples of how to «do» natural resource management communication. While there are clearly examples of good practise and well planned initiatives in this and other places1 this is a book about exploring the practical relation between theory and practise and about being open to different perspectives and approaches. Its format is designed for you to interact with directly. Spaces are there for you to write in, make margin notes on, and highlight elements that are relevant to you.

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  • Medical and social statistics present the alarming reality that one in four people will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lives. Yet, in most countries, mental health is one of the least cared about issues. Korea is no exception. Here people with mental disorders have been subject to prejudice, stigma, discrimination and marginalization in all aspects of their social lives. Korean legal schemes and practices reveal a grave injustice in the treatment of patients and the administration of the mental health system.

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  • While current environmental challenges may sometimes seem insurmountable, they also represent opportunities for individuals, local communities and businesses and for international cooperation. New and exciting avenues to achieve sustainable development will emerge from the use of economic and regulatory instruments, new and existing technologies and the empowerment of stakeholders to establish enabling environments for innovation and creative solutions.

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  • “However, the Rockefeller Foundation argues that these traditional approaches to communication are generally insufficient in addressing the reality of the development problems that exist, as they do not always reflect the complex changes in the communications environments taking place in many developing country societies: “Communication can play a much greater role in enabling people to take control over their own lives, in enabling people and societies to set their own agendas in relation to political, economic and social development; and in enabling, in particular, the voices of the ...

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