Mezcal fermentation

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  • Periodontitis is one of the most common oral diseases and is characterised by gingival inflammation and alveolar bone resorption (Savage et al. 2009). Periodontitis is a multifactorial irreversible and cumulative condition, initiated and propagated by bacteria and host factors (Kinane 2001). More than 500 different bacterial species are able to colonise the oral biofilm and up to 150 different species of bacteria are possible in any individual’s subgingival plaque.

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  • The pH values will bring effects in flora and fauna nearby, change the taste of water and lead to heavy corrosion in pipe lines. High conductivity naturally indicates the presence of ionic substances dissolved in the river water. However, the result showed that 90% of the study site exceeded the data reported for non-contaminated rivers due to excessive metal ions within the water. At the site nearer to kaolin industry the conductivity is 852 times higher than the non-polluted study site. The industrial discharge also changed the hardness in river water.

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  • Coastal wetlands throughout the Great Lakes has been recognized as important areas for fish production. These wetlands contribute large numbers of prey species, sport and commercial Large lake fisheries (Herdendorf et al 1986; Herdendorf 1987). Estimates vary on the number of species use the coastal wetlands in the Great Lakes. Whillans (1987) estimated that over 90% about 200 species of fish in the Great Lakes are dependent on wetlands for at least some part of their life cycle while Jude and Pappas (1992) found 47 species closely related to coastal wetlands....

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  • Given the considerable variation in deposit insurance arrangements and the relatively large number of banking crises, it is possible to use this panel to test whether the nature of the deposit insurance system has a significant impact on the probability of a banking crisis once other factors are controlled for. We carry out these tests using the multivariate logit econometric model developed in our previous work on the determinants of banking crises (Demirg†e-Kunt and Detragiache, 1998).

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  • One of the reasons private crop insurance markets have not developed is the relatively low demand for crop insurance. Despite large subsidies in the United States, crop insurance participation historically has been relatively low. Farmers and ranchers use a variety of risk management strategies to mitigate the risks they face (Harwood, Heifner, Coble, Perry, and Somwaru, 1999; U.S. GAO, 1999), many of which compete with crop insurance. These include futures and options markets, contracting, cultural practices that reduce crop loss (e.g.

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  • Given that the pool of underutilized labour is large in almost all developing countries (either in the form of open unemployment or in the form of hidden unemployment in both the agricultural and the informal sector), this then leads to an increase in employment in the modern sector which in turn leads to more incomes and savings. The expansion of the production of the modern sector moreover brings about the penetration of modern technology into the economy and hence an increase in productivity and goods supply, also adding to higher incomes.

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  • Environmental accounting is a term with a variety of meanings. In many contexts, environmental accounting is taken to mean the identification and reporting of environment- specific costs, such as liability costs or waste disposal costs. For the purposes of this analysis, a much more general definition is used. "Environmental accounting" is more than accounting for environmental benefits and costs. It is accounting for any costs and benefits that arise from changes to a firm's products or processes, where the change also involves a change in environmental impacts.

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  • My examples satisfy some aspects of this requirement, but not others. In each of the examples, there clearly are relations, however simple, between doing and undergoing. I undergo an experience, such as feeling that my hands are cold, and take action in response, warming my hands by caressing the sides of my mug. I adjust what I am doing in response to sensations that indicate the mug is too hot to grasp for any extended period; and I put the mug down once my sensations suggest that my hands have been sufficiently warmed. This...

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  • This phenomenon is known intuitively since the beginning of knowledge and research science for at least a century. Of ice cracking and snapping of twigs common examples. In recent decades, ultrasound has been used as a methods of nondestructive testing. A considerable body of techniques developed to allow applications to monitor bridges, pressure vessels, tanks, ... These devices great sensitivity to high frequency motion.

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  • The $200 million AUM fund described earlier could therefore base its annual revenue projections around its $3 million management fee (i.e., 1.5% of AUM) and set its expense caps accordingly. Dur- ing a strong-performing year the fund will run with a surplus which, like other businesses, it can use for capital expenditures, incentive bonuses, cash reserves and so forth. A start-up fund can apply the same principal based on realistic AUM assumptions. (For most funds, “re- alistic” start-up capital consists of investments by partners, friends and family.

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  • A midwife’s focus is to enable all women and their families to have a positive and safe experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. A social model of maternity care where women, rather than the organisation, are at the centre is a key feature of midwifery-led care20. Women value care that is personalised and coordinated by a midwife they know and trust and should be offered a choice of place of birth taking account of individual needs, risks and circumstances. One-to-one support in established labour results in better outcomes for women and this is a key role of the midwife.

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  • On the other hand a model with dynamically inconsistent (quasi-hyperbolic) time preference can explain the decline, for reasonable short-term and long-term discount rates. We also investigate whether households in our sample appear to make an effort at self-control, using a strategy emphasized in the literature: a mental accounting rule that limits borrowing during the pay period and thus puts a cap on overspending. We find that households who are able to borrow, in the sense that they own a credit card, nevertheless exhibit the spending profile characteristic of credit constraints.

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  • It takes experience, practice and brain power to be good mathematical modelers”. Mathematical model of a system must be sufficiently simple, easy to grasp and give a clear idea about all the qualitative aspects of the phenomenon of interest. On the other hand, it must be sufficiently accurate in bringing the quantitative aspects of the process. Simulation represent the application of modelling techniques to real system, thus enabling information on plant characteristics to be gained without either constructing or operating the full scale plant or system under consideration.

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  • Furthermore, Swinburne’s figures by LGA were an average for flats and houses: these figures were likely to over-state rentals for flats and under-state them for houses. For the missing years, estimated rentals were derived by interpolation. In a revision of this paper, the estimated rentals will be recast as yield-based in an effort to improve accuracy.

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  • Fruits are infected prior to harvest if wounded by insects or other means or the rot may progress from infected stems and branches into the fruit. Postharvest infection of fruit may occur through wounds made during harvesting, transit or storage periods or when warmer fruit are washed in cooler contaminated water (Kucharek and Bartz, 2000).

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  • By modelling tags not as text keywords but as RDF resources, we also improve on the ways folksonomies can be grown. In existing implementations of text keyword-based tagging, if two users use the same keyword, the items they tag are “collapsed” under the same branch of the taxonomy. This behavior is undesirable when the two users actually meant different things by the same keyword (e.g., “apple” the fruit and “apple” the computer company).

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  • Encased in supple Italian Duo-Tone and a whimsical metallic print, your delightfully slim Bible will seamlessly accent the pretty, one-of-a-kind style that's become your signature. Featuring novel designs printed in resplendent metallic stamping, the full text of the world's most popular Bible translation and an exceptionally slim design, this outstanding Flora and Fauna collection of Scripture adds femininity and charm to any woman's every day.

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  • With the audit market concentrated among the four largest firms, concerns have been raised about the number of choices that companies have when selecting an auditor and the extent of competition in the market. In 2003, we conducted a study (mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) on consolidation that had occurred in the accounting profession. Our study followed the dissolution of one of the then-five largest accounting firms, Arthur Andersen.

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  • One of the core tenets of Scrum is that the duration of the Sprint is never extended – it ends on the assigned date regardless of whether the team has completed the work it committed to. If the team has not completed their Sprint Goal, they have to stand up at the end of the Sprint and acknowledge that they did not meet their commitment. The idea is that this creates a very visible feedback loop, and teams are forced to get better at estimating what they are capable of accomplishing in a given Sprint, and then delivering it more...

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  • Council adopted the report of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Group of Ministers or Their Representatives on International Environmental Governance, which had been established pursuant to Governing Council decision 21/21. In that report it was suggested that “strengthening international environmental governance should be evolutionary in nature” and that “preference” be given to “making better use of existing structures”.

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