Micro vision

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  • The observational and measurement system in the micro environments to manipulate objects in the micro world is becoming necessary in many fields, such as manufacturing; “Micro Factory (Fig.1)”;one of the past Japanese national project, and medical usages; the micro surgery. Most of the past researches in the micro environments might be only focused on the micro manipulation but not on the micro observation and measurement, which might be very important to operate. Actually, the micro operation includes the scale factors; i.e.

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  • The consideration of an ecosystem approach recognizes the important link between fish community structure and its habitat has been further emphasized in the Strategic Vision Great Lakes Fishery Commission first decade of the new millennium (GLFC 2001).

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  • AMD phản công Với chiến lược marketing mới và át chủ bài chip Vision, AMD đang nỗ lực giành lấy thị phần từ tay gã khổng lồ Intel. Hãng sản xuất chip có trụ sở tại California, Mỹ Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) đang chuẩn bị một chiến dịch marketing mới cho các đợt bán hàng sắp tới.

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  • The extension of national accounts to cover economic natural assets and their services (incorporated into commodities) is important but cannot deliver a sufficiently complete vision of the interaction of people and nature. For example, an enterprise holding and managing a forest will know and care about trees and timber, but much less about 'non-timber forest values', or forest water regulating functions and micro-climate effects which may be highly important for other sectors of society and for biodiversity.

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