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  • The paper explores the concept of modernization which is carried out in Vietnam from the middle of the 1990’s, its main tasks, methods and stages, influence of the experience of new industrial states of East Asia.

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  • The logical data design is the middle stage of the natural progression from conceptual design to physical design. The process of deriving a logical data design from the conceptual data design accomplishes the following: Translates conceptual data needs into real data requirements. You must turn the conceptual data needs identified during conceptual design into actual entities and relationships that will define how the data interacts. Helps organize your thinking about the data.

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  • Behavioral science is an extremely high-yield, yet often overlooked, subject on the USMLE Step 1. Understanding important behavioral science concepts and being able to apply them to test questions can significantly increase your score. Deja Review: Behavioral Sciences is the perfect format to study behavioral science material; it helps you rapidly review material you know as well as fill-in gaps in your knowledge.

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  • Previously, after completing an engineering degree in India, then working as a project manager in the Middle East, George had decided he needed some formal qualifications to back up his practical skills. He focused on an MBA specialising in project management but researched his options thoroughly before choosing Deakin. ‘I was quite fascinated by Australia as the land of opportunity, and I looked at university ratings,’ he says. I thought Deakin was one of the most progressive and its MBA has been around for about 20 years. It was definitely the place to be.

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  • The eukaryotic class 1 polypeptide chain release factor is a three-domain protein involved in the termination of translation, the final stage of poly-peptide biosynthesis. In attempts to understand the roles of the mid-dle domain of the eukaryotic class 1 polypeptide chain release factor in the transduction of the termination signal from the small to the large ribo-somal subunit and in peptidyl-tRNA hydrolysis, its high-resolution NMR structure has been obtained.

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  • Databases are encapsulated by business logic. Before the advent of stored-procedures, all the business logic ran in the transaction processing monitor which was the middle tier of the classic three- tier presentation-application-data architecture. With stored pro- cedures, the TP-monitors were disintermediated by two-tiered client/server architectures. The emergence of web-servers and HTTP brought three-tier architectures back to center stage – in part ...

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  • This is an industry that is still evolving, developing, and growing. It has gone from commercial banking to syndicated transactions and equities, and more recently, into debt issuance and structured products. Its sophistication and product offerings have developed along with this change. At an earlier stage, industry growth was in part a reflection of economic growth in the Islamic world, fuelled primarily by oil wealth. This created a growing middle-wealth segment and hence made banking a necessary service to the larger segment of the population.

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  • Cancers of the oropharynx often metastasize to upper and middle jugular chain lymph nodes (Levels II and III), but can also spread to retropharyngeal lymph nodes, which distinguishes them from oral cavity tumors and must be considered when treating oropharyngeal cancers. Tumors in this site are generally treated with radiotherapy, as a single modality for T 1/2 or N 0/1 stages. Increas- ingly, some of these cancers are associated with human papilloma virus 16 infection, especially in nonsmokers.

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  • "A Merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." The desire to play and frolic seems to be a heritage of mankind. In infancy and early childhood this joy and exuberance of spirit is given full sway. In youth, that effervescent stage of human existence, "joy is unconfined." But in middle age and later life we are prone to stifle this wholesome atmosphere of happiness, with care and worry and perhaps, when a vexed or worried feeling has been allowed to control us, even forbid the children to play at that time. Why not reverse things and drown care and strife...

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  • Hepatocellular Conditions Hepatocellular diseases that can cause jaundice include viral hepatitis, drug or environmental toxicity, alcohol, and end-stage cirrhosis from any cause (Table 43-2). Wilson's disease, once believed to occur primarily in young adults, should be considered in all adults if no other cause of jaundice is found. Autoimmune hepatitis is typically seen in young to middle-aged women but may affect men and women of any age. Alcoholic hepatitis can be differentiated from viral and toxin-related hepatitis by the pattern of the aminotransferases.

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