Message confidentiality

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  • Classified along three independent dimensions: The type of operations used for transforming plaintext to ciphertext The number of keys used symmetric (single key) asymmetric (two-keys, or public-key encryption) The way in which the plaintext is processed

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  • Ebook "Network security technologies" presents key security technologies from diverse fields, using a hierarchical framework that enables understanding of security components, how they relate to one another, and how they interwork. This text is unique in that it classifies technologies as basic, enhanced, integrated, and architectural as a means of associating their functional complexities, providing added insight into their interrelationships. It introduces and details security components and their relationships to each other.

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  • Các kiểu thao tác đầu tiên được đề nghị (ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB) đảm bảo tính bí mật (confidentiality), không giúp đảm bảo tính toàn vẹn thông tin (message integrity). Các kiểu thao tác được thiết kế cho phép (CCM, EAX và OCB) vừa đảm bảo tính bí mật, vừa đảm bảo xác định tính toàn vẹn thông tin.

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  • Up to this point we have seen: Classical Crypto Symmetric Crypto Asymmetric Crypto These systems have focused on issues of confidentiality: Ensuring that an adversary cannot infer the original plaintext message, or cannot learn any information about the original plaintext from the ciphertext. In today’s lecture we will put a more formal framework around the notion of what information is, and use this to provide a definition of security from an information-theoretic point of view.

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  • MM, Inc. strongly discourages the storage of large numbers of e-mail messages for a number of reasons. First, because e-mail messages frequently contain company confidential information, it is good to limit the number of such messages to protect the company’s information. Second, retention of messages fills up large amounts of storage space on the e-mail server and personal hard disks, and can slow down the performance of both the network and individual personal computers.

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  • We have looked at confidentiality services, and also examined the information theoretic framework for security.

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  • In this chapter you would be able to present an understanding of the confidentiality and message authentication mechanism, you would be able demonstrate knowledge about different functions and protocols used for message authentication.

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