Minority supply chain

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  • The major aims of this project centred around building capacity in protected cropping systems, trialling these systems with tomatoes and cucumbers in Vietnam and introducing farmers and other supply chain partners to these systems. As such, the emphasis was never intended to be on improving supply chains, merely examining current vegetable supply chains and determining the major problems. This milestone was added to the project after the original design and in-fact was extracted from another CARD project and added into this project.

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  • THE PRESIDENT OF LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT CORPORATION and Vice President Lyndon Johnson agreed to end Lockheed’s workforce segregation on May 25, 1961. Looking back, this contract, which was announced with great fanfare at the White House, signified far more than the public acknowledgment of systematic racial segregation in employment. It illustrated the leading role that prominent corporations were beginning to embrace by hiring and promoting the widest range of workers in this country.

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  • For an operator, the ability to make changes in the network quickly and efficiently is essential to reach its service and revenue goals. One potentially high-risk area in any network project is supply-chain and distribution management. The on-time availability of both major and minor materials for a network project is essential to keep costs down and the schedule on track. Material management poses a number of liabilities for many operators, including:

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