Metal chelation

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  • Neoplastic cells need essential metals, such as iron and copper, for cellular functions and rapid growth. Metal chelation and changes in their redox cycle in favor of oxidative stress may be critical for making these cells vulnerable to cell death.

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  • Silicon-Töông hữu cơ trong môi trường và trong sinh vật Hiện nay, có trong địa hóa học và văn học khoa học đất một tầm quan trọng lớn trên ý nghĩa môi trường tương tác giữa các loài vô cơ, khoáng sản bề mặt, các phân tử hữu cơ và vi khuẩn. Nhấn mạnh đã có mặt trên chelation các chất dinh dưỡng kim loại nặng từ các khoáng sản khoáng sản hữu cơ trung gian giải thể, và đính kèm vi khuẩn bề mặt khoáng sản. Trong chương này, tôi tập trung trên oxy sau khi kim đồng, silicon, đó là nguyên tố phổ biến...

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  • Th i s book wi 11 be of great interest to anyone concerned with animal feeds and feeding programs whether one is studying bovine, porcine, equine, avian or lower vertebrate (fish and eel) nutrition. This information is critical to the success of an animal feeding program. Somet imes the di fference between a successful and a failing program can be traced to mineral deficiencies which cause either abnormal growth, reduced milk production, interrupted fertility and breeding, compromised immune system integrity and/or decrement in normal hemoglobin concentration.

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  • Biosynthesis of hemed1, the essential prosthetic group of the dissimilatory nitrite reductase cytochromecd1 , requires the methylation of the tetrapyr-role precursor uroporphyrinogen III at positions C-2 and C-7. We pro-duced Pseudomonas aeruginosaNirE, a putativeS-adenosyl-l-methionine (SAM)-dependent uroporphyrinogen III methyltransferase, as a recombi-nant protein inEscherichia coliand purified it to apparent homogeneity by metal chelate and gel filtration chromatography.

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  • The analysis of IR, UV-vis, MS, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, COSY, and HSQC illustrated that HL1, HL2, HL3 were bidentate ligands and bound to the metal through the imine nitrogen and the net negatively charged sulfur in thiol form. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that the chelating ligands in the Pt(II) complexes were in the trans configuration.

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  • The present work evaluates the antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of clary sage (CS) Salvia sclarea L. Antimicrobial, total antioxidant, DPPH radical scavenging, superoxide anion radical scavenging, hydrogen peroxide scavenging and metal chelating activities, reducing power, and total contents of phenolic compounds of dried herb samples extracted with chloroform and acetone were studied.

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  • In vitro antioxidant properties of 3 different extracts of black mulberry (Morus nigra L.) were investigated. Acidified methanol, acidified water, and non-acidified methanol/water solutions were used to prepare extracts.

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  • The fractions of different polarity, namely chloroform, ethylacetate, n-butanol, and remaining water fractions, were fractionated from an aqueous extract of V. vinifera leaves. The antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant activities, and total phenolic content of these fractions were investigated.

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  • The reactions of Co(OAc)2 with two equivalents of 1-hydroxy-2-[(octylimino)methylpyrene L, performed in air, lead to the formation of the cobalt(III) complex, tris[2- [(octylimino)methyl]-1-pyrenolato-N,O] cobalt(III) CoL3, accommodating three chelating pyrenebased salicylaldiminato-type ligands.

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  • Depending on their structures, polyphenols (e.g. tea polyphenols) could also act by chelating prooxidant transition metal ions such as Fe2+, which are involved in reactions eliciting free radical production, including hydroxyl radicals (OH•) and alkoxyl radicals (RO•) (Dufresne & Farnworth, 2001).

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  • Chelators: Chelated iron and other chelated nutrients are used when a direct dose of a particular nutrient is needed to quickly solve a deficiency. Chelated products are organic compounds with attached inorganic metal molecules, which are more available for plant use. Compost, humus, humic acid, and microorganisms have natural chelating properties. Chemically, lime is the oxide of calcium, with the formula CaO. It occurs in limestone, marble, and chalk as calcium carbonate. Finely ground limestone is the best form to use because it will be more available to plants.

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