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  • The plasticity and fracture initiation model are then derived using the conventional macro- and micro-experiments. It is concluded that micro-testing provides a powerful means to characterize materials whose properties are homogeneous over a few hundred microns only.

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  • The results show that the solid yield reaches 92.4 %, the final product is a single phase with a structure similar to the one of Ca(H2PO4)2.H2O and contains parallelogram-like crystals with a length of about 20 - 50 μm, a width of 20 - 30 μm, and a thickness of a few microns. The formation of monocalcium phosphate has been confirmed by the XRD data and chemical analysis.

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  • The agrinos high yield technology products are biostimulants which consist of naturally occurring beneficial microbes, L-amino acid complex and micronized chitin. The use of integrated biostimulants enhances the vitality of the agricultural biosphere and thus inturn enables increased crop productivity, improved efficiency of conventional fertilizer use and decreased environmental footprint.

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  • Ultrathin silicon nitride SiNx membrane suspended on a silicon wafer is a popular twodimensional platform in MEMS applications. The unsupported membrane has a low thermal conductivity, is electrically insulated, and very robust against mechanical impact. Remarkably thin, it is difficult to fabricate and manipulate. Recently equipped with a dual chamber system for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and reactive ion etching, we calibrate it to deposit silicon nitride Si3N4, silicon dioxide SiO2, and to dry etch these materials.

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  • A study was undertaken to develop an extruded product using three composite formulation of barnyard millet (BM) and maize (M) grits (180 micron). The formulations (BM: M - 70:30, 60:40 and 50:50) were extruded using a twin screw extruder.

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  • An on –farm trial was conducted on various farmers field in different villages of Araria district during financial year 2016-17. This trail was conducted to overcome weed infestation during cultivation of chilli in farmers field. It leads to reduction in yield; quality of produce is inferior as compared to better quality produce, increased the cost of cultivation due to manual hand weeding by laborers and reduced the benefit cost ratio. The trial was conducted in randomized block design with three treatments and ten replications.

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  • A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of drip irrigation, fertigation and mulching on coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) var. VHC 3. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD) with seven treatments and three replications. The treatments comprised of 100% (T1), 80% (T2) and 60% (T3) recommended dose of fertilizer with 100 micron thickness plastic mulch and 100% (T4), 80% (T5) and 60% (T6) recommended dose of fertilizer without plastic mulch. The control was with conventional method of irrigation (basin irrigation) without mulch (T7).

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  • Functional electrochemical coatings: hydrophobic Ni-TiO2 , catalytic Ni-CeO2 -CuO, and cutting, abrasive Ni-CBN all need to be durable and corrosion resistant to ensure stability in usage process. The presence of chemically inert nano and micron particles in the composite coatings leads to surface texture change and corrosion resistance increase.

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  • Bài viết trình bày phương pháp kết dính dị thể được ứng dụng trong công nghệ làm sạch nước khỏi vi hạt chất rắn kích thước 0,8 - 10 micron, và nồng độ 0,02 - 2,0%. Một phương pháp dựa hoàn toàn vào những tương tác kỵ nước và mô hình toán học mô tả sự đông tụ di thể của các vi hạt được đề xuất.

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  • In the present study double layered hermetic grain storage bags was designed two layers. Outer layer was made of polypropylene material and inside layer with 20 microns plastic bag made of polythene (Fig 1). Together, these two layers severely restrict the oxygen flow into the grain from the surrounding airspace thus insect growth is arrested.

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  • The use of organic and inorganic mulch as a soil cover is effective in improving growth and yield of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.). A field experiment was carried out at College Orchard, Department of Vegetable Crops, Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during 2013 to 2016 to study the effect of different types of mulches viz., organic mulch @ 6.0 t/ha, organic mulch @ 9.0 t/ha, organic mulch @ 12.

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  • Observation of Keratin pearl (KP) and individual cell keratin (ICK) is one of the criteria in grading oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). The aim of the study was to evaluate and compare the distinct staining and identification of KP and ICK by routine Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stain Modified Mallory’s and Modified Papanicolaou Stain.

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  • One of the easiest and efficient way of water conservation to solve drinking water scarcity is rooftop water harvesting. To evaluate the performance of the first flush with micromesh filter system, inflow and outflow of the rooftop water samples were analysed for pH, EC, TDS, SAL and TSS parameters. In general, the PH, electrical conductivity, and TDS of the roof water samples were within the drinking water standards and the first flush with micromesh filter system was found to reduce TDS values.

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  • An investigation was carried out on sandy loam soils of tarai regions of Uttarakhand to analyze the potential of drip irrigation along with mulch technically as well as economically. The treatments of the study were comprised of four irrigation levels (0.3, 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 P.E) with mulch (silver/ black-100 micron) and non-mulch conditions along with control (100% P.E). The study revealed that drip irrigation along with mulch showed better performance in terms of yield, water use efficiency as well as economics. Maximum yield of 18.72 t/ha along with maximum net return of Rs 213990.

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  • Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have a potential for enhanced wear conflict in excess of the unreinforced aluminum alloy and are the most capable in achieving enhanced mechanical properties. In the present investigation, composites of Aluminum 6061(Al6061) matrix material is reinforced with micron size Silicon carbide (µSiC) reinforcement with 5, 10 and 15 weight percentages (wt.%) and nano size SiC (nSiC) with 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 wt.% are fabricated by stir casting technique.

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  • The low cycle fatigue (LCF) resistance of two different metal matrix composite (MMC) of AA6063 with 2% and 8% by volume silicon carbide (SiCp) particles having particulate size of 37 micron (400 mesh) at room temperature condition has been evaluated under fully reversed strain control testing.

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  • The study resulted in achieving a coating thickness mean of 80.0199 microns for industrial enclosures, which is very close to the target value of 80 microns. A comparison of the results of the proposed approach with that of existing methodologies showed that the suggested method is equally good or even better than the existing methodologies. The result of the study is also validated with a new batch of industrial enclosures.

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  • Ready to serve thermal processed eel fish curry was developed using eel steaks (Mastacembalus armatus). The eel curry was packed in an indigenously developed four layered laminated retortable pouch consisting of 12 micron polyester / 9 micron aluminium foil / 5 micron nylon / 70 micron cast polypropylene of size 150x 200 mm and processed in a steam air retort at 121oC. The curry and eel steaks were packed in 60:40 proportion. Time-temperature data from sealed samples was collected during heat processing using a ‘Nano Vacq 1 Tc’ data logger to record the data during processing.

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  • A research on standardization of method of packaging to extend shelf life of Jasminum sambac CV. Gundumalli was conducted in College of Agriculture, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar during 2015- 16.The experiment was laid out in FCRD with two factors in three replications, with 16treatment combinations..

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  • The present investigation was carried out to evaluate the performance of tomato in polyhouse with drip and mulch at AICRP on Plasticulture Engineering and Technologies experimental field of College of Agricultural Engineering and Post-Harvest Technology (CAEPHT), Central Agricultural University (CAU), Ranipool, Sikkim, India. The experiment comprised of three treatments [viz. T1: Drip with no mulch, T2: Drip with mulch, and T3: No drip no mulch (control)] with four replications following Randomized Block Design (RBD).

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