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  • It is my privilege to introduce this Handbook on Advanced Cancer Care, which belongs to a series of publications initiated by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). There is a great need, especially for medical oncologists, to have a comprehensive overview of the essential elements needed for the care of patients with advanced cancer. This handbook fulfills these requirements. The Handbook on Advanced Cancer Care provides useful definitions and surveys of treatment principles.

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  • The area of gastrointestinal oncology is an active one. Both clinical research and basic research have come together and changed the diagnostic and treatment protocols for a number of deadly malignancies. A multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment appears to be the best paradigm; it allows for each individual medical specialty to apply their knowledge and expertise in an expeditious and effective manner.

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  • Women’s health is composed of a broad range of both normal physiological events in a woman’s life, and conditions which occur as a result of abnormality of the genital tract and pregnancy. During the last century, the field of women’s health (and ill health) have rapidly changed and evolved as a clinical discipline. This is in part due to the changing roles and expectations of women.

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  • Congratulations! The commitment to pursue certification reflects professionalism and a desire to demonstrate that you have obtained the knowledge required to be a skilled and competent medical-surgical nurse. This book is a good step toward that process. Medical-Surgical Certificiation Examination: Pearls of Wisdom has been designed to help you improve your performance on the Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse examination as well as help you identify some weak areas in your nursing knowledge.

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  • Biomedical engineering and medical informatics are challenging and rapidly growing areas. Applications of information technology in these areas are of paramount importance. The aim of the first ITBAM conference was to bring together scientists, researchers and practitioners from different disciplines (mathematics, bioinformatics, biology, medicine, biomedical engineering and computer science) having such common interests.

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  • BNhân 80 tuổi Prostate CA định ra bệnh cách đây 3 năm. Cho chích Zoladex mỗi 3 tháng. PSA ở khoảng 13 - 14 . Ngưng Zoladex cách đây 3 tháng vì bnhân than phiền hot flashes (nóng bừng mặt) . Tháng 9/2008 PSA tăng lên 628 . Bnhân than đau ở háng phải. Urologist gửi sang oncology hỏi ý kiến v/v chưã trị Bạn sẽ trả lời như thế nào ? Đây là một trường hợp điển hình thường thấy trong medical oncology: khi các chuyên viên khác (radiation, urology) đã bó tay thì họ chuyển sang medical oncology...

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  • Women’s health is composed of a broad range of both normal physiological events in a woman’s life, and conditions which occur as a result of abnormality of the genital tract and pregnancy. During the last century, the field of women’s health (and ill health) have rapidly changed and evolved as a clinical discipline. This is in part due to the changing roles and expectations of women.

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  • Chapter 9 - Assisting with highly specialized examinations. After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: Discuss the medical specialties of allergy, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otology, surgery, and urology; describe the types of examinations and diagnostic tests performed in each of these specialties and the medical assistant’s role in these examinations and tests;...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Essentials for the Canadian medical licensing exam - Review and prep for MCCQE part I" presents the following contents: Hematology, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and rheumatology, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, urology.

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  • Diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts are common and major focuses in gastroenterology, oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, and surgery. These past two decades have brought numerous new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities ranging from mini-invasive procedures such as complex endoscopic or laparoscopic procedures to new techniques of liver transplantation. Major advances have also been made in the understanding of the pathogenesis of a variety of conditions and the natural history of previously unclear entities....

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  • Radiotherapy, also referred to as radiation therapy, radiation oncology or therapeutic radiology, is one of the three principal modalities used in the treatment of malignant disease (cancer), the other two being surgery and chemotherapy.

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  • Hepatobiliary Surgery is a technical manual and not a textbook. Although some chapters are robust in their discussion of anatomic and physiologic detail, others are written in a purely “how to” style. At its core, the book is written as a reference and guidebook for practicing surgeons, gastroenterologists, and interventional radiologists with an interest in hepatobiliary diseases.

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  • Researchers have theorized that anti-inflammatory medications may help prevent diseases, such as coronary artery diseases (CAD), cardio vascular diseases (CVD), stroke, colon cancer and Alzheimer’s. Several recent findings from different laboratories in the world employing case-control human studies and/or specific animal models for chronic human diseases support these ideas.

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  • Prostate cancer treatment dates back almost 100 years. However, in an era of rapid developments and innovations in cancer research and uro-oncology, there is an increasing need to update our knowledge and especially to guide our practice by innovations and evidence-based medicine. Prostate cancer is still evolving following improvements in disease detection and better understanding of disease characteristics.

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  • Trong medical oncology, thì hiện nay (2008), nếu ung thư ruột già (colon cancer) chạy đến gan, nếu chỉ thấy có MỘT vết mà thôi ở gan (a SOLITARY lesion, from metastatic disease) thì sẽ gửi bnhân đến chuyên viên giải phẫu gan để cắt ra vì như vậy có thể sống sót lâu dài (tôi có 2 bnhân nay đã sống trên 12 năm (Vùng Boston có 5-6 nhóm giải phẫu chuyên mổ gan, ghép gan - gọi telephone cho họ gửi bnhân xuống, họ sẽ khám ngay và thường họ gọi telephone cho medical oncologist báo cho...

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  • The trend in all surgical disciplines has been toward nonoperative or minimally invasive treatment. Endourology, which began with the development of cystoscopy, now encompasses all minimally invasive techniques including urologic laparoscopy, creating new horizons in endourology. Endourooncology, the merging of endourology and oncology, is one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving areas in urology practice and will revolutionize our approach to urologic malignancies with continuing refinements in techn...

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  • o other branch of digestive surgery has undergone the profound changes that have taken place in hepatic surgery in recent years, especially as a result of the application of functional segmental liver anatomy and intraoperative ultrasound in resective surgery. At the same time, the extraordinary progresses achieved in medical oncology together with the close cooperation between surgeons and oncologists has led to a watershed in this field of medicine, especially with respect to colorectal liver metastases.

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  • In its fifth edition, Cancer Medicine has been named eponymously to honor its founding editors James F. Holland and Emil Frei III, two giants of medical oncology. The Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine reflects their dedication to innovative, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary care of cancer patients, as well as their belief in the importance of grounding such care in a more fundamental understanding of cancer biology. It is to their vision and the example that they have established over the last four decades that this book is dedicated.

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  • Among the subspecialties of internal medicine, medical oncology may have had the greatest impact in changing the practice of medicine in the past four decades, as curative treatments have been identified for a number of previously fatal malignancies such as testicular cancer, lymphomas, and leukemia. New drugs have entered clinical use for disease presentations previously either untreatable or amenable to only local means of therapy, such as surgery and irradiation.

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  • In addition to the effect this may have on the woman, this could damage staff morale and is a serious challenge to recruitment and retention of midwives whose primary professional motivation is to care for women22. Looking to the maternity service of 2020, it is likely that the number of women with complex medical and obstetric conditions will continue to rise.

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