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  • Soil mechanics involves a combination of engineering mechanics and the properties of soils. This description is broad and can encompass a wide range of soil types. These soils could either be saturated with water or have other fluids in the voids (e.g., air). The development of classical soil mechanics has led to an emphasis on particular types of soils. The common soil types are saturated sands, silts and clays, and dry sands. These materials have been the emphasis in soil mechanics textbooks.

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  • “Hypoxia-induced down-regulation of microRNA449a/b impairs control over targeted SERPINE1 (PAI-1) mRNA - a mechanism involved in SERPINE1 (PAI-1) overexpression”

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'báo cáo sinh học: "hypoxia-induced down-regulation of microrna449a/b impairs control over targeted serpine1 (pai-1) mrna - a mechanism involved in serpine1 (pai-1) overexpression"', luận văn - báo cáo phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học đề tài : Hypoxia-induced down-regulation of microRNA449a/b impairs control over targeted SERPINE1 (PAI-1) mRNA - a mechanism involved in SERPINE1 (PAI-1) overexpression

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  • Recently, the use of oral fluids such as GCF, whole saliva and oral rinse as a means of evaluating host-derived products, as well as exogenous components (for instance: oral microorganisms and microbial products), has been suggested as potential sources and diagnostic markers, respectively for disease susceptibility (Sahingur and Cohen 2004; Buduneli and Kinane 2011).

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  • Clear, practical and comprehensive, this mechanical estimating manual provides an indispensable resource for contractors, estimators, owners and anyone involved with estimating mechanical costs on construction projects, including a wealth of labor and price data, formulas, charts and graphs. Covering time-proven methodologies and procedures, it offers the user a full range of ready-to-use forms, detailed estimating guidelines, and numerous completed examples.

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  • Snow-balling technique was used to find further examples in the application of financing mechanisms, contact persons, as well as for finding additional information. Furthermore, also the second questionnaire (see Annex 24) was used as an additional information source. The interviews used a common interview guide which was adapted according to the type of actors interviewed and according to the type of information missing for the description of the single cases.

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  • The historical background of probiotics can be traced back to when the first definition of probiotic bacteria was given by Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff who stated that probiotics are considered to exert a beneficial effect on the host. This was confirmed later on by an official statement by FAO/WHO. In their reviews, two group of investigators Matur et al. and Boaventura et al., presented the impact of probiotics on the physiology of the GIT and the underlying mechanism of action of this microflora and the benefits derived with the use of probiotics in human and animal nutrition.

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  • The latter method involved taking biopsies from six sites: the apex, middle and base of each prostate lobe, parasagitally, in addition to any hypoechoic lesion seen on ultrasound. This sextant technique detected 9% more cancers compared with the former method. As a result of this there was a shift away from lesion-directed biopsies to a method of systematic sampling of the prostate using transrectal ultrasound to guide accurate needle placement.

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  • Oxidative functions of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs), which play a deciding role in the phagocytosis process, are stimulated by extracellular matrix proteins such as type I collagen. Previous studies have demonstrated the involvement of a DGGRYY sequence located within the a1 chain C-terminal telopeptide in type I collagen-induced PMN activation, but so far the mechanism has not been completely elucidated.

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  • People are at the centre of any evaluation study that is designed to ensure that the intervention has served beneficiaries well. Moreover, evaluation always involves interaction with people - whether in terms of placing an indoor air pollution monitor in their home, testing the performance of their stove or asking them about their health, time use or expenditure. The presentation "Working with people" discusses ethical considerations in relation to an evaluation study.

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  • The Commissioner may confirm the fact that an audit report has issued in the intervening period between an audit being conducted and the publication of the annual report. Detailed queries regarding the findings are generally referred to the organisation audited. Many organisations within the public sector are subject to Freedom of Information legislation and a complete copy of an audit report may be sought by interested parties using this mechanism.

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  • Historically, charitable trusts and foundations have sought to prevent acute social problems in the UK, using grants to demonstrate and fund interventions that improve social outcomes and reduce the number of individuals requiring crisis interventions. Trust and foundation resources are limited however – only £4.4bn9 per year compared to government budgets of £603bn10 – enabling them to demonstrate effective interventions, but not to make them available to everyone who would benefi t.

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  • A quantitative approach to studying human biomechanics, presenting principles of classical mechanics using case studies involving human movement. Vector algebra and vector differentiation are used to describe the motion of objects and 3D motion mechanics are treated in depth. Diagrams and software-created sequences are used to illustrate human movement.

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  • For the benefits of play to be used to their full advantage, support must come from everyone. The NICE report on promoting physical activity for children and young people, carried out on behalf of the Department of Health, states that responsibility for increasing physical activity levels in childhood should involve a range of professional bodies (NICE 2009). This includes community and voluntary groups, government departments, local authorities, early years, play and youth service providers, the police, health service providers, the private sector, schools and colleges.

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  • In the above graph, Project Company involvement will take place at Stage 4 of project realization. Prior to this stage, the national government works to ensure that a project is feasible. Private consultancy services are involved in phases 1 and 2; however, in terms of project implementation Project Companies will only be involved when tenders are issued at Stage 4. A government contracting agency (PJPK) can be a ministry, government institution, or a provincial, regency, or city government.

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  • During the Identification phase, ideas for projects and other development actions are identified and screened for further study. This involves consultation with the intended beneficiaries of each action, an analysis of the problems they face, and the identification of options to address these problems. A decision can then be made on the relevance of each project idea (both to the intended beneficiaries and to the programming framework), and on which ideas should be further studied during the Formulation phase....

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  • Multisite phosphorylation is an important mechanism for fine-tuned regula-tion of protein function. Mathematical models developed over recent years have contributed to elucidation of the functional consequences of a variety of molecular mechanisms involved in processing of the phosphorylation sites.

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  • TRANSLATION is a species of communication in which the set of symbols adopted by the communicator is changed into another set of symbols before reception. It is possible to argue that all communication involves such a substitution of symbols and that communication within a single language is merely a limiting case of translation.

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  • This paper examines the theory of translation in Quine's Word and Object and attempts to show that it involves tacit appeal to a premise concerning a regularity in the behavior of bilinguals. The regularity is one whose existence is neither explained nor rendered probable by the theory.

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