Mastering the facts of life

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  • This book examines different conceptions of death and their impact on Â�children’s cognitive and emotional development. It not only addresses Â�practical and clinical issues related to children’s developing understanding of death, but also focuses on theoretical and philosophical aspects Â�linking children’s concept of death to religion, morality, politics, and law. The Â�material is drawn from a wide range of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, philosophy, medicine, education, and the law.

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  • One of the most ancient legends handed down to us by the early Church is that of St. Cecilia, the patroness of music and musicians. She is known to have been honoured by Christians as far back as the third century, in which she is supposed to have lived. Doubtless much of fancy has been added, in all the ensuing years, to the facts of Cecilia's life and death. Let us, however, take the legend as it stands. It says that St. Cecilia was a noble Roman lady, who lived in the reign of the Emperor Alexander Severus. Her parents, who secretly professed Christianity, brought...

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  • You are giving a talk in front of a group of people. You’ve assembled all the relevant facts. You’ve planned it well, and your delivery is strong, but your audience doesn’t respond or, even worse, they are giving you a negative response. What went wrong? Well, it is probably not what you are saying out loud that matters. The problem stems from what your body says, or in other words, your body language. By body language I mean things as simple as the way you stand, or, say, folding your arms across your chest.

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  • For a long time now, Photoshop has reigned as the premier image-editing application for print designers and production artists. In fact, those of us in the print and publishing fields have become so dependent on Photoshop that it’s hard to imagine life without it. In the early days of Photoshop, it was considered primarily a tool for graphic designers (ah…the good old days)

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