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  • In Marketing Insights from A to Z, Philip Kotler, one of the undisputed fathers of modern marketing, redefines marketing's fundamental concepts from A to Z, highlighting how business has changed and how marketing must change with it. This concise, stimulating book relays fundamental ideas fast for busy executives and marketing professionals. Marketing Insights from A to Z presents the enlightened and well-informed musings of a true master of the art of marketing based on his distinguished forty-year career in the business.

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  • Có kinh nghiệm, khả năng sáng tạo, giao tiếp tốt và kèm theo đó Anh văn lưu loát, năng động, tự tin... là những yêu cầu rất chung và thường thấy ở các nhà tuyển dụng khi tìm kiếm nhân viên cho bộ phận marketing. Nhưng liệu những thông tin như thế có đủ để họ có được một nhân viên đúng yêu cầu?

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  • My 40-year career in marketing has produced some knowledge and even a little wisdom. Reflecting on the state of the discipline, it occurred to me that it is time to revisit the basic concepts of marketing. First, I listed the 80 concepts in marketing critical today and spent time mulling over their meanings and implications for sound business practice. My primary aim was to ascertain the best principles and practices for effective and innovative marketing. I found this journey to be filled with many surprises, yielding new insights and perspectives.......

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  • ‘Marketing research’ has often been called ‘market research’, and there has been much confusion about what these terms actually mean. Indeed, some writers have been so worried about the terminology that they have called their books ‘research for marketing decisions’ to overcome the problems. The term marketing research, of which market research is but one element, encompasses the full range of research and evaluation activities undertaken by marketing professionals to guide them in decision making, and it is marketing research that I address in this book....

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  • If you’re a subscriber to my $10,000 Marketing Tip of the Day, you know I keep my advice short and to the point. If you’re not a subscriber, become one now ... it’s FREE when you visit: This book is a tiny collection lifted from my massive $10,000 Marketing Tip of the Day arsenal. I hand picked the best and have categorized each tip for easy reference.

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  • How I Made 2,00,000 In The Stock Market Nicholas Darvas, author of How I Made 2,000,000 in the Stock Market, concluded that Wall Street was nothing more than a huge gambling casino. It bristled with dealers, croupiers and touts--and he explained all of this in a later highly successful book, Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas. How I Made 2,000,000 in the Stock Market is an extraordinary book. It tells one of the most unusual success stories in the history of the stock market. Darvas was not a stock market professional trading on inside information...

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  • This book provides a clear practical introduction to shareholder value analysis for the marketing professional.  It gives them the tools to develop the marketing strategies that will create the most value for business.  For top management and CFOs the book explains how marketing generates shareholder value.  It shows how top management should evaluate strategies and stimulate more effective and relevant marketing in their companies.

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  • .Advance Praise for PrimeTime Women: “Marti Barletta—the First Lady of marketing to women—is back, and she’s done it again. Marti calls marketing to ‘PrimeTime Women’ a ‘radical opportunity’—and proves it. I not only agree, but also I would call anyone who does not make this extraordinary book the centerpiece of their marketing/strategic plans very, very foolish.

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  • Buyers no longer buy the way they did ten, five and even two years ago. The sad truth is that most companies don’t realize this…yet. Changes in technology, distribution, and buyer behavior have shifted the landscape and created an opportunity for businesses to communicate directly with consumers. This eBook shares the reasons for this evolution. It details how you, as a marketing professional,

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  • Marketing is one in a series of ten useful Test your professional english books.This throughly revised and updated edition features 60 clear and simple tests for students and professional.Test Your professional English - Marketing is a series of ten useful Test your professional English books. This thoroughly revised and updated edition features 60 clear and simple tests for business students and professionals who use English in...

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  • Chúng ta chắc vẫn chưa quên được một trong những cách thức hoạt động marketing xưa cũ có thể kể đến là cách thức phát tờ rơi để quảng bá thông tin về doanh nghiệp.

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  • The series is designed to bring today’s managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fastmoving world. From the preeminent thinkers whose work has defined an entire field to the rising stars who will redefine the way we think about business, here are the leading minds and landmark ideas that have established the Harvard Business Review as required reading for ambitious businesspeople in organizations around the globe.

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  • English for Marketing & Advertising is part of the EXPRESS SERIES. It is the ideal quick course for marketing & advertising professionals who need to communicate confidently and effectively in English. It can be used to supplement a regular coursebook, on its own, as a stand-alone intensive specialist course of for self-study.

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  • Professional Event Coordination The Wiley Event Management Series SERIES EDITOR: DR. JOE GOLDBLATT, CSEP Special Events: Twenty-First Century Global Event Management, Third Edition by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP The International Dictionary of Event Management, Second Edition by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP, and Kathleen S. Nelson, CSEP Corporate Event Project Management by William O’Toole and Phyllis Mikolaitis, CSEP Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions, and Expositions by Leonard H. Hoyle, CAE, CMP Event Risk Management and Safety by Peter E.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'keith rosen - time management for sales professionals', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, tiếp thị - bán hàng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Chapter 19a: Question about PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY 1. You are a project manager working on a project to market a new product. The deliverables of the project have been established, and the project work has begun. A contract to deliver the deliverables has been signed. The customer who has signed the contract has telephoned you to request additional work to be done on the project. This work will affect the budget but not the schedule of the project. This project has a high priority with your company. What should you do next? a. Do what the customer asks you to do and...

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  • Why is this topic important? Because executive coaching has grown rapidly in recent years, many human resource professionals and their clients need information to help them know when and how to use coaching for their organizations. Most of the books on the market are “how-to” books, with very little material to assist HR people in becoming savvy consumers of coaching services. The topics and materials in this book can serve as a practical guide to learn more about what coaching is and how to best use it in the organization. ...

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  • Volume Spread Analysis, is a new term which describes the method of interpreting, analysing and understanding a bar chart displayed on your computer screen. A chart with the high, low, close and volume will graphically show you how ...

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  • Robert Deel is a trading strategist, author, and an internationally recognized trading expert. He has trained individuals and professional traders in the disciplines of trading psychology.teachical analysis, and tactical trading. Robert has trained groups of serious traders throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada.

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  • Quan điểm Marketing hiện đại cho rằng, Marketing không chỉ dừng lại ở 4“P“. Mỗi trường phái nghiên cứu lại đặt ra các “P“ tiếp theo khác nhau. Nhưng có hai khái niệm nhận được sự đồng thuận cao nhất: Đó là Chiến lược Nhân sự và Professionalism, tạm dịch là Chuyên Gia (tức là Chiến lược biến một Thương hiệu thành một Chuyên gia về một lĩnh vực, có khả năng dẫn dắt, hướng dẫn, gợi mở, đón đầu và khai phá ... đối với Khách hàng và Công chúng). ...

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