Marine mammals

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  • The highly specialized nature of marine mammals when compared with their terrestrial counterparts, the environment in which they live, and the impact of humans on them throughout history and at the present, have made of the scholarship on these creatures something unique in itself. Therefore, it is not surprising that many researchers have also taken a distinctive approach to their study. This volume is aimed at providing a glimpse at such diversity of views and approaches while delivering valuable information on marine mammalogy.

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  • Peter Watts is a Canadian science fiction author and marine-mammal biologist. His first novel Starfish (2000) introduced Lenie Clarke, a deepocean power-station worker physically altered for underwater living and the main character in the sequels: Maelstrom (2001), Behemoth: ß-Max (2004) and Behemoth: Seppuku (2005). The last two volumes comprise one novel, published split into for commercial considerations. Starfish, Maelstrom and Behemoth comprise a trilogy usually referred to as "Rifters" after the modified humans designed to work in deep-ocean environments....

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  • In our model, an initial improvement in the prospects for having higher future productivity growth generates the following set of reactions. First, the market value of firms is driven up by the increase in the expected discounted value of profits. Because of the higher market value, new firms find their financing constraints relaxed and are able to operate with a higher initial capital investment and employment.

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  • Experts working in diverse areas of coastal and estuarine risk assessment contributed to this first volume of the CRC Press Environmental Risk Series. Contributors were asked to address a comprehensive series of important topics including the regulatory context for coastal and estuarine risk assessment, emerging contaminants of concern, effects to marine mammals, bioavailability and exposure of marine organisms to inorganic and organic contaminants, and effects of contaminants on ecological entities ranging from biomolecules to landscapes....

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  • When it comes to advocating animal conservation, it is difficult to be convincing without becoming alarmist. The fact is, time is running out for many of the world’s animal species. Habitat loss, introduced species, overexploitation and pollution, all caused by human activities, combine with stochastic factors to place ever-increasing pressure on natural populations (Primack 2002).

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  • ĐỘNG VẬT BIỂN CÓ VÚ (Marine mammals) Lớp có vú (Mammalia).– Bộ Cá voi (Cetacea).• Bộ phụ Mysticeti (Cá voi tấm sừng hàm).– Họ Balanopteridae (Cá voi lưng đen)..• Bộ phụ Odontoceti (Cá voi có răng).–

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  • The Use of Toxicity Reference Values (TRVs) to Assess the Risks That Persistent Organochlorines Pose to Marine Mammals - Động vật có vú biển được biết đến tích tụ nồng độ tương đối cao liên tục organochlorine chất gây ô nhiễm (POCs). Các cửa hàng của chất gây ô nhiễm có tiềm năng hành động như là một nguồn tiếp tục tiếp xúc nâng lên những sinh vật này.

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  • This is the way it was meant to be. Well, not all pixellated and virtual or (at best) home-printed, but integrated, dammit, a single novel in a single package, and fuck the beancounters and their Solomonesque book-splitting travesties. We aren't in the old-school economy any more, Toto— we're giving this stuff away now, and you can judge it for better or worse as a single standalone entity. You may agree with Publisher's Weekly and call this the capstone to one of the major works of hard-sf in the new century.

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  • Maybe things are getting out of hand, Lenie Clarke wonders. The others don't seem to care. She hears Lubin and Caraco talking up in the lounge, hears Brander trying to sing in the shower— as if we didn't all get enough abuse during our childhoods— and envies their unconcern. Everyone hated Scanlon— well, not hate, exactly, that's a bit strong— but there was at least a sort of— Contempt— That's the word. Contempt. Back on the surface, Scanlon ticked everyone.

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  • Available data suggest that, in addition to the obvious catches of fish for human needs, the by- catches in the world’s fisheries have a significant ecological impact and cause mortality amongst fin-fish (particularly the juveniles of commercial fish species), as well as amongst benthic invertebrates, marine mammals, turtles and birds.

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  • The day after Patricia Rowan saved the world, a man named Elias Murphy brought a piece of her conscience home to roost. She hardly needed another one. Her tactical contacts already served up an endless stream of death and damage, numbers far too vague to qualify as estimates. It had only been sixteen hours; even orders of magnitude were barely more than guesses. But the machines kept trying to pin it down, this many million lives, that many trillion dollars, as if quantifying the apocalypse would somehow render it harmless. Maybe it would at that, she reflected.

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  • 2¢,5¢-oligoadenylate (2-5A) synthetases are known as components of the interferon-induced cellular defence mechanism in mammals. The existence of 2-5A synthetases in the evolutionarily lowest multicellular animals, the marine sponges, has been demonstrated and the respective candidate genes from Geodia cydoniumandSuberites domunculahave been identified.

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  • Most of the concern about mercury focuses on lakes and other aquatic ecosystems, such as rivers, streams, wetlands and oceans. The levels of mercury found in terrestrial environments are usually not high enough to threaten the health of wildlife and humans. But some aquatic environments favour the transformation of mercury into its more poisonous form — methylmercury — and it is the bioac- cumulation of methylmercury in fish and marine mammals that presents a potential problem when they are consumed by humans.

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  • Canada and Greenland both hunt harp seals from the same population (the northwest Atlantic stock). The Canadian and Greenland governments have been exchanging information on their respective hunts and have agreed to continue such exchanges with the intent of verifying harvest activities and strengthening conservation. Discussions are also underway with Greenland scientists on a possible joint Satellite tagging program to better define seal movements and stock boundaries. The annual catch of harp seals in Greenland has been increasing in recent years to about 80,000 animals.

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  • In 1996, 22,800 young hooded (blueback) seals were hunted and more than 100 charges were laid. Less than one per cent of licensed sealers were involved in this activity, which took place within a period of a few days. The matter went before the Courts and on December 14, 1999 the Newfoundland Court of Appeal struck down section 27 of the Marine Mammal Regulations, which makes it an offence to buy, sell, or trade blueback seal pelts. In 2000, to conform to the policy enacted as a result of the recommendations of the Malouf Report, licence conditions were imposed to...

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  • In April 2000, the National Marine Mammal Review Committee met in Ottawa to review the most recent information on the status of the northwest Atlantic harp seal population. Attending the meeting were scientists from four international research institutes, a non-governmental environmental group, two individuals from the seal harvesting sector, as well as a number of DFO scientists from across the country. In recent years, Canada’s strategy has been to set its total allowable catch (TAC) based on an estimate of replacement yield.

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