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  • part 2 book “fixed income analysis” has contents: valuation of interest rate derivative instruments, general principles of credit analysis, introduction to bond portfolio management, managing funds against a bond market index, portfolio immunization and cash flow matching,… and other contents.

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  • Project sales revenues and expenses. 2) Estimate current assets and fixed assets necessary to support projected sales. Percent of sales forecast Budgets indicate the amount and timing of future financing needs. Budgets provide a basis for taking corrective action if budgeted and actual figures do not match. Budgets provide the basis for performance evaluation.

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  • The resistor is an electrical device whose primary function is to introduce resistance to the flow of electric current. The magnitude of opposition to the flow of current is called the resistance of the resistor. A larger resistance value indicates a greater opposition to current flow. The resistance is measured in ohms. An ohm is the resistance that arises when a current of one ampere is passed through a resistor subjected to one volt across its terminals.

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  • Serving customers. The two words cover so much. Answering questions. Solving problems. Untangling corporate logjams. Fixing what's broken and finding what's lost. Soothing the irate and reassuring the timid. And time after time, performing the business equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a hat: Matching people who do business with you with just the right products, services, and solutions.

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  • Investor base: participation by different investors in the government bond market has grown more diversified. Of the various actors in this market, banks tend to invest in relatively shorter term bonds to match their short-term liability. Pension funds and insurance companies prefer hedging long-term inflation risks by investing more in inflation linked bonds. Non-residents concentrate their direct exposure to fixed rate instruments, but with maturity less than 3 years.

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  • Depreciation is the allocation of the acquisition cost of a fixed asset to different business periods (based on the accrual basis, the going-concern concept, and the matching concept)

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  • Histologic observations support two mechanisms for permanent hair reduction: miniaturization of coarse hair follicles to vellus-like hair follicles, and destruction of the hair follicle with gran- ulomatous degeneration, leaving a fibrotic remnant. Clinically, both of these mechanisms produced reduction in hair. The study design used a fixed set of fluence-pulse-width combinations in each patient, regard- less of skin type. If skin type and color had been matched to appropriate fluences, the inci- dence of side effects could have been reduced. Epidermal damage was seen in 6% of cases.

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  • Recently, pyramid matching algorithms were proposed for different applications, such as object recognition, scene classification, and event recognition in movies and news videos [13], [25], [26], [48], [49]. These methods involved pyramidal binning in different domains (e.g., feature, spatial, or temporal domain), and improved performances were reported by fusing the information from multiple pyramid levels.

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  • Once all the bolts/screws are located and removed, a reasonable amount of pressure may be needed to dislodge the panel due to seam sealants which are usually applied along panel joints. Occasionally, some part of the panel may be firmly fixed with adhesive, e.g., Peugeot 205 front wings, requiring considerable force. If in doubt check for missed fastenings. Replacement panels can be prepared and primed off the car. If a good match is guaranteed, painting can be carried out as well, but extra care is needed when fitting a painted panel. If painting is to be done with the panel...

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  • Mover’s Distance (EMD) to explicitly align the volumes. In contrast to the fixed volume-to-volume matching used in [25], the space-time volumes of two videos across different space-time locations can be matched using our ASTPM method, making it better at coping with the large intraclass variations within the same type of events (e.g., moving objects in consumer videos can appear at different space- time locations, and the background within two different videos, even captured from the same scene, may be shifted due to considerable camera motion). The second is ourmain contribution.

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  • We propose a method for analyzing long complex and compound sentences that utilizes global structure analysis with domain-specific pattern grammar. Previously, long sentence analysis with global information used the following methods: two-level analysis--global structure analysis of long sentences with domain-independent function words and parsing of their constituents[Doi et al., 1991], and pattern matching--adaptation of domain-specific fixed pattern to input sentences. By utilizing domaindependent information the latter method could analyze long sentences of that domain.

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