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  • Pangasius (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) (catfish) is a popular food in many countries around the world as well as in Viet Nam. At the same time, Pangasius also brings great economic benefits from the exportation. However, unplanned catfish farming leads to environmental degradation, susceptible to disease and high consumption of water. Modeling is a solution that helps to better control the biological processes in the pond, optimizes feed supply and water use.

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  • The objective of this present study was to obtain optimized conditions for calculating cassava starch properties using response surface methodology (RSM). In this study, BoxBehnken response surface design (BBD) was used to optimize cassava starch properties (3 independent process factors at 3 levels with 17 runs) and to evaluate the main, linear and combined effects of cassava starch extraction conditions. The independent process variables selected in this study were sonication temperature (30, 40, 50°C), sonication time (10, 20, 30 min) and solid-liquid ratio (1:10, 1:20, 1:30 g/ml).

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  • Optimising population-based cervical screening policies is becoming more complex due to the expanding range of screening technologies available and the interplay with vaccine-induced changes in epidemiology. Mathematical models are increasingly being applied to assess the impact of cervical cancer screening strategies.

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  • Systems biology and its usage of mathematical modeling to analyse biologi-cal data is rapidly becoming an established approach to biology. A crucial advantage of this approach is that more information can be extracted from observations of intricate dynamics, which allows nontrivial complex expla-nations to be evaluated and compared.

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  • Advanced puberty in girls is defined as the onset of puberty between the ages of 8 yr and 10 yr. The objective was to predict adult height (AH) at initial evaluation and to characterize patients with an actual AH below −2 SD (152 cm) and/or lower than their target height (TH) by > one SD (5.6 cm).

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  • Mathematical Finance is themathematical theory of financialmarkets. It tries to develop theoretical models, that can be used by “practitioners” to evaluate certain data from “real” financial markets. A model cannot be “right” or wrong, it can only be good or bad ( for practical use ). Even “bad” models can be “good” for theoretical insight.

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  • If you have picked up this book you surely love sports and you probably like math. You may have read Michael Lewis’s great book Moneyball, which describes how the Oakland A’s used mathematical analysis to help them compete successfully with the New York Yankees even though the average annual payroll for the A’s is less than 40 percent of that of the Yankees. After reading Moneyball, you might have been curious about how the math models described in the book actually work.

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  • This work is essentially orientated to present an introduction to the mathematical models applied to fisheries stock assessment. There are several types of courses about the methods used in fish stock assessment. One type considers practical application as the main aspect of the course, including the use of computer programs. The theoretical aspects are referred to and treated as complementary aspects. A second type is mainly concerned with the theoretical aspects of the most used models.

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  • The PageRank algorithm, used in the Google search engine, greatly improves the results of Web search by applying probabilistic model on the link structure of Webs to evaluate the “importance” of Webs. In PageRank probabilistic model, the links and webs are uniform, so the rank score of webs are quite independent from their content. In practice, the researchers often hope that the web results can be ranked by their proposed topics. Moreover, when computer’s techniques solve given problems ineffectively, it’s necessary to do better research in theoretical problems. ...

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  • Computer-Aided Design and system analysis aim to find mathematical models that allow emulating the behaviour of components and facilities. The high competitiveness in industry, the little time available for product development and the high cost in terms of time and money of producing the initial prototypes means that the computer-aided design and analysis of products are taking on major importance.

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  • The results indicated that in order to obtain a high value of MRR within the work interval of this study, Ton should be fixed as low as possible, and conversely, the larger the selected I and U. And the optimal value of MRR was 139.126 mg/min at optimal process parameters I = 10 A, U = 90 V and Ton = 100 s. The mathematical model for the MRR can be effectively employed for the optimal process parameters selection in diesinking EDM for SKD11 die steel. Empirical tests show that the model can calculate quite accurately predicted by MRR (error  0.6%).

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  • Evaporative cooling system is one of the cooling techniques, but the limitation is that cooling can be done up to wet bulb temperature only, so a study has been taken up to design, develop a two-stage evaporative cooling system. Cooling performance of twostage indirect/direct evaporative cooling system was experimentally investigated. For this purpose, a two-stage evaporative cooling experimental setup consisting of an indirect cooling stage (IDC) followed by a direct evaporative cooling stage (DEC) was designed, constructed and tested.

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  • Measurement and analysis of banking efficiency has received increasing attention in recent years due to the rapid globalization of the financial industry and increasing competitiveness in inter-national financial markets. Banks are the dominant financial institutions in Albania and their health is important to the general economy. In addition, the economical growth is closely related to the well-being of the banking sector.

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  • We evaluated BCR-ABL1 kinetics in patients treated with nilotinib and analyzed whether a dynamic model of changes in BCR-ABL1 levels over time could be used to predict long-term responses. Unlike newly diagnosed patients with Ph+ CML-CP—in whom the majority had a biphasic response-approximately half of patients with imatinib-resistant or -intolerant CML had a slower, monophasic response.

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  • The health impacts of a range of air pollutants are evaluated in this paper. However, to avoid double counting, it follows Kunzli et al. (1999) in using PM10 (particulate matter with an equivalent aerodynamic diameter of 10 µm or less) as the single indicator (the index pollutant) of the health impacts of common ambient air pollutants, and including non-overlapping health endpoints2 only when calculating the total health impact of air emissions.

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  • We present the appearance of some new interaction in the MSSM with CP violation. We give analytic formulae and perform an evaluation of the effects of these new interactions on some processes concerning the productions and decays of squarks. We find that these effects are typically of $-3.5 \% $ to $+3 \% $ depending on each process.

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  • The use of a reference standard consisting of colposcopy and directed biopsy served two purposes. The treatment decision was supposed to be based on colposcopic impression (with lab results coming later to identify any cancers that might have been missed) to reduce the number of visits and the loss to follow-up care. However, district hospital staff usually preferred to wait for the biopsy result to come back before offering treatment. Second, the use of colposcopy allowed comparison to conventional cytology and the evaluation of the proposed triage methods: VIA, VILI, and VIAM.

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  • When the actual holdings of the fund to be evaluated are available, it is possible to apply so-called weight-based performance measures. These measures essentially examine the covariance of the manager’s actual holdings, measured as proportions or portfolio weights, with the subsequent returns of the assets. The idea is that a manager who increases the fund’s exposure to a security or asset class before it performs well, or who anticipates and avoids losers, has investment ability.

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  • The aim of this paper is to provide a theoretical analysis on the mechanical power of the mass spring’s system. Some tests are conducted to experimentally evaluate the theoretical analysis and to investigate the mechanical energy ability of this concept.

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  • This paper provides a review of the methods for measuring portfo- lio performance and the evidence on the performance of profession- ally managed investment portfolios. Traditional performance measures, strongly influenced by the Capital Asset Pricing Model of Sharpe (1964), were developed prior to 1990. We discuss some of the prop- erties and important problems associated with these measures.

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