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  • Today, it is considered good business practice for tourism industries to support their micro and macro environment by means of strategic perspectives. This is necessary because we cannot contemplate companies existing without their environment. If companies do not involve themselves in such undertakings, they are in danger of isolating themselves from the shareholder. That, in turn, creates a problem for mobilizing new ideas and receiving feedback from their environment.

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  • Today, it is considered good business practice for tourism industries to support their micro and macro environment by means of strategic perspectives. This is necessary because we cannot contemplate companies existing without their environment. If companies do not involve themselves in such undertakings, they are in danger of isolating themselves from the shareholder. That, in turn, creates a problem for mobilizing new ideas and receiving feedback from their environment.

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  • (BQ) Micro and macro EDM are similar, but differences in machining conditions result in a differing power density, Pe. This causes differences in the ratio of energy consumed for material removal with regard to energy distributed into the workpiece, and the ratio of total removal volume per pulse with respect to the molten area volume, so-called energy efficiency, Ee, and removal efficiency, Re, respectively. It was found that, the Pe of micro EDM is approximately 30 times greater than that of macro EDM. Consequently, Ee and Re in micro EDM were significantly greater than those of macro EDM.

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  • The field experimental study with test panels was carried out in the jetty of CECRI, Regional centre, located inside the V.O.C. Port at Thoothukudi. Test panels were made from selected boat building materials viz., wood, steel and FRP with a size of (15 cm h x 8 cm b and 12 mm thickness were tied in an iron frame with the dimension of 106.5 cm x 106.5 cm were allowed to hang at a depth of 1.5 m. Periodical samplings were carried out to study the pattern of microfoulers (diatoms) followed by macrofouling communities.

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  • The use of cereal grains as sources of food for man is well known. Different food products are obtained from grains based on the processing technique and the type of cereal employed. Although the causes of malnutrition are many and diverse, inadequate intake of foods and essential nutrients is a major contributory factor and yet this subject is poorly researched in many developing countries including Nigeria. This research was conducted in Jigawa State Nigeria. Were a total of 1,500 questionnaires were administered and 1,250 retrieved.

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  • An investigation was carried out to estimate the level of selected macro and micronutrients in the soil and fodder of ten tehsils of Udaipur district of Rajasthan. The soil analysis indicated that moderate amount of major nutrients like Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium and calcium were present in these soils. This study indicated that the soils of this region were rich in micronutrients viz., Fe and Pb whereas, Mn, Cu and S contents were intermediate in quantity. On the other hand Zn was found to be deficient in these soils. The average Ca content in straws (0.

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  • The field investigation was carried out at Agronomy Instructional farm, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur, to the evaluate influence of combined use of enriched compost and biofertilizers soybean nutrition grown under typic haplustepts clay loam soil. The results obtained from field investigation indicated a significant improvement in content and uptake of micro and macro nutrient.

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  • Fly ash management would remain a great concern all over the world. Several studies indicated that there is an ample scope for safe utilization of fly ash as a soil ameliorant that may improve physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil and is a source of readily available plant micro and macro nutrient. With this concept, a pot culture experiment was carried out at the Horticulture Research Station, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, under naturally ventilated poly house condition during 2017 and 2018.

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  • In this frame, we conducted an empirical study on perception of 3M by 212 Moroccan managers of high level in differents organizations. Analysis of the results allowed us to measure this perception and identify new models simplifieds.

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  • When you finish this chapter, you should: Understand why marketing must be evaluated differently at the micro and macro levels, understand why the text argues that micro-marketing costs too much; understand why the text argues that macro-marketing does not cost too much; know some of the challenges marketers face as they work to develop ethical marketing strategies that serve consumers' needs.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able: Know what marketing is and why you should learn about it, understand the difference between micro-marketing and macro-marketing, know why and how macro-marketing systems develop, understand why marketing is crucial to economic development and our global economy,...

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  • (bq) part 2 book "economics for managers" hass contents: measuring macroeconomic activity, the role of money in the macro economy, the aggregate model of the macro economy, international and balance of payments issues in the macro economy, combining micro and macro analysis for managerial decision making.

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  • Sewage sludge (SS), a byproduct of treated wastewater by sewage treatment plants (STPs) are rich in organic C, and other macro –micro nutrients, which if properly managed can be used to improve organic fertility in intensively cropped degraded soil. A field experiment was conducted to examine the role of sewage sludge from different sewage treatment plants with various doses of phosphorus on physicochemical and macronutrient in soil depth under (Vignaradiata L.).

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  • Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) contributes 18% of the global production of grain legume and provides as an important source of dietary protein for living things. The area and production of chickpea has been reduced due to several abiotic and biotic factors. Among them soil borne pathogen of F. oxysporum f. sp. ciceris causing severe yield loss now a days. In this study conducted for a prevalence of wilt incidence percentage varied from 34.00 to 57.33 per cent in chickpea due to F. oxysporum f. sp. ciceris in Tamil Nadu.

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  • Cultural, morphological and molecular characteristics of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri, eight isolates indicated a great variability amongst them. However, the isolate FOC-2 (Jalna) exhibited maximum mycelial growth of 90.00 mm. The isolates viz., Jalna (FOC-2) and Beed (FOC-3) produced partially submerged (FOC-2) to submerged (FOC-3) white sparse dense growth with smooth margin and bright white substrate pigmentation. Maximum micro-conidial, macro-conidial and chlamydospore size (17.20 µm, 30.50 x 7.00 µm and 21.80 x 19.60 µm) was recorded in isolate Jalna (FOC-2).

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  • Application of vermicompost increased seed germination, stem height, number of leaves, leaf area, leaf dry weight, root length, root number, total yield, number of fruits plant-1 , chlorophyll content, TSS of juice, micro and macro nutrients, carbohydrate (%) and protein (%) content and improved the quality of the fruits and seeds (Joshi et al., 2014).

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  • Renewable natural resources in the forefront to save the environment and we must do our best to find applications suitable for them. The production process is shown by the method of casting, rolling process including monitoring throughout the process. Innovative testing procedures described in electrochemistry, ultrasonic pulse velocity, fracture toughness in the macro-micro mechanical behavior and more. The coordination between the components, laminas and building parts are checked by different principles....

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  • Biomass has been a close companion of man since the dawn of civilization to present. The use of it as food, energy resources, including the body and building materials set the key areas of the expanded use of biomass to this day. With the appearance agricultural land productivity increased significantly, especially for farming new plant varieties, with the emergence of intensive soil fertility. in that context, the emergence and use of fossil fuels for energy and chemical materials industry but is a film about the horizon of human history....

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  • Theoretical study of earthquakes as well as practical application is actually important to determine the earthquake hazard assessment and risk in a specific region. This is probably the most important contribution of seismology to society. recent earthquake showed the inadequacy of a large part of the building construction in and around the epicentral area, so the study of earthquakes has become and more important.

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  • Polymer nanocomposites are commonly defined as the combination of a polymer matrix and additives that have at least one dimension in the nanometer range. The additives can be one-dimensional (examples include nanotubes and fibres), two-dimensional (which include layered minerals like clay), or three- dimensional (including spherical particles). Over the past decade, polymer nanocomposites have attracted considerable interests in both academia and industry, owing to their outstanding mechanical properties like elastic stiffness and strength with only a small amount of the nanoadditives.

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