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  • Psychiatry is an ever-changing field. The publishers and authors of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry have made every effort to provide information that is accurate and complete as of the date of publication. However, in view of the rapid changes occurring in mental health treatment, as well as the possibility of human error, this site may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical or other errors. It is the responsibility of the

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  • Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, cofounder of the Maine & Weinstein Specialty Group, is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in eating disorders and related issues for 30 years.

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  • Since there are often several contributing causes of high prices and poor availability, a single policy response is unlikely to be sufficient. In order to effect real change and maximize impact, a comprehensive package of policy reforms, fully implemented and rigorously enforced, is usually needed. Monitoring the impact of policy reforms is vital, especially as all policies can have unintended effects.

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  • During the third year of the PPHE program, Dr. Pomeroy and Ms. Lesco incorporated elements of the PPHE project’s curriculum into the developmental disabilities portion of the Department of Psychiatry’s curriculum entitled Psychiatry in Medicine. As a result, important segments of Parent Partners in Health Education will be added to this required curriculum, starting in the 2008-2009 academic year.

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access An investigation into the psychometric properties of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in patients with breast cancer Jacqui Rodgers*1, Colin R Martin2, Rachel C Morse1, Kate Kendell3 and Mark Verrill3 Address: 1School of Neurology, Neurobiology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE17RU, UK, 2The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, Shatin, New Terri...

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