Mixed technology networks

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  • Many services running on modern digital telecommunications networks require accurate synchronization for correct operation. For example, if switches do not operate with the same clock rates, then slips will occur and degrade performance. Telecommunication networks rely on the use of highly accurate primary reference clocks which are distributed network wide using synchronization links and synchronization supply units.

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  • This book is the product of over 15 years of working with RTT, delivering strategic technology design programs for the cellular design community. This has included pro- grams on AMPS/ETACS handset, base station, and network design in the early to mid-1980s; programs on GSM handset, base station, and network design from the late 1980s to mid-1990s onward; and, more recently, programs on 3G handset, Node B, and network design.

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  • ADC’s ThinMux™ product family helps carriers build today's access networks that can easily adapt to meet tomorrow's needs. Only the ThinMux products provide a single platform to encompass many universal standards (SONET/SDH, DS3, T1/E1). As bandwidth requirements increase and network technologies change, ThinMux is quickly and easily upgraded by replacing the multiplexer card within the chassis. Complete flexibility in delivering unique T1/E1 (or mixed) services without additional provisioning, servicing, inventory or training is possible through the one time ADC ThinMux investment....

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  • Cognitive maps have emerged as an important tool in modeling and decision making. In a nutshell they are signed di-graphs that capture the cause/effect relationships that subject matter experts believe exist in a problem space under consideration. Each node in the map represents some variable concept.

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  • The HiGain HXU-359 STS-1 multiplexer is a cost-effective SONET access platform that enables direct insertion of DS1s or E1s onto any SONET network via an economical STS-1 interface. This environmentally hardened unit enables installation in a co-location cage or remote cabinet. The HXU-359 condenses SONET technology into the highest service density multiplexer that minimizes space, power and heat dissipation requirements. The HXU-359 offers a mixed T1/E1 service of up to 28 DS1s or 21 E1s or any valid combination onto a single high-speed STS-1 network interface....

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  • Wireless communications is one of the most active areas of research over the past and the current decades. In fact, the demand for wireless services has been changing from the regular voice telephony services to mixed voice, data, and multimedia services over the wireless media. Since the mid-1990s, the wireless industry has been advancing at an incredible speed. For example, the 2G cellular systems (such as GSM, D-AMPS, and IS-95) have significantly improved the spectral efficiency and network capacity to support wireless telephony services....

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  • Any information communication tool like radio, television, mobile phone, computer, network, hard ware and software, satellite system etc., can be used for framing suitable methodologies for dissemination of innovations to the livestock farmers. No single medium of communication is the best and hence a combination of different medium referred as media mix strategies were suggested through the study for diffusion of various dairy innovations.

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  • The Elastomeric Alloy (EA) materials based on polypropylene (PP) and Vietnam waste Rubber Powder (RP) has been prepared in internal mixer of Haake in melting state with peroxide initiator. Dynamically stabilizing process at presence of radical donor and acceptor systems has leaded to form chemical bonds on the surface between two phases of surspending rubber powder and PP matrix and then to form intermediate phase surrounding Rubber Particles and making EA higher dense than that of materials by simple mixing RP and PP without networking.

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  • To overcome the limitations of conventional storage, Oracle Exadata Storage Servers use a massively parallel architecture to dramatically increase data bandwidth between the database server and storage. Innovative technologies such as Exadata Smart Scan, Exadata Smart Flash Cache, and Hybrid Columnar Compression enable Exadata to deliver extreme performance for everything from data warehousing to online transaction processing to mixed workloads.

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