Molecular determinants

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế về bệnh thú y đề tài: Isolation and identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 using different detection methods and molecular determination by multiplex PCR and RAPD

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  • Aniline dioxygenase is a multicomponent Rieske nonheme-iron dioxygenase enzyme isolated from Acinetobactersp. strain YAA. Saturation mutagen-esis of the substrate-binding pocket residues, which were identified using a homology model of theasubunit of the terminal dioxygenase (AtdA3), was used to probe the molecular determinants of AtdA substrate specificity.

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  • The development and rapid implementation of molecular genotyping methods have revolutionized the possibility for differentiation and classification of microorganisms at the subspecies level. Investigation of the species diversity is required to determine molecular relatedness of isolates for epidemiological studies. Methods for molecular epidemiology of microorganisms must be highly reproducible and provide effective discrimination of epidemiologically unrelated strains.

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  • Consequences of agitation include self-extubation, removal of IV catheters, dyssynchrony with mechanical ventilation, and, perhaps, a long-term risk of psychiatric problems, such as delirium and posttraumatic stress disorder can be prevented by a proper sedation. Prolonged and excessive sedation are problematic too, interfering with weaning from mechanical ventilation and leading to increased rates of nosocomial pneumonia, prolonged ICU stays, and difficulty identifying new problems, such as myocardial infarction or stroke....

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  • Cordyceps gunnii (berk.) Berk (C. Gunnii) is well known as a Chinese rare caterpillar fungus and has similar pharmacological activity with C. sinensis. In this work, a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide (CPS) was isolated and purified from the mycelia of C. gunnii. The total sugar content of CPS was amounted to 92.84%. The result of HPLC indicated that CPS was a homogeneous polysaccharide. The estimated average molecular weight of CPS was 3.72 ×106 Da. The specific rotation of CPS was recorded [˛]25 D = +134.2◦.

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  • From this Chapter we will study thermal properties of matter, that is what means the terms “hot” or “cold”, what is the difference between “heat” and “temparature”, and the laws relative to these concepts. We will know that the thermal phenomena are determined by internal motions of molecules inside a matter. There exists a form of energy which is called thermal energy, or “heat”, which is the total energy of all molecular motions, or internal energy.

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  • Even though the Committee is not currently proposing mandatory capital charges specifically for interest rate risk in the banking book, all banks must have enough capital to support the risks they incur, including those arising from interest rate risk. If supervisors determine that a bank has insufficient capital to support its interest rate risk, they must require either a reduction in the risk or an increase in the capital held to support it, or a combination of both.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Organic structure determination using 2-D NMR spectroscopy" has contents: Through-Space efects: The nuclear overhauser efect, molecular dynamics, strategies for assigning resonance to atoms within a molecule, strategies for elucidating unknown molecular structures, simple assignment problems,...and other contents.

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  • Clinical stage was determined mainly by digital rectal examination and transrectal ultrasonography combined with the result of needle biopsy. We selected the patients to be checked for metastasis by eliminating patients with a minimum risk of metastasis according to Partin nomogram (Partin et al., 1993) and other reports on bone metastasis (Oesterling, 1991; Oesterling, 1993). Ultrasound guided transrectal needle biopsy was performed on 123 patients under caudal block, excluding the patients who were given a diagnosis of PCa after transurethral resection of the prostate for BPH.

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  • Sco proteins are present in all types of organisms, including the vast major-ity of eukaryotes and many prokaryotes. It is well established that Sco pro-teins in eukaryotes are involved in the assembly of the CuAcofactor of mitochondrial cytochromecoxidase; however their precise role in this pro-cess has not yet been elucidated at the molecular level.

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  • The transient receptor potential channel vanilloid receptor subunit 1 (TRPV1) is amolecular integrator of physical and chemical stimuli in the peripheral nociceptor terminals. TRPV1 is an ionotropic channel that plays a critical role in both thermal nociception and inflammatoryhyperalgesia. Structure–function relationships are providing fundamental insights of the modular architecture of this neuronal recep-tor.

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  • Diagnostic tests by molecular biology is made for studying the relations among Fusarium species for linking production of proteins, degree of relationship and occurrence of malformation. Determination of proteins for isolates causing-disease by SDS-PAGE explained there’s specific band for each fungus and there are common bands among some isolates of fungi. Since, band with MW 30 KDa represented only in F. proliferatum and F. oxysporum and F. subgluti-nans respectively. This band considered as specific band for these isolates, which released high patho-genisity effect.

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  • External quality assessment schemes are evaluated by method-dependent consensus values or by method independent target values, determined with reference measurement procedures. The reference measurement procedures yield values having a high trueness and precision with a defined uncertainty of measure-ment. The great advantage of the reference measurement proce-dure is that the comparability of results in the different medical laboratories is promoted and improved intending in the same ref-erence interval for an analyte in all laboratories. ...

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  • (All-E) prenyl diphosphate synthases catalyze the con-secutive condensation of isopentenyl diphosphates with allylic prenyl diphosphates, producing products with vari-ous chain-lengths that are unique for each enzyme. Some short-chain (all-E) prenyl diphosphate synthases, i.e. farnesyl diphosphate synthases and geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthases contain characteristic amino acid sequences around the allylic substrate binding sites, which have been shown to play a role in determining the chain-length of the product....

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  • Is a branch of polymer science dealing with analysis and characterisation of polymers. üThe complication of macromolecular chains, the dispersion in molecular weight, tacticity, crystallinity, orientation, composition of polymers etc. and complex morphological systems ⇒ analysis of polymer ≠ the small organic materials ⇒ Focus on viscoelastic properties, dynamic mechanical testing.

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  • This first part is concerned with processes in which the kinetic behaviour of a gaseous phase is rate-determining. The range of processes includes some which are carried out in vacuum systems in which Knudsen or free evaporation occurs from a condensed phase, to transport reactions where a chemical reaction occurs between a solid and the gaseous phase to produce molecular species containing some or all of the elements occurring in the solid phase.

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  • Two of the main distinctions between chemical engineers and other engineering disciplines are the topics of mass and energy balances. Within these two topics there are a lot of underlying chemical principles that help chemical engineers to perform calculations to determine what is happening in a system, allowing better control of a process.

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  • Flow cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and analyses multiple physical characteristics of single particles, usually cells, as they flow in a fluid stream through a beam of light. The properties measured include a particle’s relative size (represented by forward angle light scatter), relative granularity or internal complexity (represented by right-angle scatter), and relative fluorescence intensity.

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  • Every patient knows to seek medical help when his or her aches and pains become too much to bear, but how does the healthcare provider determine what is wrong and what to do to restore the patient to good health? The answer depends on the patient’s signs and symptoms and the results from medical tests. In this book you will learn to identify these signs and symptoms, interpret the medical test results, and perform the nursing interventions that will assist in solving or alleviating the patient’s medical problem.

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  • However, despite sharing a common signature CLLs expressing mutated and unmutated IgVH genes differentially express more than 100 genes. Among these, over-expression of genes encoding zeta-chain-associated protein 70 (ZAP-70), lipoprotein lipase (LPL), BCL-7a, dystrophin and gravin are observed in the aggressive unmutated cases, while stable mutated cases over-express Wnt3, CTLA-4, NRIP1 nuclear receptor gene, ADAM29 and the transcription factor TCF7 [53]. These results suggest that indolent mutated and aggressive unmutated CLLs constitute two variants of the same disease.

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