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  • Explanatory note on how to complete ISTA Orange International Seed Lot Certificates (OIC) and ISTA Blue International Seed Sample Certificates (BIC) Disclaimer: This explanatory note can not cover all possible tests and possible outcomes of test results. Therefore only some of the possible test results are mentioned. Due to the annual changes of the ISTA Rules, this document makes no claim to be complete or current. The requirements as stated in the current ISTA Rules are the only valid ones and must be followed when issuing ISTA Certificates....

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  • This category features the broadest application of the use of credit ratings. Member authorities from every jurisdiction submitting responses indicated that their LRSPs contained provisions using credit ratings for the purpose of determining net or regulatory capital, and more LRSPs are applied to capital requirements than to any other category of use. Credit ratings were generally used in those LRSPs as a means of mapping credit risks to capital charges or risk weights.

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  • These are turbulent and troubled times for the UK accounting industry and, more specifically, for the credibility of the members of its occupational associations who claim to be ‘professionals’ . At the heart of the troubles is the rapidity of change in legislation and the quickening of competition between major players in the industry.

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  • A mandate requiring all individuals to pur- chase health insurance would be an unprece- dented form of federal action. The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States. An individual mandate would have two features that, in combination, would make it unique. First, it would impose a duty on individuals as members of society. Second, it would require people to purchase a specific service that would be heavily regu- lated by the federal government.

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  • Consequently, as the scope and design of the WTC have evolved, particularly in response to the  national  symbolic objectives and  security  concerns  that have permeated  the development,  the  required costs of rebuilding have correspondingly expanded.  The objective of completing  the  Memorial by  the  ten‐year anniversary of September 11 became a public mandate  to reflect  the  profound national symbolism of the WTC’s timely resurrection.

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  • Directors have a fiduciary duty to the organization, which requires them to exercise their powers in the best interest of the organization. This duty has two parts: the duty of care, and the duty of loyalty. 7 The duty of care involves the exercise of prudence and diligence, as well as competence or skill. The standard of care which directors must meet may be higher for board members with professional training, such as lawyers or accountants. It will also be higher for directors of a charitable corporation. The duty of loyalty involves good faith, trust, and special confidence.

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  • The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)is amulti-program laboratory operated by Battelle for the United States Department of Energy (DOE). PNNL is one of the laboratories operated by the DOE ,Ofice of Science. PNNL is tasked with the development and delivery of technology in environmental science, energy science, health science and national security. The laboratory employs approximately 3500 stti members .- and has an operating budget of approximately $500 to $600 million.

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  • Few members of the general public are fully aware of the extent to which the atomic age affects their everyday lives. For many, bombs and power plants are their only associations with the term. The uses and benefits of radioactive isotopes in medicine, agriculture, industry, and science are widespread, however, allowing us to perform many tasks more accurately, more simply, less expensively, and more quickly than would otherwise be possible. In many cases, biological tracers for example, there is no alternative.

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  • This definition of elder abuse has been heavily influenced by the work done in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Studies conducted in China (Hong Kong SAR), Finland, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Poland and South Africa have approached the topic in distinctly different ways (8). Norwegian researchers, for instance, identified abuse with a ‘‘triangle of violence’’ that includes a victim, a perpetrator and others, who – directly or indirectly – observe the principal players.

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  • The behaviors and related benefits (see Benefits) that the target audience is accustomed to — or may prefer over — the behavior you are promoting. For example, using the elevator competes with taking the stairs because of ease and quickness; having potato chips with lunch competes with including a fruit and vegetable at each meal because of taste and low cost; formula feeding competes with breastfeeding because of convenience and participation by other family members. Competition also encompasses the organizations and people who offer or promote alternatives to the desired behavior.

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  • Car-sharing brings a broad range of social and environmental benefits for members, non-members and the wider community. In short, it can help make communities more vibrant, attractive, and less dependent on the private automobile, and contribute to a range of transportation, housing, eco- nomic development and social justice goals. Some of the most notable benefits include: leSS land needed for parking. Car-sharing is a proven strategy to reduce the demand for parking.

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  • Since many people still know so little about car-sharing, their deciding to become a member of a car-sharing organization may involve a decision process taking a year or more. For this reason, providers and other advocates of car-sharing need to be very persistent in their marketing efforts. It has been observed in continental parts of Europe that the numbers of members in an open car-sharing organization tend to accelerate as the organization becomes increasingly well established and recognized as reliable. ...

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  • This report is primarily based on substantial contributions of information from UN member states. Government officials from more than 130 countries provided detailed responses to the Level 1 survey, and interviewees in 30 countries provided important additional information through the Level 2 survey. UN-DESA and UN-Water facilitated the roll-out of the Level 1 survey with support from SIWI and UNEP-DHI on data management. The Regional Water Partnerships of the GWP facilitated the Level 2 survey.

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  • Within its Agenda 2000 reform package, the EU has introduced a new rural development policy which streamlines rural development measures implemented in its Member States. All measures falling under this pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are notified under the Green Box. These fall into two groups. Firstly, the new accompanying measures of the 1992 McSharry reform, such as early retirement, agri-environment and afforestation, as well as the less-favoured areas (LFA) scheme.

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  • The pebble was tossed into the water by Charles Darwin in 1872 when he declared in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that humans are not the only members of the animal kingdom that experience a wide array of emotions and feelings. Despite the reputation of the renowned biologist, the ripples that this tiny rock generated went largely unappreciated at the time. In fact, these ripples remained quite small until the middle of the next century.

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  • Mechatronic Experiments Course Design: A Myoelectric Controlled Partial-Hand Prosthesis Project Ton-Tai Pan, Ping-Lin Fan, Huihua Kenny Chiang, Member, IEEE, Rong-Seng Chang, and Joe-Air Jiang, Member, IEEE Abstract—This paper describes a proposed laboratory project involving the design of a myoelectric-controlled partial-hand prosthesis to reinforce mechatronic education. The proposal focuses mainly on extract electromyogram (EMG) signals generated during contraction of the biceps.

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  • Scientists at Michigan Stale University are asking a most challengrng question. Can a computQr program be considered alive? The members of the Digital Evolution Laboratory say yes. Computer scientists at the laboratory have created a program calted Avida that has intrigued not only scientists and engineers, but biologists and philosophers as wetl.

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  • ASRM and the College of American Pathologists administer a reproductive laboratory accreditation program for embryology labs to assure that they conform to high national standards of quality. ASRM also produces ethics and practice guidelines. Its affiliate, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), strictly monitors member clinics for adherence to ASRM guidelines, accreditation of their embryology labs, qualification of their staff, and submission of data to the CDC.

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  • Board Members David Anderson, Principal Lecturer, University of Portsmouth Mark J. Christensen, Independent Consultant James Conrad, Associate Professor, UNC Charlotte Michael G. Hinchey, Director, Software Engineering Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Phillip Laplante, Associate Professor, Software Engineering, Penn State University Richard Thayer, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento Donald F. Shafer, Chief Technology Officer, Athens Group, Inc. Janet Wilson, Product Manager, CS Press...

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