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  • Fisher and Mahalanobis described Statistics as the key technology of the twentieth century. Since then Statistics has evolved into a field that has many applications in all sciences and areas of technology, as well as in most areas of decision making such as in health care, business, federal statistics and legal proceedings. Applications in statistics such as inference for Causal effects, inferences about the spatio- temporal processes, analysis of categorical and survival data sets and countless other functions play an essential role in the present day world.

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  • Major Process Equipment Maintenance and Repair If failed bearings are suspected in pump or motor: Check radial clearance and end float in motor. Run motor and check for abnormal noise, vibration. If motor is bad, remove and repair.Diagnosing Pump and Seal Problems In the Shop While the pump is being repaired it is advisable to carefully examine every component. A recommended procedure is to match mark all parts prior to disassembly and to make the following checks while dismantling the pump:

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  • This is particularly relevant because estimated differences between SRI and conventional funds may not be due to the socially responsible investing per se, but to differences between the companies that manage SRI funds and those that manage conventional funds. Finally, we improve upon the matched-pair analysis employed in several prior studies by using the matching estimator methodology of Abadie and Imbens (2006).

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  • The smooth functioning of the money market depends critically on brokers and dealers, who play a key role in marketing new issues of money market instruments and in providing secondary markets where outstanding issues can be sold prior to maturity. Dealers use RPs to finance their inventories of securities. Dealers also act as intermediaries between other participants in the RP market by making loans to those wishing to borrow in the market and borrowing from those wishing to lend in the market. Brokers match buyers and sellers of money market instruments on...

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  • This study adds to the emerging literature examining empirically the link between population size, other demographic factors and pollution. We contribute by using more reliable estimation techniques and examine two air pollutants. By considering sulfur dioxide, we become the first study to explicitly examine the impact of demographic factors on a pollutant other than carbon dioxide at the cross-national level. We also take into account the urbanization rate and the average household size neglected by many prior cross-national econometric studies.

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  • To validate a transaction prior to commit, the follow- ing steps are executed. All replicas other than the pri- mary have to execute the transaction operations and ver- ify that the returned results match the results previously obtained in the coordinator. Given that the transaction executes in the same snapshot in every replica (as ex- plained in the BEGIN operation), if the coordinator was correct, all other correct replicas should obtain the same results. If the coordinatorwas faulty, the results obtained by the replicas will not match those sent by the client.

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  • Residents are considered as transferring residents under several conditions which include: when moving from one program to another within the same or different sponsoring institution; when entering a PGY2 program requiring a preliminary year, even if the resident was simultaneously accepted into the prelim PGY1 program and the PGY2 program as part of the match (e.g., accepted to both programs right out of medical school).

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  • For residents who have transferred into the program, written verification of prior educational experience and a summative competency- based performance evaluation should be available in the resident files for site visitors to review. Examples of verification of previous educational experiences could include a list of rotations completed, evaluations of various educational experiences, procedural/operative experience.

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  • A tutorial sheet explained the meaning of UML class diagrams, and, using a simple example, described its semantics. Subjects were not expected to have any prior knowledge of UML, and this tutorial provided all the UML background information they required for the experimental task. A worked example demonstrated the task that the subjects were to perform, by presenting a small specification with four different diagrams, and for each diagram indicating whether it matched the given specification or not.

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  • This paper introduces a novel framework for the accurate retrieval of relational concepts from huge texts. Prior to retrieval, all sentences are annotated with predicate argument structures and ontological identifiers by applying a deep parser and a term recognizer. During the run time, user requests are converted into queries of region algebra on these annotations. Structural matching with pre-computed semantic annotations establishes the accurate and efficient retrieval of relational concepts. This framework was applied to a text retrieval system for MEDLINE. ...

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