Modified organisms

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học được đăng trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: Overview of principles and implementations to deal with spatial issues in monitoring environmental effects of genetically modified organisms

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Overview of principles and implementations to deal with spatial issues in monitoring environmental effects of genetically modified organisms

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  • This research has indicated that mineral oil SN-500 is required for dispersion medium of grease. The ingredients are mineral oil SN-500 and organic modified nano-silica in the proportion 77:19. Among the kinds of grease produced by nano-silica researched, the grease that is originated from the modification of nano-silica by hexametyldisilazane is of the best performance.

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  • Gọi chung cho biến đổi di truyên là “genetically modified organisms” (GMO). Bao gồm sự cài đặt vào DNA từ một loài nào đó rất khác xa với đặt điểm loài nhận gen (ví dụ có thể từ gen của động vật sang loài thực vật, điều mà không thể xảy ra theo phưong pháp lai tạo truyền thống).

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  • In the mid-1990s plant biotechnology burst onto the scene in world agriculture, beginning a second ‘green revolution’ and precipitating one of the great public debates of our time. Approximately a decade later, this book describes the impact of genetically modified (GM) crops on world agriculture, recent advances in the technology and the areas of research from which the next generation of GM crops is likely to emerge, as well as addresses the issues of safety and regulation that have dogged the technology, particularly in Europe.

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  • GMO CN gen mở ra tiền đồ to lớn trong việc tạo ra các cây trồng chuyển gen ( GMC= Genetic Modification Containment hay GMO = Genetically Modified Organism): Cây thuốc lá là cây chuyển gen đầu tiên được đưa vào ứng dụng (1983). Sau đó là cây bông kháng sâu và kháng cỏ dại (1986). Khi đó chỉ mới có 5 loại GMC được đưa ra thử nghiệm. Đến năm 1992 số GMC đã tăng lên đến 675 loại.

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  • This book pilots the reader into the future. The first three chapters introduce new materials and material processing methods. Then five chapters present innovative new design directions and solutions. The main section of the book contains ten chapters organized around problems and methods of manufacturing and technology, from cutting process optimisation through maintenance and control to the Digital Factory. The last two chapters deal with information and energy, as the foundations of a prospering economy....

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  • The notion of environmental damage is a rather recent development in tort law on both a national and an international level. Constant degradation of environmental goods, such as air, water and wildlife, by emissions and old dumpsites and spectacular industrial accidents causing pollution created a new awareness by the public of the environment. National legislation and new international treaties show that tort liability is attributed an increasing role in the protection of the environment by decision-makers.

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  • Controlled oxidation is increasingly being practiced using solid peroxides, pH modifiers, and catalysts that promote the generation of free radicals. This new approach moderates the rate of dissolution and peroxide generation, which in turn controls that rate of reaction between peroxide and the petroleum contaminants. The use of slurried peroxides creates the opportunity to release oxidants and oxygen over a longer period, which can promote subsequent aerobic remediation.

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  • An applied field of biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring bioproducts. ( It is the products and exploitation from other fundamental sciences.Traditional Biotechnology Traditional biotechnology refers to a number of ancient ways of using living organisms to make new products or modify existing ones. In its broadest definition, traditional biotechnology can be traced back to human's transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer.

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  • Although processes for the production of LVOC are extremely diverse and complex, they are typically composed of a combination of simpler activities and equipment that are based on similar scientific and engineering principles. Chapter 2 describes how unit processes, unit operations, site infrastructure, energy control and management systems are combined and modified to create a production sequence for the desired LVOC product.

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  • In the modified gambling task, subjects selected cards from one of two decks to earn cash. The cards were pre-organized so that one deck (A) had an overall loss of $2.50 every ten cards and the other deck (B) had an overall gain of $2.50 every ten cards. All the cards in deck A gave a $1.00 on every turn but were occasionally accompanied with losses, $7.50 for example (for a net loss of $6.50). The other deck B gave a smaller gain for each card, +$0.50 but had smaller occasional losses. Subjects did not know the composition...

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  • Open car-sharing organizations in Sweden today have some 2000 members and have about 200 cars at their disposal. It has been estimated that approximately 870,000 households could be incorporated into such organizations. If large-scale use of car-sharing is to be achieved during the next 10 years, encompassing say 10 % of the potential, the systematic recruitment of members to existing pools, particularly in large cities, will be needed.

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  • Curriculum "English for Nutrition and Food Siences: Part 2" continue to introduce to you the information, knowledge:  Unit 6 - Human Diet, Unit 7 - Food Poisoning, Unit 8 - Organic Food , Unit 9 - Genetically Modified Food , Unit 10 - Food Industry. Invite you to refer to capture the details of the curriculum.

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  • Thuật ngữ ‘chuyển gien’ (Transgenic) dùng để chỉ việc đưa gien vào 1 đối tượng SV nào đó bằng KT ADN tai tổ hợp. Gien được chuyển từ các loài khác hay trong cùng 1 loài. Từ đồng nghĩa (Synonym): Genetically modified organism (GMO) Genetically engineered organism (GEO)

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  • Bioremediation, the use of microorganisms, by virtue of their bioconcentrating and metabolic properties, to degrade, sequester, or remove environmental contaminants, has about a 45-year history. Such uses of microorganisms for this purpose now involve freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments. Bioremediation is a multidisciplinary area of knowledge and expertise that involves basic and applied science. Microbiologists, chemists, toxicologists, environmental engineers, molecular biologists, and ecologists have made major contributions to this subject....

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  • Search strategies were developed with PubMed using Medical Subject Heading [MeSH] and title abstract [tiab] terms to identify relevant exposures (organic vs. conventional production methods) and outcomes (composition of nutrient and other substances). The exposure terms searched (including all MeSH, headings, subheadings and tiab terms) were “organic”, “health food”, “conventional” combined with “food”, “agricultural crop”, “livestock”, “agriculture”.

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  • In modifying soil pH, the addition of amendments, fertilizers, tillage practices, soil organic matter levels, and drainage should all be considered. A common amendment used to acidify alkaline soils is sulfur (S) (Slaton et al., 2001). Elemental sulfur (S0 ) is oxidized by microbes to produce sulfate (SO4 2- ) and H+, causing a lower pH. Ferrous sulfate (FeSO4 ) and aluminum sulfate (Al 2 (SO4 )3 ) can also be used to lower pH, not due to SO4 , but because of the addition of acidic cations (Fe2+, Al 3+) (see Q & A #1).

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  • Strong increase in the production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) observed over the years has led to a consolidation of transgenic seed industries worldwide. The dichotomy between the evaluated risk and the perceived risk of transgenic use has defined their level of acceptability among different global societies. GMOs have been widely applied to agricultural commodities, among them the Roundup Ready™ (RR™) soybean line GTS 40-3-2 has become the most prevalent transgenic crop in the world.

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  • Although the prospective character of the activity and the request to think in new directions required an open-minded look at the food sector, some elements of the “real-world” configuration had to be taken into account from the beginning. This was in particular the regulatory system within the European Union, and here especially the EC White Paper on Food Safety2 from 1999, which already contains a strong notion of food safety and health. Also the directives on labelling and the release of genetically modified organisms played a role in the development of future research issues.

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