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  • This report was originally released in December 2004 in prepublication form as the first report of a two-phase study to be carried out by the same committee. The first phase was sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and focused on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM). The second phase was sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and focused on the Global Precipitation Measurement mission. The report of the second phase will be published in a separate volume in 2006.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'assessment of the benefits of extending the tropical rainfall measuring mission a perspective from the research and operations communities', khoa học tự nhiên, địa lý phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • As an academic who teaches courses on performance measurement and public sector accountability, I continually ask myself, and my students, questions about government performance.

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  • The liberalization of markets has lead to record levels of international investments. Icon Group’s primary mission is to assist international managers to better plan and implement strategies in a global economy. It does so by providing various specialized industry reports, databases, publications and services to its clients. This report is one of many published by Icon Group Ltd. to assist executives and planners in monitoring and analyzing world markets. In addition to industry-specific studies, Icon Group Ltd.

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  • We are using surveys to identify relevant organizational performance measures based on survey results  What product and service characteristics are important in accomplishing CBP mission (availability, data accuracy, response time…)?  Understanding the impact resulting from problems with a product or service will focus OIT on the appropriate priorities

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  • The study also offers an auxiliary performance measure to capture this effect and assesses how important it is to mutual fund performance in Thailand. The fourth aim of this thesis is to investigate and discuss policy implications in Thailand which adopt tax-advantaged types of mutual fund in order to encourage retirement and long-term savings. In this thesis, the performance and characteristics of these tax- advantaged funds are also investigated in a separate group and compared to those of general mutual funds. ...

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  • Since the 1980s many funds charge 12b-1 fees, which are used to pay for marketing and distribution costs and are included in the fund's expense ratio. Many funds offer multiple share classes (such as A, B, or C classes) with different combinations of loads and 12b-1 fees. To approximate the total cost of mutual fund shares, we aggregate all the costs incurred by fund shareholders using the now standard total ownership cost (TOC) measure introduced by Sirri and Tufano (1998).

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  • This subsection is devoted to modeling and control of mobile robotic systems. Because a mobile robot can be used for exploration of unknown environments due to its partial or complete autonomy is of fundamental importance. It can be equipped with one or more manipulators for performing mission-specific operations. Thus, mobile robots are very attractive engineering systems, not only because of many interesting theoretical aspects concerning intelligent behavior and autonomy, but also because of applicability in many human activities. ...

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  • Having a vision, a mission, and a passion are invariably seen as conditions for success. The 1995 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) concept of a Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) demonstrated that the leaders of DHHS had a vision for an effective response to a mass-casualty terrorism incident with a weapon of mass destruction. The mission was to expand the experimental model of the Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST) established in Washington, D.C., and neighboring counties into a national program.

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  • The different sources of potential confounding in time series studies of air pollution and mortality can be broadly classified as either measured or unmeasured. Important measured confounders include weather variables such as temperature and dewpoint temperature. Daily temperature measurements are readily available for metropolitan areas in the USA and numer- ous studies have demonstrated a relationship between temperature and mortality which is gen- erally positive for warm summer days and negative for cold winter days (e.g. Curriero et al. (2002)).

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  • Moving to the new panel, check measurements again before cutting pillars etc. for jointing. At this point it is probably safer to leave a "safety margin" of about 1cm (in the right direction!!) when cutting any mid-panel joints. When the panel is offered up for a trial fit and clamped correctly in place, this overlap can be marked and removed more precisely, or crimped with a flanging tool so that one panel slots under the other. Clean up all surfaces to be welded, drilling spotweld holes in the new panel if required. Refit to the vehicle and adjust so that...

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  • In order to provide comparable estimates of exposure to outdoor air pollution for all 14 WHO regions, models developed by the World Bank were used to estimate concentrations of inhalable particles (PM10) (Pandey et al., 2004). Specifically, economic, meteorologic, and demographic data and available PM measurements in 304 cities were used to estimate PM10 levels in all 3211 cities worldwide with populations greater than 100,000 and capital cities.

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  • Our empirical evidence is broadly consistent with the predictions of the entrenchment and information effects arguments. We find that earnings informativeness, measured by the earnings-return relation, is significantly negatively related to the ultimate owner’s control level, conditional on the owner having gained effective control. This evidence is consistent with the information effect. We also find that earnings informativeness is significantly negatively related to the degree of divergence between the ultimate owner’s control and the equity ownership level.

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  • In this paper, given a text document, we first iden- tify events and their associated arguments. We then identify causality or relatedness relations between event pairs. To do this, we develop a minimally su- pervised approach using focused distributional sim- ilarity methods, such as co-occurrence counts of events collected automatically from an unannotated corpus, to measure and predict existence of causal- ity relations between event pairs.

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  • We begin with the simplifying assumption that the individual has only one opportunity to enter business school at period t = k. 23 We further focus attention on full-time students. At t = k−1, an individual chooses whether or not to enter business school in the next period k. There is a cost to attending business school, ci + ηik, which is assumed to be observed by the individual at the time of the decision. The first term, ci, denotes the individual-specific costs that can be measured by the econometrician (i.e.

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  • Compliance with appropriate suspension levels should also be verified at times other than installation. Examples include after significantly reconfiguring or updating equipment, following major maintenance, following an alert raised during quality control measurements, before significant changes in intended use, and otherwise as required12 . When equipment fails to meet the criteria it must be suspended from use with patients.

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  • The Transaction Authority Matrix defines the Director IBA delegation to certain individual authority for particular transactions in line with their functional responsibilities. Individuals who hold Transaction Authority are referred to as “responsible individuals”. The Transaction Authority or Fund Manager or Budget Holder is individual responsible for all transactions on their fund(s) and is an authority to administer, approve, and execute transactions or agreements with external parties that commits the IBA.

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  • A comparison of ME with manufacturing discloses structural discrepancies that are typical. Wages and productivity are higher than for the average of all of manufacturing. This can be attributed to the need for a highly qualified labour force. For example, engineers are needed for the design of complex products and manufacturing processes that, due to the predominance of single and small batch production, qualified machine operators and workers are equally required. Manufacturing depth, as measured by the share of value added of total production, is higher for ME.

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  • A definition of the end result or mission of the project —a product or service for the client/customer—in specific, tangible, and measurable terms.

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  • SECTION A. PHONETICS I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. measure B. occasion C. decision D. mission 2. A. introduction B. suggestion C. renovation D. intervention 3. A. hasty B. nasty C. tasty D. wastage 4. A. monkey B. hunger C. hunter D. banker 5. A. daughter B. laughter C. taught D. caught II. Put a tick ( ) to the words which are stressed on the second syllable. industry economy petroleum acupuncture considerate solemnity promise individual delicate advantage SECTION B. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR I. Choose the best answer...

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