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  • We collected information on patients with rectal adenocarcinoma in the United States from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and EndResults (SEER) database. We used this information to establish a model that combined deep learning with a multilayer neural network (the DeepSurv model) for predicting the survival rate of patients with rectal adenocarcinoma.

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  • This article proposes four sufficient conditions to determine the convergence learning parameters in iterative learning control of linear batch processes. These conditions are established in frequency domain with transfer functions of elementary linear learning functions of P-, D-, PD- and PID-Type, instead of their state space models as usual.

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  • The signature of the magnetic competition in a nearly filled impurity band diluted magnetic semiconductors is addressed. In the formalism of the Kondo lattice model, selfconsistent equations determining the Green function of the itinerant carrier in the system are evaluated by use of the dynamical mean-field theory.

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  • Part 1 of book "Concepts, techniques, and models of computer programming" provide with knowledge about: explicit state; object-oriented programming; shared-state concurrency; relational programming; specialized computation models; graphical user interface programming; distributed programming; constraint programming; mozart system development environment;...

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  • Part 1 of book "Distributed computing: Principles, Algorithms, and Systems" provide students with knowledge about: relation to computer system components; a model of distributed computations; logical time; global state and snapshot recording algorithms; terminology and basic algorithms; message ordering and group communication;...

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  • Optical properties of silver Agn nanoclusters are demonstrated to be dependent on their size, structure and charge state. It is found that when being contained in the sodalite cavity of LTA zeolite the tetradecanuclear hexacation silver cluster Ag146+ is stable. Its lower-lying states and optical spectrum are theoretically determined using the quantum chemical TD-DFT method. Its ground state possesses an outer-shell electron configuration of A1g2 T2g6 mimicking the s2 p6 valence of noble gas atoms.

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  • Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a third most common tumor of the urinary system. Nowadays, Immunotherapy is a hot topic in the treatment of solid tumors, especially for those tumors with pre-activated immune state.

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  • Lecture Money, Banking & Finance - Lecture 5: The Micro-foundations of the Demand for Money - Part 2. The following will be discussed in this chapter: State the general conditions for an interior solution for a risk averse utility maximising agent; Show that the quadratic utility function does not meet all these conditions; Examine the demand for money based on transactions costs; Examine the precautionary demand for money; Examine buffer stock model of money.

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  • Lecture Introduction to Control Systems - Chapter 2: Mathematical models of continuous control systems (Dr. Huynh Thai Hoang). The main topics covered in this chapter include: the concept of mathematical model; the concept of mathematical model; transfer function; block diagram algebra Block diagram algebra; signal flow graph; state space equation State space equation; linearized models of nonlinear systems;...

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  • Advanced Computer Networks: Lecture 30. This lecture will cover the following: TCP vs a sliding window on a direct link; model of use; segment header format and options; states and state diagram (think-pair-share); sliding window implementation details; flow control issues; bit allocation limitations; adaptive retransmission algorithms;...

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  • Advanced Computer Networks: Lecture 34. This lecture will cover the following: queuing discipline; reacting to congestion; avoiding congestion; TCP congestion control; congestion control basics; model of network; state maintained in routers; finite buffering capacity per output;...

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  • Advanced Operating Systems - Lecture 5: Suspending processes. This lecture will cover the following: process management models and state machines (cont’d from the previous lecture); what is in a process control block; operating system calls for process management in UNIX family of systems;...

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  • The development of a small signal model that accurately reflects dynamic processes plays an essential role in the stability analysis and control of power systems. The main components in a microgrid power system are synchronous generators, the electrical network, electrical loads, and inverters. A method to derive the microgrid state-space model is proposed in the article.

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  • This paper studies the current state of technology science intermediary network and propose a model of science and technology inermediary network for Vietnam. By using indepth interviewing with managers in the system of state management agencies in science and technology, science and technology intermediaries, the research results pointed that a network of science and technology intermediaries has not existing in the science and technlogy market of Vietnam really.

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  • This paper will examine various second/world language education programs in the United States and their potential for forming multi/bilingual individuals and supporting communities. Models which serve both native speakers of English, as well as linguistic minority populations will be reviewed.

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 7 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: source and sink analysis, types of models: business process model, state transition model, data flow model; understanding the business domain, logical system models,...

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  • The proposal presents the design of a voltage con-troller for a three-phase inverter. At first, the state-space model of the inverter with uncertainties and system pa-rameters variation taken into account is constructed. The proposed controller combines a feedback component and a disturbance compensator. The first one is accomplished using LQR control law which can be approximated by reinforcement learning algorithm.

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  • In this research we propose a combination approach-ing of adaptive algorithm called Condition Memory Re-cursive Least Square (CMRLS) to continuously identi-fies the parameters of battery equivalent circuit model (ECM), the achieved model then be used to estimate SoC by Uncented Kalmann Filter (UKF).

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  • This research proposal is not only a theoretical State-of-theart of Smart Grid technology and its impact on the integration of renewable energy but also features a simulated model of smart grid using MATLAB/Simulink and other related tools. The motivation is to provide greater insight into the current progress of smart grid technology and renewable energy industry.

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  • In this paper, a numerical method based on the single-diode model is utilized to forecast the cell temperature and solar irradiance, which greatly relate to the increase of the series resistance. After that, the degradation of PV modules is detected through analyzing the incrementing progress of series resistance of PV modules.

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