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  • The existence of an inducible mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase has been recently related to the nitrosative⁄oxidative damage and mitochondrial dys-function that occurs during endotoxemia. Melatonin inhibits both inducible nitric oxide synthase and inducible mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase activities, a finding related to the antiseptic properties of the indoleamine.

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  • In the synthesis of ammonia, under industrial conditions, the reaction normally comes sufficiently close to equilibrium for the applications of thermodynamics to prove of immense value. t Thus it will predict the influence of changes of pressure, temperature and composition on the maximum attainable yield. By contrast in the catalytic oxidation of ammonia the yield of nitric oxide is determined, not by the opposition of forward and backward reactions, as in ammonia synthesis, but by the relative speeds of two independent processes which compete with each other for the available ammonia.

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  • With parallel breakthroughs occurring in molecular biology and nanoscience/technology, the newly recognized research thrust on “nanomedicine” is expected to have a revolutionary impact on the future of healthcare. To advance nanotechnology research for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI) established the Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer in September 2004 and has pledged $144.3 million in the next five years (for details, visit

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