Mechanical seals

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  • (bq) part 1 book "rules of thumb for mechanical engineers" has contents: fluids, heat transfer, thermodynamics, mechanical seals, pumps and compressors, drivers, gears, bearings.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "centrifugal pumps - design and application" has contents: shaft degin and axial thrust, mechanical seals, vibration and noise in pumps, alignment, rolling element bearings and lubrication, mechanical seal reliability.

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  • Bài viết giới thiệu giải pháp hoán cải bộ làm kín cơ khí (mechanical seals) của bơm AKH trên hệ thống bơm nước biển tàu Trần Đại Nghĩa trong đội tàu Hải Quân Việt Nam. Kết quả hoán cải thực nghiệm cho thấy bộ làm kín đã hoạt động an toàn đảm bảo các yêu cầu kỹ thuật và hiệu quả kinh tế.

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  • When Val and I decided to collaborate and write the first edition, our goal was to produce an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, practical text- book stressing hydraulic design, that could be of hands-on use to the pump designer, student, and rotating equipment engineer. Although feed- back from readers indicates that we achieved our desired goal, we did recognize that we had omitted several important topics.

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  • For a valve having a bonnet, the disk is the third primary principal pressure boundary. The disk provides the capability for permitting and prohibiting fluid flow. With the disk closed, full system pressure is applied across the disk if the outlet side is depressurized. For this reason, the disk is a pressure-retaining part. Disks are typically forged and, in some designs, hard-surfaced to provide good wear characteristics. A fine surface finish of the seating area of a disk is necessary for good sealing when the valve is closed.

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  • The hydraulic system consists of an oil sump, one or two oil pumps, an air over oil accumulator tank, and piping to the servomotors. Typically, there are two pumps with lead and lag controls so that there is always a backup pump. Some systems will share two pumps between two units so that in an emergency one pump could be used for both units. The accumulator tank is usually sized so that in the event the pumps fail, the gates can still be closed. The size of the valve required to control the large amount of oil...

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  • CHAPTER 22 SEAL TECHNOLOGY Bruce M. Steinetz NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio 22.1 22.2 INTRODUCTION STATICSEALS 22.2.1 Gaskets 22.2.2 O-Rings 22.2.3 Packings and Braided Rope Seals 629 629 629 634 637 22.3 DYNAMICSEALS 22.3.1 Initial Seal Selection 22.3.2 Mechanical Face Seals 22.3.3 Emission Concerns 22.3.4 Noncontacting Seals for High-Speed/Aerospace Applications 22.3.5 Labyrinth Seals 22.3.6 Honeycomb Seals 22.3.7 Brush Seals 638 638 642 644 646 650 653 654 22.

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  • The working pressure for governor systems vary, but generally the pressure required to apply the necessary squeeze is half of the working pressure. The servomotor stops usually must be adjusted to absorb part of the excess force of the full working pressure. Also the servomotor stops must be adjusted so that each servomotor applies the same amount of squeeze at the end of the stroke to prevent distortion of the operating ring and headcover.

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  • Rolling bearings are machine elements found in a wide field of applications. They are reliable even under the toughest conditions and premature failure is very rare. The first sign of rolling bearing damage is primarily unusual operating behaviour of the bearings. The examination of damaged bearings reveals a wide and varied range of phenomena. Inspection of the bearings alone is normally not enough to pinpoint the cause of damage, but rather the inspection of the mating parts, lubrication, and sealing as well as the operating and environmental conditions.

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  • T4DNA ligase is an Mg 2+ -dependent andATP-dependent enzyme that seals DNA nicks in three steps: it covalently binds AMP,transadenylates the nick phosphate,and cata-lyses formation of the phosphodiester bond releasing AMP.

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  • The seat or seal rings provide the seating surface for the disk. In some designs, the body is machined to serve as the seating surface and seal rings are not used. In other designs, forged seal rings are threaded or welded to the body to provide the seating surface. To improve the wear-resistance of the seal rings, the surface is often hard-faced by welding and then machining the contact surface of the seal ring. A fine surface finish of the seating area is necessary for good sealing when the valve is closed.

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  • Once commitment is gained, seal the deal. The potential member just said they were ready to buy the membership, so do not give them the option to now change their mind. Hesitating for even a moment can be the difference between a closed membership sale and a lost membership sale. Don’t act surprised when a member selects a membership option. Simply say, “That’s what I would have picked for you” or “Good choice”, and begin filling out the membership agreement. You want to make this part of the process as quick and as painless for them...

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  • The stem, which connects the actuator and disk, is responsible for positioning the disk. Stems are typically forged and connected to the disk by threaded or welded joints. For valve designs requiring stem packing or sealing to prevent leakage, a fine surface finish of the stem in the area of the seal is necessary. Typically, a stem is not considered a pressure boundary part. Connection of the disk to the stem can allow some rocking or rotation to ease the positioning of the disk on the seat. Alternately, the stem may be flexible enough to let the disk position itself against the seat.

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  • A gate valve is a linear motion valve used to start or stop fluid flow; however, it does not regulate or throttle flow. The name gate is derived from the appearance of the disk in the flow stream. Figure 4 illustrates a gate valve. The disk of a gate valve is completely removed from the flow stream when the valve is fully open. This characteristic offers virtually no resistance to flow when the valve is open. Hence, there is little pressure drop across an open gate valve. When the valve is fully closed, a disk-to-seal ring contact surface exists for 360°, and good sealing is...

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  • (BQ) Manual Clutch and Automatic T135SE T135S was produced by the Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. primarily for use by Yamaha dealers and their qualified mechanics. It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one man-nual.

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  • The stereolithographic (SL) process is performed on the equipment shown in Figure 1. The movable platform on which the 3D model is formed is initially immersed in a vat of liquid photopolymer resin to a level just below its surface so that a thin layer of the resin covers it. The SL equipment is located in a sealed chamber to prevent the escape of fumes from the resin vat. The resin changes from a liquid to a solid when exposed to the ultra- violet (UV) light from a low-power, highly focused laser.

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  • Gaseous injection of sulfur dioxide was beginning in 1993 and is a part of the quick-germ (QG) and quick-fiber (QF) techniques currently being devel- oped. There is revived interest in the use of special corn hybrids high in starch, though their use is still not widespread. Membrane filtration and yeast immobilization were being used in some plants in 1993, but their use, contrary to expectations, has not increased. Bacterial fermentation is still not used commercially, nor is cellulosic conversion of corn fiber.

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  • The Panel on Seal Management also reviewed the available estimates of the consumption by seals of different fish species and concluded that more information is needed to understand the relationship between seals and their prey. They stated that seals consume large amounts of fish throughout Atlantic Canada, but that there is much less evidence that this predation is having a major impact on the recovery of most commercial fish stocks.

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  • Most valves use some form of packing to prevent leakage from the space between the stem and the bonnet. Packing is commonly a fibrous material (such as flax) or another compound (such as teflon) that forms a seal between the internal parts of a valve and the outside where the stem extends through the body. Valve packing must be properly compressed to prevent fluid loss and damage to the valve's stem. If a valve's packing is too loose, the valve will leak, which is a safety hazard. If the packing is too tight, it will impair the movement and possibly damage the stem....

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  • In most modern countries, certain engineering tasks, such as the design of bridges, electric power plants, and chemical plants, must be approved by a Professional Engineer or a Chartered Engineer. "Only a licensed engineer, for instance, may prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients."[19] This requirement can be written into state and provincial legislation, such as in the Canadian provinces, for example the Ontario or Quebec's Engineer Act.[20]...

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