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  • The Oxford Book of Medical Quotations presents a wonderfully entertaining and eclectic range of quotations covering all aspects of medicine through the ages. It couples profound statements from famous scientists with witty one-liners from the likes of Woody Allen and Spike Milligan. Packed with hundreds of quotations, it is a book that anyone in the medical profession, or with an interest in health, will find an invaluable source of reference hand considerable entertainment.

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  • Each year a large number of students enter the schools of dentistry, medicine, and nursing throughout the world. They enter what is to them a new world of thought and ideas. Even though advisors do suggest they read the classical works, the students usually don’t have the time to delve deeply into these works. For the student Medically Speaking will provide a convenient way to quickly locate some of the great and not-so-great thoughts which have been written.

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  • This second edition of the classic work uses definitions, topical quotations by famous people and amusing cartoons in its exhaustive coverage of pediatric orthopedics. It communicates the latest findings in pediatric orthopedics in a didactic, comprehensive and detailed manner, answering everyday questions in the field of

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  • This book is the outcome of many years of study. With the exception of a few quotations, none of the material has ever before appeared in any book. The writer has been indebted for years past to many of the physicians mentioned in the following pages for copies of pamphlets and magazines, and for newspaper articles, bearing upon the medical study of alcohol.

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  • No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations utilized in articles and reviews. The programs and information expressed within this book are not medical advice, but rather represent the author’s opinions and are solely for informational and educational purposes. The author is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury or health condition that may occur through following the programs and opinions expressed herein. ...

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