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  • The state-of-the-art infrastructure facility at IIFT includes well equipped computer centre which caters to the students and faculty member's specific requirements. Most of the activities which require IT support revolve around the training and research activities pursuits. The computer labs for the students are open 24 hours wi th adequate number of desktop connections. This facility also houses the provision to conduct online assessment activities ...

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  • The Slovak National Cleaner Production Centre is composed of a non-profit organization and a business enterprise thereby enabling the centre to work effectively in delivering value-adding services to businesses and acting as a public advocate for Cleaner Production, while at the same time retaining the added value from close collaboration and joint efforts. CENTRE IN BRIEF The Slovak NCPC was established in 1994, originally as part of the National Industrial Association, and then as a separate not-for-profit independent civic association.

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  • The bottom line of the table grosses up the numbers for industry totals, by assuming that 80% is covered by the top 10 firms. For the margin lending we assume 75% is covered by member of the NYSE. The main point to note is that counterparty exposure differs considerably between the prime brokers, with higher risk-taking firms (to generate higher returns) showing high exposures relative to tier 1 capital, and more conservative firms showing much lower ratios. The total exposure of the top 10 firms is about USD 2.9 trillion, and total Tier 1 capital is around...

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  • At the meeting of the European Council on 16–17 June 2005, two weeks after the negative referendums on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, the Heads of State and Government agreed upon a period of reflection ‘to enable a broad debate to take place in each of our countries, involving citizens, civil society, social partners, national parliaments and political parties’. While some declared the Constitutional Treaty dead and others carried on with the processes leading to its ratification, the academic debate continued....

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  • Bangladesh Serves as an Archetype for International Investment Between 1990 and 2010, Bangladesh saw a 66 percent reduction in its under-five child mortality rate, thanks to renewed focus on key child health interventions. Over the next few years, this trend will continue with the planned rollout of new vaccines, including pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) in 2013. Pneumonia accounted for 16 percent of all deaths in children under age five in Bangladesh in 2008.

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