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  • What Is Micromanagement? Micromanagement has become a very popular descriptor in today’s workplace.Webster's Dictionary defines micromanage as “to manage with great or excessive control or attention to details.” Most people today hear these words and immediately think of the annoying manager who constantly looks over their shoulder, questions everything they do, won’t let them make any decisions; and runs his/her office like a military command and control center.

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  • Thus, after buying into winning funds, investors unwittingly benefit from momentum returns on winning stocks. To test this reasoning, Sapp and Tiwari calculate abnormal performance following money f lows with and without accounting for the momentum factor, and find that inclusion of the momentum factor in the performance evaluation proce- dure eliminates outperformance of high f low funds. In addition, they show that investors are not deliberate in seeking to benefit from stock-level momentum: More popular funds do not have higher exposure to themomentumfactor at the time they are selected.

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  • YOUR WOW FACTOR IS THAT THING which everyone has, although many people keep it very well hidden, and which if nourished or encouraged would make them stand out from the crowd. Winston Churchill was hopeless academically, the incredibly rich Felix Dennis—entrepreneur and author—was allegedly worse, J.K. Rowling was unpublished until she thought of Harry Potter and the rest is, well, the rest is magic.

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  • Under certain conditions, the Company may use options and futures on securities, indices and interest rates, as described in Section 3.2. "Sub-Fund Details" and Appendix 3 "Restrictions on the use of techniques and instruments" for the purpose of investment, hedging and efficient portfolio management. In addition, where appropriate, the Company may hedge market and currency risks using futures, options or forward foreign exchange contracts. Transactions in futures carry a high degree of risk.

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  • Therefore, we match SRI funds with conventional funds that are initially similar and estimate the differences over time in performance and fees between the initially similar funds. We report results for simple and biased-adjusted estimators obtained using one and four matches per SRI fund. The one-match procedure is the one that most closely approximates the matched-pair methodology used in previous studies and it maximizes the quality of the matches, although at the cost of a small sample size.

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  • The issue of disparity and inequalities between black and minority ethnic groups and the majority white population in rates of mental ill health and equality of service in terms of experience and outcomes has figured in government policy since Labour took office in 1997. The death of an African-Caribbean patient named David Bennett in a secure psychiatric unit whilst detained under the Mental Health Act (1983) and the subsequent inquiry report published in 2003 found the NHS to be “institutionally racist”.

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  • When they discussed support required from their executive director and board actions related to effective governance, board chair interviewees put them into the context of how they could help or hinder the executive director and operations. For example, the questions for discussion at the end of this book include, “Does either party ever feel that the board is getting too involved in operations (micromanaging).

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  • If this book ever sees the light of other eyes than mine, I can guarantee that someone will ask, “What made you write it?” As the nightmarish beast-villain in No Country for Old Men verbally smirked, “They all say that....” I wrote it not only to satisfy a not-totally-justified, and never satisfied, ego, but to see if I could help people with observations gleaned from more than 30 years in government and industry on what accelerates personal success and what kills it.

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  • Psychological rather than informational differences may explain much of the variation in financial capability reported in the FSA (2006) Baseline Survey. This applies both to differences between individuals and across competence dimensions. The Baseline Survey indicates that in most capability categories, scores improve with age and the level of general education. This is consistent with the importance of attitudes rather than teachable specific knowledge.

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  • Here’s an example A group of language schools was unhappy with its system for issuing end-of-course certificates. These tended simply to record the level of the class attended and didn’t give information about real-life communicative competence or individual progress or achievement. They had a vision of a coherent system of clearly described levels, of interesting communicative kinds of assessment recorded in a certificate which would show – in language accessible to everybody – the learners’ language competence.

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  • distributors have a limited incentive to invest on training and improving the awareness, knowledge and skill of distributors. Economic compulsions could see companies move towards a committed distributorship system. Alternate lower cost distribution channels: Other avenues for AMCs to diversify their distribution base could include an examination of distribution channels prevalent in other industries, especially those that involve a low distribution cost— such as the FMCG industry.

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  • A battle cry of the reform is “Mathematics for all! ” In an attempt to make this come true, there is presently a conscientious effort to spread the news that “Math is fun! ” While applauding the good intention, we never- theless must ask whether the constant repetition of this slogan like a mantra helps students learn mathematics. Have students been told that this kind of “fun” includes the fun of working hard to solve difficult problems? Nothing good comes cheaply, and learning mathematics is no exception.

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  • For example, by insulating our cavity walls we can cut heat loss in our homes by around a third. It is easily available, cheap and will save all of those homes money in the long run, as well as reducing their impact on climate change. Yet 11 million houses in the UK that could have cavity wall insulation have yet to install it. Other individual actions revolve around our choice of transport, the food we ...

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  • A piece of art in an airport has difficult conditions to con- tend with. It has to compete with signs, advertisements and temp- ting shop windows for the attention of the passenger. It will never receive the undivided attention of the observer it would in a gallery or private home. It must be an integral part of the architec- tural surroundings and yet be visible enough and demonstrative enough to catch the eye of the preoccupied passenger rushing past it. On the other hand, what art gallery can guarantee the artist an audience of 50,000 people - every day?...

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  • All human activity has an aesthetic aspect. We are always, though at varying levels of awareness, concerned with the aesthetic qualities of our aural, haptic, kinetic, and visual sensations. If art were to be defined so broadly as to encompass any human activity or product with an aesthetic aspect, then none could be denied the status of art. This seems to me unwarranted; the possible insight seemingly captured by such an argument is adequately caught by saying that all human activity has an aesthetic aspect. ...

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  • Our measurements show that our strategy can be used as a way to disable the communication within the Storm botnet to a large extent. As a side effect, we are able to estimate the size of the Storm botnet, in general a hard task [25]. Our measurements are much more precise than previous measurements [12, 17]. This is because measurements previously were based on passive techniques, e.g., by observing visible network events like the number of spam mails supposedly sent via the bots.

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  • Tight economic conditions will continue to force the issue of good project portfolio management. Selection of the right projects and resourcing those projects for success will be seen as critical to the efficient achievement of an organization’s strategy. Over half of respondents report frequent use of project portfolio management in their organization, an increase of five percentage points from the previous survey.

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  • Entering the ADDY competition supports our entire industry, because the AAF and its local and district affiliates use the proceeds to enhance advertising through programs such as public service, internships, advocacy groups, advertising education, and consumer awareness. Selection of the most creative entry in each category is affected by a scoring process in which a panel of judges evaluates all creative dimensions of every entry. A GOLD ADDY is recognition of the highest level of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in the category.

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  • In addition to these three roles, there are other important contributors to the success of the project: Perhaps the most important of these are Managers. While their role evolves in Scrum, they remain critically important – they support the team by respecting the rules and spirit of Scrum, they help remove impediments that the team identifies, and they make their expertise and experience available to the team.

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  • There are several other terms that we will be referring to during discussion, but for now these will suffice. In distance education, for example, there are management issues, there are matters concerning the support of learners, identification and development of courses and programmes. There are also issues of quality assurance of programmes as well as issues of either adapting or adopting programmes offered by one institution. This involves contextualisation and broader consultation. Added to that, there are communication and technology issues as well.

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