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  • International Payment Instruments - Nguyen Minh Duc introduction Gateway transaction, Wire transfer (SWIFT, IBAN), Bill of exchange Promissory notes, Money number writing, Payment maturity.

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  • I think it was Gibb the Younger who said, ‘It’s only words but words are all I have to take your heart away.’ Words were certainly all I had when asked earlier this year to take the stand at Unilever House and address a body of men and women who call themselves ‘26’. So called after the number of letters in the alphabet, 26 is made up of people who write for a living. Otherwise they look and act like perfectly normal human beings.

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  • Independent directors have become a popular “cure-all” in the United States for whatever the latest malady ailing the modern corporation happens to be. Whenever a corporation has found its way into the headlines as the subject of the scandal du jour, it is overwhelmingly the case that it is the managers who are caught with their fingers in the till, having manipulated the numbers, rolling the dice with the shareholders’ money, or otherwise abusing the trust of shareholders and other corporate constituencies....

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  • You get your friend to secretly write down any three-digit number. To make it ‘more impossible’, you say the digits must all be different and the biggest digit must be at the front. You say it’s still too easy. Now you want them to jumble things up a bit. You get them to reverse their selected number and write it underneath the first number. They should then subtract this lower number from their first number. Finally, to make it even harder still, have them write their answer backwards and add this new reversed number to their answer. After all of...

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  • Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) was born into an upper bourgeois (middle-class) family in Normandy, France. After serving in the army, without enough money to continue his law studies, he became a civil servant, working in various ministries in Paris. At the same time, be studied writing with the author Gustave Flaubert. The extraordinary success of his art between 1880 and 1890, Maupassant published nearly three hundred stories. He also wrote essays, plays, poetry, and novels, including Pierre et Jean (1888).

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  • People write books for many reasons. Some write for money, while others have stories to tell. Some write to fill personal or social needs. I wrote as a result of a number of factors that seemed to coalesce at one time. The first factor was a client who didn't pay me. I thought at the time that the advice I had given was good. Since I had done the research for the opinion, why not put the information I had gleaned from various sources to good use?

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