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  • In December of 1981, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) introduced a futures contract based on 3-month Eurodollar interest rates. In the nearly twenty years since its inception, this contract has become one of the most versatile trading and hedging vehicles offered on the listed marke t s .The contract re p resents a $1,000,000, 3-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) deposit. CME Eurodollar futures a re cash-settled, t h e re fo re, t h e re is no delive ry of a cash instrument upon expiration because cash Eurodollar time deposits are not transferable....

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  • Bank-Notes had been introduced into Great Britain, and furnished a considerable portion of the circulating medium of the country; but the theory of their operation was not understood. As these notes were observed to take the place of coin, and to per- form all its offices, it was thence concluded that they were essentially the same thing as coin.

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  • This book is for the lover of Dickens and of London, alike. The former without the memory of the latter would indeed be wanting, and likewise the reverse would be the case. London, its life and its stones, has ever been immortalized by authors and artists, but more than all else, the city has been a part of the very life and inspiration of those who have limned its virtues, its joys, and its sorrows,--from the days of blithe Dan Chaucer to those of the latest west-end society novelist. London, as has been truly said, is a "mighty mingling," and no one has breathed more...

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  • Numerous market participants and Federal Reserve staff members generously provided information that was helpful in writing this edition of Instruments of the Money Market. These include Lawrence Aiken, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Keith Amburgey, International Swap Dealers Association; Albert C. Bashawaty, Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.; Jackson L. Blanton, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; Richard S. Cohen, Chase Manhattan Bank, N. A.; Jerome Fons, Moody's Investors Service; David Humphrey, Florida State University; Ira G. Kawaller, Chicago Mercantile Exchange; Thomas A.

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  • How these motives and methods of business work out in the traffic of commercial enterprise proper − in mercantile and banking business does not concern the present inquiry, except so far as these branches of business affect the course of industrial business in the stricter sense of the term. Nor is it necessary were to describe the details of business routine, whether in the mercantile pursuits or in the conduct of an industrial concern.

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  • Two banks were established in Scotland by charter from the king; one the Bank of Scotland, in 1695; the other, the Royal Bank of Scotland, in 1727. These two banks have branches in most of the principal towns of Scotland; but as they never obtained any exclusive privileges, a multi- tude of private banks sprung up to dispute the business with them, and to divide its profits. This free competition among the banks, produced a new sort of bank loans, which has given celebrity to the Scotch system of banking.

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