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  • A condensed introduction to the Microsoft .NET Framework, this book aims to help programmers make the transition from traditional Windows programming into the world of .NET programming. The Microsoft .NET Framework includes the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and a set of base classes that radically simplify the development of large-scale applications and services. This book examines the CLR in detail, so that you can put its new features to good use. The book also illustrates how language integration really works and guides you through component and enterprise development using the .

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  • Dig deep and master the intricacies of the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework 4.0. Written by a highly regarded programming expert and consultant to the Microsoft® .NET team, this guide is ideal for developers building any kind of application-including Microsoft® ASP.NET, Windows® Forms, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Web services, and console applications. You'll get hands-on instruction and extensive C# code samples to help you tackle the tough topics and develop high-performance applications....

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  • Scattered throughout the tutorial there are a number of sections devoted more to explaining the basics of XML than to programming exercises. They are listed here so as to form an XML thread you can follow without covering the entire programming tutorial: Understanding XML and the Java XML APIs explains the basics of XML and gives you a guide to the acronyms associated with it. It also provides an overview of the JavaTM XML APIs you can use to manipulate XML-based data, including the Java API for XML Parsing ((JAXP).

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  • Our previous tutorial discussed the basics of XML and demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the Web. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to use an XML parser to: • Process an XML document • Create an XML document • Manipulate an XML document We’ll also talk about some useful, lesser-known features of XML parsers. Best of all, every tool discussed here is freely available at IBM’s alphaWorks site (www.alphaworks.ibm.com) and other places on the Web.

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  • Xử lý file Word không cần MS Office Bạn nhận được một file Word và cần đọc, xử lý chúng nhưng trên máy tính của bạn lại không có sẵn bộ phần mềm Mirosoft Office. Đừng lo, những phương án thay thế hiệu quả và miễn phí dưới đây sẽ giúp bạn.

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  • Bài viết này sẽ chỉ cho bạn cách dò tìm version của OS Mirosoft : Windows 95,98,Me – hệ điều hành non NT-based và Windows NT4,2000,XP,2003 – hệ điều hành NT-based- mà ko cần dùng hàm APIs để tránh kỷ thuật đảo mã (Reverse Engineer) set breakpoint trên hàm APIs.

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