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  • The purpose of this handbook is to bring together original chapters and other material that address and analyze the basic issues and components of the United States military administration and provide an international comparative perspective. Although the United States military produces numerous “handbooks” by highly competent authors, none of the currently available manuals address the breadth of the subject matter here while simultaneously providing an international comparison.

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  • To evaluate the immune activation and reactive oxygen species scavenging activity of Cordyceps militaris polysaccharides (CMP) in vivo, 90 male BALB/c mice were randomly divided into six groups. The mice in the three experimental groups were given cyclophosphamide at 80 mg/kg/d via intraperitoneal injection and 17.5, 35, or 70 mg/kg body weight CMP via gavage. The lymphocyte proliferation, phagocytic index, and biochemical parameters were measured.

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  • Among the many hardships of military activation is the possibility of losing earnings, and although some research points to such a loss, other research suggests that reservists in fact earn substantially more when they are activated. The authors examine earnings reports from the 2004 and 2005 Status of Forces Survey of Reserve Component Members (SOFS-R) and those from administrative data

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  • Modern audit systems that make extensive use of computers to render audits largely paperless, including the related working papers and documentation, should contain in-built controls and safeguards. In such systems all or most stages of the audit could be processed and stored in electronic format.

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  • However, these events are but the immediate manifestation of a continuing dependent relationship that involves three types of interactions: licensing CBW drugs and biologics, especially vaccines; using Investigational New Drugs in military combat (and other special situations); and ensuring the compliance of producers with manufacturing requirements. DoD has not been well organized to respond to FDA. This report proposes various education and training programs that should be initiated for all defense personnel engaged in the development or acquisition of drugs and biologics for CBW defense.

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  • The Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds are provided $2 billion in FY 2013. As part of the Administration’s long-term strategy, the EPA is implementing a Sustainable Water Infrastructure Policy that focuses on working with states and communities to enhance technical, managerial and financial capacity. Important to the enhanced technical capacity will be alternatives analyses to expand "green infrastructure" options and their multiple benefits.

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  • Over the last twenty years, asylum has become one of the central issues in the politics of liberal democratic states. In 1993 the German Parliament embarked upon the politically onerous task of amending the country’s constitution, the Basic Law, in order to slow the arrival of asylum seekers on to state territory.

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  • The decision by the US and UK governments to use military force against Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent occupation and administration of that State have brought into sharp focus fundamental fault lines in international law. The deci- sion to invade, the conduct of the war and occupation, and the mechanisms used to administer the country all challenge the international legal community, placing it at a crossroads.

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  • As a boy of 17, Pap was considered somewhat wayward by his strict Kentucky-bred mother, after being caught hanging around the local pool parlor. He was also out of favor with his father for daring to criticize the latter's rather conservative attire. So to help him "straighten out" and prepare to become a useful citizen, he was sent to Western Military Academy, Upper Alton, Illinois, in 1899. He graduated from that institution with high grades, but the endeavor to reform him was nevertheless only partly successful.

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  • Where Do I Go From Here? Civilian Transition InCharge Debt Solutions Copyright © 2012 InCharge Debt Solutions Published by InCharge Debt Solutions Publishing at Smashwords This guidebook is a compilation of articles by various authors intended to help military service members transition back to civilian life. All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced – mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying – without written permission of the publisher or the author of the article.

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