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  • On the tenth of March, 1896, the same year that the last despairing revolt of the small producer against capitalism in America was to end in the overwhelming defeat of Bryan, an Italian scholar published in the city of Rome the remarkable work which is now for the first time offered to American readers. To publish this book in America at that time would have been an impossibility. The American socialist movement was then hardly more than an association of immigrants who had brought their socialism with them from Europe.

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  • Tài liệu sinh học tiếng Anh: The theory of evolution has been around for some 150 years, and has deeply influenced people's views of the world. The theory maintains that life came about by chance, by itself, and through natural conditions. However, evolution is not supported by any scientific evidence. It is a dogma that materialist scientists and philosophers are trying to impose on society under a scientific mask.

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  • Unlike mainstream economists, political economists have always tried to situate the study of economics within the broader project of understanding how society functions.

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  • Herbert Marcuse’s Negations is both a radical critique of capitalist modernity and a model of materialist dialectical thinking. In a series of essays, originally written in the period stretching from the 1930s to 1960s, Marcuse takes up the presupposed categories that have, and continue to, ground thought and action in our

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  • Lars Bretthauer is a member of the Berlin based social scientist network “rel ect! – Association for Political Education and Social Reasearch”. His current project is a PhD on data retention politics in Germany. Publications (German monographs): Intellectual Property in the Digital Age. State Regulation and Everyday Struggles in the German Movie Industry (Verlag Westfälisches Dampfboot); co-editor of Reading Poulantzas. About the Actuality of Materialist State Theory (VSA-Verlag).

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  • Moreover, in contrast to the dominant thinking of our age, which is materialistic, King's philosophy is spiritual and religious. Indeed, the ideas in this book are so profoundly different from the commonly accepted ideas of our times that they will come as a shock to many readers. One purpose of this introduction is to prepare the reader for such a shock. I have said that the dominant thinking of our age is materialistic, and by that I mean also physical. Let me illustrate this broad statement with reference to the subject of fears alone.

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  • "Materialistic monism is nowadays the working hypothesis of every scientific explorer in every department, whatever other beliefs or denials he may, more or less explicitly and more or less consistently, superadd. Materialistic monism only becomes false when put forward as a complete philosophy of the universe, because it leaves out .of sight the conditions of human knowledge, which the special sciences may conveniently disregard, but which a candid philosophy cannot ignore."

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  • Marx, it is often assumed, cared only about industrial growth and the development of economic forces. John Bellamy Foster examines Marx's neglected writings on capitalist agriculture and soil ecology, philosophical naturalism, and evolutionary theory. He shows that Marx, known as a powerful critic of capitalist society, was also deeply concerned with the changing human relationship to nature. Marx's Ecology covers many other thinkers, including Epicurus, Charles Darwin, Thomas Malthus, Ludwig Feuerbach, P. J. Proudhon, and William Paley.

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  • This book is the first monograph on the theme of “new materialism,” an emerging trend in 21st century thought that has already left its mark in such fields as philosophy, cultural theory, feminism, science studies, and the arts. The first part of the book contains elaborate interviews with some of the most prominent new materialist scholars of today: Rosi Braidotti, Manuel DeLanda, Karen Barad, and Quentin Meillassoux.

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  • They also suggest that experimentation with aesthetic form reflects a desire to experiment with human form. Beholders discover in vandalized works an image of disability that asks to be contemplated not as a symbol of human imperfection but as an experience of the corporeal variation found everywhere in modern life. Art is materialist because it relies on the means of production and the availability of material resources—as Marx understood. But art is also materialist in its obsession with the embodiment of new conceptions of the human.

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  • I venture to publish together these jottings, which have appeared in various magazines during the last four years. Some of them are now unobtainable; this is my first, purely practical, excuse. If, hesitant and incomplete as they are, they nevertheless make some sense, this should be brought out by grouping them together; this is my second excuse. Ultimately, I must present them for what they are: the documentation of a particular history.

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  • Practice has a logic which is not that of the logician. This has to be acknowledged in order to avoid asking of it more logic than it can give, thereby condemning oneself either to wring incoherence out of it or to thrust a forced coherence upon it. (Bourdieu 1990:80) The impetus for this book emerged in the heat of practice. It was in the experience of painting two works—Reading Fiction (1995) (Illus. 1) and Reading Theory (1995) (Illus. 2)—that I came to question the representationalist logic that underpins contemporary understandings of the work of art.

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  • (bq) part 2 book “healing traditions of the northwestern himalayas” has contents: mystic healers, traditional herbalists, indigenous materia medica, material used by folk herbalists, mediators between materialistic and metaphysical worlds, sacred healing by buddhist monks,… and other contents.

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  • Urbanization is an inevitable tendency of modern society. A thirty-year period of revolution, urbanization and market mechanism has profoundly transformed myriad aspects of the society. The materialistic lifestyle along with the domination of money; the selfish lifestyle or a life of debauchery deteriorating social morality and the eradication of traditional values of families are the consequences of market mechanism and urbanization.

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