Marketing in the Connected Age

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  • This study provides detailed information about impulse buying on social networking by exploring the relationship of these characteristics to the impulse buying behavior. Based on the SOR and CIFE models, we developed a theoretical model and demonstrated empirically that demonstrates online store stimuli, personalized advertising, and reliance on online word of mouth, impulse buying tendency, and on-line trust effect to impulse buying behavior. 198 questionnaires were collected from consumers using Facebook, mainly in Thai Nguyen.

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  • The data via surveys will be collected from Facebook users in Danang, Vietnam region. A total of 500 samples expect to receive for data analysis. The results of the data analysis may support several findings: (1) Selfdisclosure, stress, social support, loneliness, and fear of missing out provided by Facebook significantly influence users’ wellbeing on SNSs. (2) Self-disclosure significantly influences users’ social support. (3) Social support, loneliness, and fear of missing out are the significant variables affect users’ stress.

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  • This study (1) explores users’ motivations to use social media in Vietnam market, (2) identifies different user segments based on these motivations, and (3) examines relationships between the user segments and their responses to marketing activities on social media. Facebook is selected as the social media platform of choice due to its popularity. We conduct a survey on a sample of 429 young Facebook users in Vietnam.

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  • The results reveal positive influence of independent variables on dependent variable, the raising demand on travelling and mobile first trend of young consumer. To be more detailed, EWOM is the strongest factor while social network, here is Facebook, has weakest effect. Online advertising gives a moderate influence on young traveller consumption. As a result, company should spend more efforts on raising customer’s feedback, keeping good relationship and doing higher level of after sale services rather than simply promote their social network accounts.

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  • Online advertising is also one of the areas affected by this technology. To broaden our understanding of blockchain technology based services and platforms, this article gives the potential applies of blockchain in online advertising. This article focuses on introducing and clarifying the theory of blockchain technology. In addition, this article gives the problems that online advertising is fcing now and how blockchain changes it by exploring the potential application of blockchain in online advertising.

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  • The aim of this research is to evaluate the impacts of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, past online shopping experience and trust on the customer online purchase intention. A total of 210 female office workers in Da Nang participated in this research. The findings revealed that past online purchase experience, trust and perceived ease of use were positively related to the customer online purchase intention, of which customer experience exerts the strongest effect.

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  • Online advertisement or online television advertisement (TVC) are the most effective ways of communication. Researchers and marketers have turned their attention and resources into this channel, exploring the rules and reactions of those who accept advertising. The Z generation is a particularly important group of customers nowadays, representing the behavioral group and the unique qualities of people in the era of science and technology with many historic turning points. In fact, how did they react to TVC? There are some general studies about online advertising with consumers.

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  • The purpose of this study is to explore individuals’ usage purposes of social networks sites (SNSs) with a focus on the possible differences between females and males. Online survey was used for data gathering through Facebook. Out of a total number of 265 respondents distributed and The Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS 20.0 version) was used in data analysis.

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  • This paper aims to analyze factors affecting consumers’ attitudes towards advertising on Facebook in Vietnam. Base on the literature review and previous research, we suggest a model which have five factors affecting consumers’ attitude. First, a qualitative research is examined with 10 people to adjust scales to match the Vietnam context. Second, a quantitative study is examined with the sample size n = 241.

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  • The online shopping cannot be considered as an emerging trend because it has become a standard way of doing business. The focus of online retailers’ interest should be aimed at the customer behavior during purchasing process. The aim of this paper is to describe and analyze the use of Internet in the pre-purchase stage of customers in selected countries. We found that there is a significant negative correlation between development indicators of nations and the use of Internet in pre-purchase stage of shopping.

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  • By using quantitative method, the research used Cronbach’s Alpha, EFA (Exploratory Factor Analysis) and multiple linear regression analysis to examine the model and hypotheses. The results indicate that Information Security Risk has strongest impact on online shopping intention; respectively following are Delivery Risk, Time Risk, Psycological Risk, Vendor’s Fraud Risk and Product Performance Risk. Conclusions together with suggestions are offered to help organisations and enterprises enhancing their online business efficiency and prestige.

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  • This study aims to investigate the impacts of various factors on behavior intention and actual usage of mobile payment based on a risk-extended model of UTAUT2 as well as explore impacts of various individual risk aspects on the overall perceived risk toward mobile payment adoption. The research model was empirically examined utilizing 329 responses conducted from Vietnamese young people. The research results confirmed that performance expectancy, facilitating conditions, price value and habit altogether have direct effects on the intention to adopt mobile payment.

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  • This research was carried out to analyze factors influencing the online purchase intention of customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Through the combination of qualitative research and quantitative research, the author conducted a survey of 226 customers who intended to engage in online purchase in Ho Chi Minh City. As can be seen from the research results, there were 5 groups of factors influencing the customers' online purchase intention, namely: (1) Perceived usefulness; (2) Perceived ease of use; (3) Perceived risk; (4) Subjective norm; and (5) Price expectation.

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  • This paper explores a kind of electronic word-of-mouth (e-WOM), the online consumer review (OCR). It has increasingly become important sources of information that help consumers in their decision-making since flourished e-commerce. In the recent years, OCRs have become an important information source that allow consumers to search for detailed and reliable information by sharing past consumption experiences (Gretzel, 2011; Fesenmaier et al., 2008; Yoo & Gretzel, 2008). In a sense, E. Brynjolfsson et al.

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  • New wave of technology in the connected age is fundamentally changing the way enterprises compete, operate, and do marketing. Today’s empowered customers and prospects generate voluminous and diverse data through activity across channels. Clickstream analytics, an inter-disciplinary field associated with big data and web mining, is a powerful tool to help enterprises gain the most insight into customer trends and behaviors from clickstream data.

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  • This study investigates tourism searching patterns and keywords volume related to cultural information through search engines and social media. The research sites include tourism region in the middle of Vietnam which are Hue, Danang, and Hoi An. Successful examples of creative cities all over the world are reviewed for technological platform-based communication in three different levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The findings suggest implications for Danang city to use new technologies for city brand communication more effectively.

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  • This research proposes Internet Service Provider Switching Intention of Hanoi consumers Model with three factors originating from present service provider and one from alternative service provider. The research makes use of both qualititative method and quantitative method. The research model is tested with the survey data of 260 Hanoi consumers. Results show that the model is suitable for research into Internet service provider switching intention of Hanoi consumers.

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  • This paper presents the theoretical background of mobile marketing and analyzes the potential and current status of mobile marketing in Vietnam in the period of 2005 - 2017. The analysis shows that Vietnam is a country with many potential opportunities for extensive mobile marketing applications.However, the application of mobile marketing has not matched the potential and there have been some certain limitations because ofusing simple tools, not having promoted effective tools of mobile marketingand therudimentary expression.

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  • This study intends to gain the better understanding on current status quo of website marketing activities among enterprises in Danang hotel industry. An observation form was constructed based on the ICTR model proposed by Wang & Russo (2007) with four dimensions including Information, Communication, Transaction and Relationship, to examine all 47 4- & 5-star hotels in Danang. The findings indicated that these hotels mainly utilized their websites to providing information. The implications are then discussed.

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  • Consumer Brand Engagement (CBE) is getting great attention from the marketers because of its explanatory and predictive value. However, CBE measurement faces many obstacles, both theoretical and practical. This study, by using a big data mining tool, demonstrates the ability market measuring CBE as well as CBE's value in explaining and forecasting the real-time status of the market and competition such as market share, revenue, customer interest in Vietnam mobile phone market.

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