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  • Geochemical – Geochemical surveys that monitor the reservoir characteristics have routinely been used in the oil and gas industry and have been successfully adopted for use in monitoring carbon sequestration. Initially, reservoir samples (solids, liquids, and gases) are collected to establish a baseline prior to CO2 injection; tests can be repeated later to monitor CO2 migration (using tracers), or to assess geochemical changes, as CO2 saturated brine reacts with the reservoir formation.

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  • The growth of migration from Turkey began during the 1960s and 1970s with Germany as the primary destination of these emigrants, as it was for many Portuguese. The Turkish Government soon became aware of the importance of remittances as a source of foreign exchange and intensified its efforts to send more national workers abroad (Sayari, 1986). Turkey is a major recipient of migrant remittances, which represent almost 17 per cent of Turkey’s exports of merchandise and far surpass any ODA and FDI that the country receives. Remittances have become a key focus of the Turkish ...

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  • Migration of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs) from the media to intima constitutes a critical step in the development of proliferative vascular diseases. To elucidate the regulatory mechanism of vacular SMC motility, the roles of caldesmon (CaD) and its phosphorylation were investigated. Methods: We have performed Transwell migration assays, immunofluorescence microscopy, traction microscopy and cell rounding assays using A7r5 cells transfected with EGFP (control), EGFP-wtCaD or phosphomimetic CaD mutants, including EGFP-A1A2 (the two PAK sites Ser452...

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  • A protocol to follow the processing of angiotensin I into angiotensin II by rabbit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and its inhibition by a novel natural antagonist, the leech osmoregulator factor (LORF) using capillary zonal electrophoresis is described. The experiment was carried out using the Beckman PACE system and steps were taken to determine (a) the migration profiles of angiotensin and its yielded peptides, (b) the minimal amount of angiotensin II detected, (c) the use of different electrolytes and (d) the concentration of inhibitor. ...

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  • Chondrosarcoma is a common form of bone cancer which affects the fibrous connective tissue around a joint. It most commonly develops in legs, arms, shoulder blades, rib cage, and pelvis. Capsaicin is an active bitter compound found in red pepper, the fruit of the species Capsicum annuum, and it has been shown to have a lethal effect on different types of cancer.

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  • This novel modeling technique provides a powerful new tool for tissue evaluation in osteoarthritis research, cartilage tissue engineering and related animal studies. Once the approach is fully validated against the gold standard (Pg chemical assays), lu plans to migrate the current table-top indentation setup to a handheld micro-indentation platform.

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