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  • First we must determine what is important. Do we need all log data from every critical system in order to perform security, response, and audit? Will we need all that data at lightning speed? (Most likely, we will not.) How much data can the network and collection tool actually handle under load? What is the threshold before networks bottleneck and/or the SIEM is rendered unusable, not unlike a denial of service (DOS)? These are variables that every organization must consider as they hold SIEM to standards that best suit their operational goals....

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  • In order to accommodate this kind of diversity, it is important that project cycle management systems support the application of standard working modalities/rules in a flexible manner. Relationship between projects, programmes and policies: A well-formulated project should derive from an appropriate balance between the EC’s development policy priorities and the partner’s development priorities. Within the scope of these policy priorities, the executive arms of government or non-governmental agencies formulate the broad areas of work required to implement policy decisions.

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  • Strategic gender needs are those required to transform womenís existing subordinate position to men. Meeting strategic gender needs helps women achieve gender equality and changes existing roles. 15 This includes instituting change in gender divisions of labour and power, the threat of domestic violence, equitable wages, division of household responsibilities and child rearing, access to credit and other resources, and reproductive choice.

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  • Before 1989, urban agriculture was almost non-existent in Havana. There was no need, not even for the poorest residents, to grow food, as food was distributed by the State. However, because of the food crisis, urban agriculture emerged. President Fidel Castro proclaimed that no piece of land should be left uncultivated. So even on the front lawn of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), crops were planted.

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  • More importantly, while most of the theoretical models which we use to evaluate mutual fund performance are based on the assumption of efficient markets, emerging markets fail to meet these assumptions. Returns in emerging markets suffer from several chronic conditions such as high volatility, high trading cost, non-normality, and infrequent trading (Bekaert and Harvey, 2002). Furthermore, there is still some doubt whether the factors documented in developed markets can also explain stock returns in emerging markets (for example, Claessens et al.

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  • The Skills framework for 3 to 19-year-olds in Wales (Welsh Assembly Government, 2008) makes it clear that teachers need to respond to learners where they currently are in their learning, not where they think they ought to be according, for example, to their age. Effective assessment procedures (formative, diagnostic and summative) will provide teachers with the necessary evidence for them to tailor the specific teaching of writing skills to meet individual needs within the class.

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  • The second model of social funds is a part of a ministry, for example, the Bolivia fund or FOSIS in Chile, which are at the second stage. They have more formal agreements with the ministries, they lay less em- phasis on emergency procurement, and civil service rules are followed more closely. Then there are the larger funds in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. These are usually large umbrella institutions. They have no autonomy. They are financed from the national budget. They implement or coordinate many social programs with the objective of reaching the poorest....

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  • While there has been an increase in development assistance for health in general, this aid is volatile — often driven by profits and politics. Donor governments are susceptible to the political agendas of their parliaments, plac- ing a focus on short term results. Sustained health development does not fit this profile. Part of the solution lies in the harmonization or pooling of funds, focused around a single country plan, that is flexible and includes funding for both recurrent and capital expenditures.

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  • The focus of this study is exploring determinants of mutual fund growth as its impressive growth, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.97%. As documented by Ramasamy and Yeung (2003), growth of mutual fund industry among emerging markets is expected to grow at the rate of double digit by 2030. There are extensive research collections of U.S. mutual fund or US funds investing in emerging markets i.e., Sharpe (1966), Petersen (2001), Kaminsky (2001), and Ramasamy and Yeung (2003). However, research on emerging mutual funds and their determinants is still limited. ...

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  • The population elasticity is now slightly below one at 0.92. A higher rate of urbanization has the expected positive impact on emissions. The share of population in the economically active age groups now becomes marginally insignificant. The reason for this could be the high correlation between the two variables (partial correlation coefficient of 0.65). Lastly, in column V we add the average household size to our model. Note that this variable is available for all countries in the sample, but not over the entire estimation period.

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  • It is the policy of the university that all official travel shall be properly authorized, reported, and reimbursed in accordance with university travel regulations. Under no circumstances shall travel expenses for personal travel be charged to, or temporarily funded by, the university. When a university employee travels under the sponsorship of a non-university entity, the travel expenses shall not be charged to a university account; travel advances and tickets should be obtained from the sponsor.

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  • Once the objective and scope are decided, it is necessary to determine what activities are required to be carried out to meet the objective. The dependencies between these activities can then be determined, which in turn allows resources and timescales to be estimated. This needs to be done for the whole project (project plan), and then in more detail for the next stage of the project (stage plan). This step is concerned with the overall project. The project schedule is not intended to direct resources to specific activities on certain dates.

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  • Trade unions representing taxi drivers and long-haul truck drivers, who are prohibited by law from raising their rates even when expenses rise, have been pressuring the government to roll back some of what are among Europe's highest fuel taxes to lessen the blow of high oil prices. This is the second time this summer that the government has entertained the possibility of rolling back an environmental measure because of temporary conditions.

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  • An important source of supply and demand changes are changes in the markets of complements. A decrease in the price of a demand-complement increases the demand for a product, and similarly, an increase in the price of a demand-substitute increases demand for a product. This gives two mechanisms to trace through effects from external markets to a particular market via the linkage of demand substitutes or complements. For example, when the price of gasoline falls, the demand for automobiles (a complement) overall should increase.

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  • π π A European company, with supermarkets as well as food and beverage manufacturing operations, focuses social media efforts around Facebook. Some pages focus on the company; others, built by customers, discuss specific products. The company is building a site where consumers receive information about new products and vote pro or con on the product ideas. A moderating system also is used to screen blogs. “Sometimes, you find little jewels of insight. It can also be a warning system if anything is growing into an uproar,” says the vice president of corporate development.

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  • Any composition of original music or sound elements that serve as a bed or background and/or otherwise heighten, accent or strengthen the advertising message. In the case of “full sing” jingles, the “sound” entry may be the commercial itself. Entries must be music that is custom-composed for advertising, or audio/visual sales promotion. Entries may be no longer than 60 seconds, except for audio/visual entries, which may run up to five minutes. 74A Music Only.

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  • The preceding paragraph is not an indictment of application-oriented curricula per se, only of the particular way [N1] wants such a curriculum implemented: it allows the utilitarian impulse to overwhelm the basic ed- ucational mission, with the result that basic ideas and skills not directly related to the so-called real world problems often get left out. By yielding to the temptation of “doing just enough to get the problems solved”, the curriculum of [N1] ends up presenting a fragmented and amorphous version of mathematics.

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  • A number of methods for safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste are described in this document and involve those with minimal risks to public health and the environment taking into consideration the limited resources and equipment available. The adoption of these guidelines by the ministry of health and social welfare, ministry responsible for environment and other relevant ministries, and their practical application, will contribute to the safe and economical elimination of stock piles of unusable pharmaceuticals in Zanzibar.

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  • Each of the language markets has its own public service broadcaster. In the Flemish sector, total VRT revenues in 2008 were $560.9 million (€457.9 million), of which 74 percent comes from a government grant. The remaining $145.8 million (26 percent) is secured through advertising. In the French-speaking sector, RTBF’s total revenues for 2008 amounted to $474 million, with $390 million (82 percent) coming from government grants and the remaining $84 million (18 percent) from advertising and sponsorships.

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  • Many of these potential feedback mechanisms may not however be practical in an emergency, and as a result, many will most frequently be used before or after an event (for example, as part of follow-up and evaluation). For all these reasons, engagement with the mass news media should always be only one aspect of a larger communication strategy during public health emergencies. To facilitate this, the worksheet presented in FIGURE SEVEN should be used in advance to identify and profile media outlets serving the community and a media- communications strategy planned accordingly.

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