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  • The present study was conducted in Latur district of Marathwada region of Maharashtra state with an objective to analyze Attitude of farmers using mobile phone services in transfer of technology. From selected district four talukas namely Latur, Renapur, Chakur and Ausa were randomly selected from Latur district. From each talukas three villages were selected and from each selected village ten respondents of mobile phone user were randomly selected to comprise 120 respondents. Ex-post-facto research design was used for the study.

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  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) is today becoming as important as food. Even in rural India, ICTs are having a profound impact in changing the rationale of development activities and strategies. Inspite of these farmers abstain from using it due to various constraints. In this view, a study was conducted to analyze constraints faced by farmers in using KMAS in Latur district of Maharashtra state, India. A total of 120 respondents constituted sample size were selected through proportional sampling technique.

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  • The agriculture sector benefits more from mobile phones in the developing countries as it saves money, time and offers accurate advantage for farmers. The mobile phone system can be used to alert villagers about disease outbreaks and other important agricultural information. Many of the farmers suffer from lack of up to date, accurate market price information because of their remote location, or simply because they don‘t know how and where to get trustworthy information. A study was undertaken to assess the potential and use of mobile phones by farmers.

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  • Mobile phones provide real time services that reduce costs, increase income, increases reach ability and mobility. They also facilitate the extension of social and business networks that empower women with knowledge to gain emancipation. The present study was carried out in Ema market of Imphal West district to study the utilization pattern of mobile phone among registered women vendors.

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  • The present study was carried out in Warangal district of Telangana state by selecting the 60 beneficiary farmers of mobile phone based agro-advisory services. The specific objectives of the study were to know the usefulness and perception towards mobile phone based agro advisories. The results showed that 48.33 per cent of respondents indicated as mobile phone based agro-advisories were moderately useful and the majority (50.00%) of the respondents had positive perception towards the mobile phone based agro-advisories.

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  • The third generation (3G) mobile communication system is the next big thing in the world of mobile telecommunications. The first generation included analog mobile phones [e.g., Total Access Communications Systems (TACS), Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT), and Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS)], and the second generation (2G) included digital mobile phones [e.g., global system for mobile communications (GSM), personal digital cellular (PDC), and digital AMPS (D-AMPS)].

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  • With some six billion mobile subscriptions now in use worldwide, around three-quarters of the world’s inhabitants now have access to a mobile phone. Mobiles are arguably the most ubiquitous modern technology in some developing countries, more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water, a bank account or even electricity. Mobile communications now offer major opportunities to advance human development from providing basic access to education or health information to making cash payments and stimulating citizen involvement in democratic processes.

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  • When Evan Williams, founder of Blogger and Odeo, had to pick up what he would do next to revolutionize the Web, he decided to go mobile. Evan returned the VC money to focus on Twitter—a service that allows keeping in touch with friends via alerts to and from your mobile phone (and instant messenger and web)! After six months of launch, Twitter had reached 50,000 active users. The number doubled to 100,000 in just one month after Twitter won the Best Blog award at South By South West conference....

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  • This paper presents the design and implementation of Short Message Service (SMS) banking system. SMS banking is a technology – enabled service offered by banks to its customers, permitting them to operate banking services over their mobile phones using SMS messaging.

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  • The response time of the server in operation in the (3 G) mobile phones is 5.45 seconds which is acceptable and appropriate as far as medical diagnosis is concerned.

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  • The mobile phone and portable device handset are currently undergoing a transformation caused by several different factors. For one, portable devices are getting more powerful and capable of performing tasks that would have been hard to imagine a few short years ago. Many of us carry a portable device that is capable of everything from using the World Wide Web to watching movies to playing 3D games--and it can even make phone calls! For another, consumers are becoming more savvy and demanding about what they want such a device to do....

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  • KỸ THUẬT RADIO OVER FIBER AMC AMPS AP BB BPF BPSK Adaptation Modulation and Coding Advanced Mobile Phone Service Access Point Base Band Band Pass Filter Binary Phase Shift Keying Broadband Wireless Access BWAN CDMA CS CSPDN DFB DMOD Network Code division Multiple Access Central Station Circuit Switched Data Network Distributed Feed Back(laser) DeMODdulator Đa truy cập phân chia theo mã Trạm trung tâm Mạng chuyển mạch dữ liệu Laser hồi tiếp phân tán Bộ giải điều chế Bộ điều chế và mã hoá Dịch vụ di động tiên tiến Điểm truy cập Băng tần cơ sở Bộ lọc băng thông...

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  • Viết tắt của Global System Mobile Communication, hê thông truyên thông di đông ̣ ́ ̀ ̣ toaǹ câù . GSM la ̀ hệ thôń g điện thoaị maṇ g lưới hoàn toàn sử dụng kỹ thuâṭ số, khác với hệ thống mạng điện thoại analog cổ điên̉ như AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Dic̣ h vu ̣ điêṇ thoaị di động cao câṕ ). 1G, 2G, 3G là gì?

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  • 5G technologies will change the way most high-bandwidth users access their phones. With 5G pushed over a VOIP-enabled device, people will experience a level of call volume and data transmission never experienced before.5G technology is offering the services in Product Engineering, Documentation, supporting electronic transactions (e-Payments, e-transactions) etc. As the customer becomes more and more aware of the mobile phone technology, he or she will look for a decent package all together, including all the advanced features a cellular phone can have.

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  • Providing an overview of developing games for Windows Phone 7 while working within XNA Game Studio 4, this comprehensive resource covers such essential topics as device/emulator, development tools, device orientation, tilt and accelerometer sensors, multi-touch, working with Cloud and Web services, and more. Three complete games are included within the book plus hands-on explanations and clear example codes help you gain a deeper understanding of the Windows Phone 7 features so that you can start building a game right away....

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  • An access point (AP) provides the connection between one or more wireless client devices and a wired local area network (LAN). The AP is usually connected to the LAN via a Category-5 cable connection to a hub or switch. Client devices communicate with the AP over the wireless link, giving them access to all other devices through the hub or switch, including a router on the other side of the hub, which provides Internet access

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  • This book explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of IS-95 CDMA systems. You will discover why mobile telephone service providers have upgraded from 1st generation analog systems to more efficient and feature rich 2nd generation system. You will also discover how 2nd generation systems are gradually evolving into 3rd generation broadband multimedia systems. This book starts with the system components and basic services that the IS-95 CDMA system can provide.

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  • Social media is not the only emerging channel P&G is using to connect directly with consumers. In November 2011 the company announced a partnership with a start-up called Mobeam to distribute digital coupons via mobile phones. The companies plan to begin testing the solution—which requires enhancements to existing handsets—in 2012. Diageo is another CG manufacturer that has also turned to social media—Facebook specifi cally—to enhance its consumer marketing efforts and drive retail beverage sales. The global spirits maker expanded its brands’ collective fan base from 3.

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  • Mobile messaging technology enables users to communicate in an asynchronous manner, where messages are stored in the network and delivered to the recipient as soon as the recipient’s mobile phone can receive it. Once delivered, the message resides on the users’ mobile phone. SMS (Short Messaging Service) allows a mobile user to send and receive a text message of up to 160 characters and across virtually any operator network. This service is also referred to as “text messaging” or “texting”. All mobile phones shipped over the past few years support SMS.

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  • AN INTRODUCTION TO CELLULAR PHONE SYSTEMS The first mobile communications system began in 1921 when the Detroit Police Department installed two-way radios in its cars. The equipment was bulky, awkward, and a drain on automobile batteries, but it proved its worth. Soon police and fire departments throughout the country were installing two-way radio equipment in their fleets. Eventually someone realized that private individuals could also benefit from being able to talk with the outside world from their cars, and the first commercial mobile telephone service was instituted in St.

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