Medical monopoly

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  • Political Transmission of Iatrogenic Disease Social Iatrogenesis Medical Monopoly Value-Free Cure? Medicalization of the Budget The Pharmaceutical Invasion Diagnostic Imperialism Preventive Stigma Terminal Ceremonies Black Magic Patient Majorities vii PART III. Cultural Iatrogenesis Introduction 127 3. The Killing of Pain 133 4. The Invention and Elimination of Disease 159 5. Death Against Death 179 Death as Commodity The Devotional Dance of the Dead The Danse Macabre Bourgeois Death Clinical Death Trade Union Claims to a Natural Death Death Under Intensive Care PART IV.

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  • OVER THE PAST DECADE, alternative medical therapies have played an increasingly prominent role in American health care. In the nation’s grocery stores, homeopathic treatments and over-thecounter herbal remedies crowd aisles that were once largely devoted to analgesics, sore throat lozenges, and fruit-flavored, animal-shaped children’s vitamins. Eager to fill their beds and their coffers, hospitals advertise—even celebrate—the inclusion of nontraditional medical practices.

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  • The socialist fiscal system was implicit in the vertical structure of planning and prices. In the Soviet Union, virtually all investment activity was channeled through the budget. The primary nominal sources of tax revenue were enterprise profits and resource rents, turnover taxes charged on the difference between retail prices of consumer goods and their nominal enterprise cost, and profits of a foreign trade monopoly.

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  • The majority of previous studies in this area have employed structural quality measures to evaluate health interventions, such as the presence of medical doctors (Thomas et al 1996), nurses (Thomas et al 1996; Thomas and Strauss, 1992), hospital beds (Thomas et al 1996), drug supply (Strauss 1990), and village midwives (Frankenberg and Thomas, 2001) 1 . The underlying assumption in employing structural measures is that the availability of such tangible assets leads to high technical quality with no variation in provider practice.

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  • The goal of the National Drug Policy is to provide right drugs to the right patients in the right quantity at the right time and affordable prices. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) has been making effort to achieve this goal through various ways including receiving donations from various donors during emergency situation or as development aid. Unfortunately, there have been no official guidelines to assist the donors and recipients on Good Donation Practices.

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  • Most stock market speculation is based upon either random calculations or upon restricted information. The first group of speculations includes games and betting in all their forms, particularly the purchase and sale within the account that is often performed in precarious circumstances: purchase without the available funds when the trade is opened and sale without possessing at that date the contract for the asset concerned.

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