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  • To begin building the regional partnership during this first phase, economic development professionals guide the leadership team through an exercise of mapping a region’s assets. Individual leaders rarely have the complete grasp of all the different economic development assets within a region. Mapping these assets— literally marking them on a wall-sized map of the region—can help leaders see the future in a new way. Mapping regional assets goes beyond compiling lists of economic development assets.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Using Email Attachments As more and more people get broadband connections to the Internet and mailbox size limits increase, including attachments, especially large ones, on email messages is something few of us think twice about these days. It's easier for the sender to attach the file to the email than it is to provide a link to a download on a public server. And it's often easier for the recipient to download the file with his email than to download it from a server. Many corporations delete all attachments from incoming email in an effort to...

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  • You have been hired by Fourth Coffee to design their implementation of Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server. You have been asked to provide a design that includes support for their wide area network (WAN) links, messaging infrastructure, directory design, and reliability needs.

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